Guiding You To Discover Your Soulpreneur
And Market Authentically
You were birthed into this earthly realm at the divine time and were imbued with a unique essence that is solely yours. As you extract this authentic essence and unite it with ingredients of acquired wisdom, learned skills, and innate gifts it forms an irreplicable elixir — your Soulpreneur Medicine.

Your Soulpreneur Medicine serves as your one-of-a-kind contribution to the greater good of the collective through the channel of business. As heart-centered business owners and brands, we come together to form the greatest living apothecary that helps people lead healthier, wealthier, and more connected lives.
My genius is in helping soulpreneurs discover their unique medicine and strategically amplify it through authentic brand, messaging & marketing.

My approach bridges the strategic and energetic worlds; uniting my 14+ years of marketing & brand expertise building world-renowned health & wellness brands with the energetic systems of human design and gene keys for greater alignment on the journey through business.

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I’m here to create a safe space for you to discover what makes you and your work truly one-of-a-kind, and strategically support you to translate your irreplicable essence into high-potency offerings, authentic branding and marketing that feels good for the soul. Explore my one-on-one sessions and private 1:1 consulting partnership experiences.

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