I Guide Soulpreneurs To Awaken Their Unique Marketing Blueprint & Attract Clients By Design.

By entering the Energy Marketing™ paradigm you elevate beyond the ordinary realm of one-size-fits-all approaches and market your business in alignment with your human design. A practical and energetic approach to attracting an overflow of high resonance clients or customers who are a match for your unique magic. As a Human Design Projector & Marketing Consultant, I choose to work one-on-one with an intimate number of clients due to the bespoke nature of this work.

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Marketing By Design: My Signature One-to-One Consulting Program.
A one-on-one 12 week marketing consulting partnership for rising soulpreneurs ready to elevate their signature offer, clarify their messaging & implement an organic marketing strategy- so you can get your work seen and attract your most aligned clients, in harmony with your human design.