14yr+ Marketing & Brand Strategist
Serial 7yr Human Design Experimentor
3/5 Emo Projector w/ Cross Of Planning
Health & Soul Wellness Junkie

I do what I do to ultimately play a part in casting a ripple of healing in the world by helping soul-led humans & brands amplify their work in the collective — so we can lead healthier, wealthier & more authentic lives.

Why? Because I know first-hand what it’s like to live a life completely disconnected from myself. Feeling held down by the heaviness of conditioning and abandoning every inch of myself to fulfill the roles expected of me. Spending endless years in severe burn-out, battling an “incurable” chronic illness, and moving through a decade void of life force.

It was the work of soulpreneurs who gifted me the knowledge, tools, and support in turning this around. The truth is there is no shortage of medicine, it’s just that these humans sharing life-changing work often struggle to communicate their offerings and get their brand & message out there the most. I believe marketing, when done in authentic and compassionate ways, holds the potential to be a catalytic force that brings greater understanding, connection and safety for humans to make the changes they’ve been seeking to make.

Together, we can cast a bigger ripple. Contributing to a world where where ‘alternative’ health is no longer alternative and emotional, mental and energetic healing works alongside traditional medicine. Towards a world where breaking free from conditioning and meeting wholeness within is no longer a privilege and all humans have access to the tools and support to live healthier, wealthier, and deeply fulfilling lives.
I help soulpreneurs discover their unique medicine and strategically amplify it through authentic brand, messaging & marketing.
BRIDGING THE STRATEGIC… As a 14yr+ marketeer, I started my journey in the billion-dollar playground of big business. A thought leader in the shadows launching world-first products and innovative health & wellness brands. A pioneer at the birth of social media marketing, growing the nation’s most engaged communities and successful influencer programs. To skyrocketing sales through omnipresent marketing campaigns and growing high-performing digital marketing teams. It’s safe to say the strategic stuff makes my Cross of Planning come alive.

WITH THE ENERGETIC…My fascination with the world of energy began post my first ever energy healing session where my chronic fatigue symptoms literally vanished overnight. Perplexed, my experimental 3 line went on to start studying and experimenting with energetic systems of human design and gene keys (as well as the modalities like reiki , psych-k, etc). The human design and gene keys systems have become an integral part of my body of work and the bespoke way I approach marketing, brand and business to deeply honour the soul I am working with.

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I’m here to create a safe space for you to discover what makes you and your work truly one-of-a-kind, and strategically support you to translate your irreplicable essence into high-potency offerings, authentic branding and marketing that feels good for the soul. Explore my one-on-one sessions and private 1:1 consulting partnership experiences.

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