Hi There, I’m Kiara Maree. 15yr Marketing & Brand Strategist. Serial Human Design Experimentor. Health & Wellness Junkie.
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I started out as an innovative brain-child behind the corporate curtains  of the nation’s most successful health, wellness + lifestyle brands.
I started my career in the billion-dollar playground of big business. An unconventional thought leader in the shadows ideating and launching world-first health & wellness products. Turning everyday goods into meaningful consumer movements. A pioneer at the birth of social media marketing, growing the nation’s most engaged communities and successful influencer programs. To skyrocketing sales through omnipresent marketing campaigns and growing high-performing digital marketing teams. It’s safe to say the strategic stuff makes my Cross of Planning come alive.
Then came the mystery chronic illness & the birth of my winding healing quest + life-changing Human Design experiment.

In parallel with my professional journey, I delved into the depths of darkness with a mysterious chronic illness. Finding no answers within the Western medical system, I embarked on a quest for healing. It was during this pursuit that I stumbled into my first energy healing session, and miraculously, my symptoms vanished overnight. Perplexed, my fascination with the world of energy began. I tried every alternative health & wellness modality under the sun, experimented for 7 years with the human design and gene keys systems, and journeyed into deeper alignment with my authentic blueprint.

39 Year 3 My Human Design in Business Experiment
Now I unite the strategic with the energetic to help conscious entrepreneurs & businesses unearth their authentic brand & message so they can attract aligned customers + change more lives 🕯️🌎

In a world abundant with world-changing practitioners, entrepreneurs, and businesses, the challenge often lies in effectively communicating transformative offerings and sharing a brand message. I firmly believe that marketing, when approached with authenticity and compassion, possesses the power to catalyze a profound shift, fostering greater understanding, connection, and a sense of safety for individuals to make the changes they desire.

Together, you and I have the opportunity to cast a ripple that extends beyond the ordinary. Our collective contribution aims to redefine the narrative, envisioning a world where ‘alternative’ health seamlessly integrates with traditional medicine. A world where the pursuit of breaking free from conditioning and attaining wholeness within is no longer a privilege but a universal right. My mission is to help amplify the messages of conscious visionaries so more humans can embrace a life of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

At the core of my belief is that marketing is a conduit for positive change. As a purpose-led, sustainable, and conscious brand, I understand that customers seek more than just products; they crave a connection to the spirit of a brand. I specialize in data-meets-energetic led communication, brand strategy, and marketing consulting to position your products, speak to the hearts of your community, and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts for maximum business expansion. Incorporating the magic of human design and gene keys opens the gateway for more authenticity, efficiency and alignment. Together let’s cast a ripple.

  • Bachelor Degree in Business (Marketing)
  • 13 Years industry experience in brand, marketing & product innovation roles for a number of large global Fortune 100 and national businesses in the health, wellness, lifestyle, and FMCG based industries.
  • Experience working with 250+ clients 1:1 in my own consulting business over the last few years.
  • Human Design & Gene Keys study including Level 1-3 Human Design Training + 7 years experimentation.
  • Psych-k Energy Psychology Certification (subconscious training).
  • Reiki Certification (Usui II & Holy Fire III energy healing training)
  • Offer Development & Product Innovation: Category research, market research, new product development, product positioning, offer messaging, offer branding.
  • Brand development & growth: brand identity development, brand positioning, brand messaging & communications, rebrands, brand expansion and category development. Visual branding direction and managing graphic design and creative team.
  • Messaging: communications development, communications strategy, copywriting.
  • Promotional marketing: strategy development & optimisation including digital (social media, email, community building, SEO, SEM) & offline (trade events, 
  • Content marketing: content marketing strategy, omni-channel strategy across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Linked In channels. 
  • Influencer & brand ambassador marketing: program development, influencer events and partnerships.
  • Paid marketing: Facebook advertising strategy, targeting and creative development. * I do not support with management or set-up of ads (recommend working with a paid ad agency to ensure sufficient daily/ongoing optimisation and tracking). 
  • Marketing & brand campaign: campaign development, execution planning, product launches, campaign messaging, campaign analysis.
  • Recruitment & Training: marketing and digital team recruitment including in-house, agency management, contractors.

Those with a higher mission of casting a ripple of healing and transformation in the world to help people live healthier, wealthier and more connected lives.

Business Models:
  • Service Based Businesses: Health practitioners, wellness professionals, coaches, leadership professionals, training organisations, graphic designers and creatives.
  • Physical Product Businesses: FMCG, health, nutrition, beauty, skincare.
  • Digital Product Businesses: online courses, group programs, training certifications.
  • Personal brand models: influencers
Stages Of Business:
  • Solopreneurs in the development, building and growth stages of business (in my Marketing by Design offering).
  • Well established conscious businesses – supporting with senior-level brand strategy, messaging strategy, marketing strategy, content strategy or marketing campaign development for in-house team or social media / marketing agency to implement and execute ongoing. 
  • Authenticity over Self-Abandonment for solopreneurs. I believe in living a life, and growing a business that is in true harmony with us. I don’t believe following societal conditioning for the sake of experiencing societal success. Success is only success if it means doing so authentically. If our business conflicts with the life we want to live it’s not worth it. I care more about you enjoying your life whilst growing your business, than you just growing your business.
  • Energetic & strategic efficiency in business: I believe in doing things in the most efficient, effective way as possible. In the current state of the world, we have access to automation, systems and processes that make it easier for us to market & grow a business WITHOUT relying on live or manual energy. The less energy we spend on our biz, the more energy and time freedom we have for ourselves and personal life.
  • Conscious marketing and messaging. I believe in marketing in a way that is free from intentional hidden fear, is clear, empowers the consumer, does not take away their authority or their choice. We are contributing to the collective programming via the vehicle that is marketing and we have the potential to make the world a better place by being more intentional with the messaging and narratives we are sharing through our platforms.
  • Using BOTH a strategic data-led approach with an intuitive energetic flair. In my world, it’s not one or the other, even if you are a big business. It is the combination of the two that creates more impact. In corporate, this approach led to the creation of highly engaged communities and mass brand equity. In small business, this approach ensures we are creating strategies that work WITH your unique energy vs against it like the standardised approaches.
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I’m here to create a safe space for you to discover what makes you and your work truly one-of-a-kind, and strategically support you to translate your irreplicable essence into high-potency offerings, authentic branding and marketing that feels good for the soul. Explore my readings, mentorship and strategy services.