I help soulpreneurs unearth their authentic brand + message to attract their most aligned clients & customers, the way they were uniquely designed to.

Rising above the sea of sameness online, making “wow she’s literally in my head” content, and attracting a stable flow of customers that light your soul on fire can be a lil’ overwhelming for soul-led entrepreneurs and brands on the journey to business (and soul) expansion.

The truth is there is no shortage of one-size-fits-all marketing strategies and attraction formulas that equal success at the hidden expense of sacrificing who you really are. But the beauty is there exists another more authentic pathway to sharing your work with the people who need it most — your way.

I’m here to create a safe space for you to discover what makes you and your work truly one-of-a-kind using my holistic approach that infuses my 14+ years expertise, along with the energetic systems of human design and gene keys. I’m here to strategically support you to translate your irreplicable essence into high-potency offerings, authentic branding and marketing that feels good for the soul.

soulpreneur medicine intensive
my eyes on your human design & gene keys, plus a 75 minute 1:1  private session
A one-on-one human design & gene keys exploratory meets strategic session guiding you to unearth your soulpreneur medicine and contemplate the codes to your energetic attraction in business.
marketing by design program
For rising soulpreneurs who are ready to opt out of the one-size-fits-all realm and immerse themselves in a creative cocoon with a 14+yr brand and marketing professional. This is for you if you’re ready to elevate your signature offer, clarify your messaging & craft or refine an energetically aligned marketing strategy — in harmony with your human design.
the rising projector in business
master course for emerging business owners
A master course for emerging Projector soulpreneurs ready to learn how to rise into their highest strategic & energetic alignment in business. Immerse yourself in a crafted journey featuring over 24 video lessons, practical business guidance, and deconditioning invitations. It’s your opportunity to master your type and strategy and seamlessly integrate your unique Projector medicine into the very foundations of your business.