Consciously In-Demand 5 Day Marketing Series
For conscious entrepreneurs, coaches + practitioners ready to learn the marketing roadmap to become in-demand & attract a stable 6+ figure flow of aligned clients — in harmony with your authentic blueprint.
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DAY 1 — The strategy & energetics of Customer Targeting 🎯
Could you be settling for a less-than-ideal target market? In this class I help you audit the alignment of your current customer base and show you the steps to calling in aligned ready-to-transform clients or customers.
DAY 2 — Transforming ordinary services or products into High Potency Offers 💸
No amount of promotion will truly work if your offer fails to stand out in your niche. Here I reveal the power of positioning, messaging and human design to turn vanilla products or services into high-value experiences.
DAY 3 — How to turn Strangers Into Buyers the conscious way 📢 🌎
Discover the Authentic Attraction System, a process for transforming strangers into devoted buyers whilst contributing meaningfully to the world (without convincing, burnout or abandoning your unique blueprint).
DAY 4 — Breaking through the top 5 Marketing Mindset blocks 🧠
I share the biggest forms of resistance holding conscious entrepreneurs back from building a six to multi-six figure business. Plus how to start shifting your perspective for more marketing confidence.
DAY 5 — How I help my 1:1 clients level up their marketing 👩🏻‍💻
Gain an insider look at the exactly how I help my clients design & refine their marketing foundations in my personalized 1:1 experiences so they can become consciously in-demand & attract aligned customers.
this experience is designed for you if:
☑ You are a conscious entrepreneur, coach, practitioner or creative who is contributing to improving the collective’s mental, emotional, spiritual, financial or physical wellbeing.

☑ You want to cut through the marketing confusion & learn the roadmap essentials to building demand and attracting a consistent flow of customers to meet a 100-250k per year business. Each class runs for about 30 minutes.

☑ You know the status quo isn’t for you. You want to build & grow your business in an authentic, soul nourishing & spacious way. You’re open to experimenting with human design & gene keys systems for deeper alignment.
about your host, kiara maree:

15yr Marketing & Brand Strategist + Mentor. Serial 7y Human Design & Gene Keys Experimentor. I started as an innovative brain-child behind the corporate curtains of the nation’s most successful health, wellness + lifestyle brands. A decade spent ideating world-first products, planning brand campaigns & becoming a senior leader heading up the marketing department for a Fortune 500 brand. Now I bridge my strategic experience with a mindful & energetic approach and have helped hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs, practitioners + coaches to unearth their authentic brand & message so they can attract their most aligned customers + change more lives 🕯️🌎