Hi I’m Kiara Maree.

As an Energy Marketing & Brand Strategist, I guide soulpreneurs to discover their soulpreneur medicine, attune their message and amplify their work in the world — in harmony with their human design.

As a 14yr+ marketeer, I started my journey in the billion-dollar playground of big business. A thought leader in the shadows launching world-first products and innovative health & wellness brands. A pioneer at the birth of social media marketing, growing the nation’s most engaged communities and successful influencer PR programs. To skyrocketing sales through omnipresent marketing campaigns and growing high-performing sales and marketing teams. It’s safe to say the strategic stuff makes my open sacral and Cross of Planning come alive.

But that’s not the only thing that sets my soul on fire.

In parallel with my professional career, I dived (3 line style) into the depths of darkness with a mystery “life-long” chronic illness. With no answers from the western medical system, I stumbled into my first energy healing session where my symptoms vanished overnight. Perplexed, there began my fascination with the world of energy. Diving deep into human design and gene keys system explorative study (6 years experimenting so far), becoming certified in energetic healing modalities and finding deeper alignment in my own energetic blueprint.

My approach unites these two worlds of strategy and energy.

Energy Marketing™ is the 3/5 solution I’m stewarding because I believe every practical element of branding, community growth, and customer attraction is most effective and harmonious for the business owner and the customer when it is grounded in energetic alignment. Where marketing not only acts as an effective vehicle to growing one’s business, but serves as a portal to transmit pure messaging, lovingly empower people to seek the evolution they desire and ultimately expand one’s creative expression in the world.

My mission is to partner with soulpreneurs to cast a ripple of healing in the world through their unique medicine.

I believe soulpreneurs hold the wisdom, gifts and power to collectively cast a ripple of healing in the world. Towards one where ‘alternative’ health is no longer alternative and energy healing, emotional trauma modalities and somatic healing work in harmony with traditional medicine. Towards a world where choosing to pave a path of your own making is no longer a privilege and more humans are aware of the inner workings of their mind and external conditioning. Towards a world where every human gets to embrace the gifts coded within them and live in alignment with who they were designed to be.

My reason for being at this point in my journey is to help heart-centered business owners not let marketing hold them back from making the depth of impact they desire to make. Because every healer, coach, health practitioner, service provider, creative or product-based brand deserves to create offerings infused with their own medicine, attract a consistent flow of aligned customers and be deeply supported for helping people live healthier, wealthier, more connected lives.

I currently support early stage and established soulpreneurs and small businesses in health, wellness, spiritual and lifestyle industries with strategy, consulting and energetic guidance in the areas of: brand development, offer positioning, messaging, content, visibility and audience growth, lead generation, community engagement, and customer attraction in alignment to one’s human design and energetic foundations.