“Stop your human design experiment” my inner voice whispered. “Pack away your oracle decks, stop your self-reiki, psych-k reprogramming”. My ego grew cautious, perplexed. Why would I stop using the tools that were the catalysts to coming back home to myself? I shrugged every message off. Then the emails came
Quad Rights are designed to be more receptive and feminine in energy. In a business world that preaches “being consistent” and following proven step by step formulas, the question becomes….but do I actually need a strategy in business as a quad right? It’s a question I’ve been pondering and experimenting
Wondering what the four arrows are in your human design chart and how they relate to the way you run your business? Human Design is an incredible system that serves as a gateway to get to know ourselves better. The arrows in our chart more particularly hold the potential to
Your centers are what I call “energy transmitters”. These can tell me who you are naturally designed to attract into your business, as well as give me clues as to what you are here to sell and ‘give’ to your community via your offers. There are 9 energy transmitters in
This time two years ago I was crying Kim.K style ugly tears on the floor in a sea full of oracle cards, finger hovering over the ‘delete instagram account’ button, moments away from calling it quits on the side-hustle I’d only just begun. Burnt out. Bitter. Applying every trick I
Maybe it was the cancer full moon, maybe it was the New Year New You resolution spiel but god damn did it feel like my soul was taken over by this big dark force that squeezed the joy and excitement from my heart…and left me feeling…hmmm how do I put
I’ve been sitting in bed for the last five days, feeling weak and half energy-less. Geeze these human design transits are no joke. We moved into Gate 37 last week and it was here to transmute the shadow of weakness, and here i’ve been what feels like forced by the
To think we walk alone in our business journey is all but normal in our humanly sense. For we cannot see the greater picture, when we are the thread. We cannot see the puzzle when we are a piece of it. Perhaps at this moment in time in your earth