🎙️The Path To Projector Rising In Business
A 6-part private podcast series for emerging Projector soulpreneurs ready to discover the pathway to rising into your highest strategic & energetic alignment in business.

Episode 2: Lead yourself like a Projector

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You’re in the process of unlocking essential keys through this podcast series, but are you prepared to spread your wings and take flight? This series serves as the perfect prelude to my upcoming masterpiece, 🕊️The Rising Projector In Business Course 🕊️.

This master course is tailored for emerging soulpreneurs eager to elevate themselves into the pinnacle of strategic and energetic alignment in business. Immerse yourself in a carefully crafted journey featuring over 24 video lessons, practical business guidance, and deconditioning invitations. It’s your opportunity to master your type and strategy, seamlessly integrating your unique Projector medicine into the very foundations of your business.

The portal opens in mid-December. Secure your spot on the waitlist to be the first in line for exclusive access to lesson 1 and a special launch offer.