The Path To Projector 
Rising In Business 
Are you an emerging business owner ready to discover the pathway to rising into your highest strategic & energetic Projector alignment? In this 6-part prelude series, we chat…
🎙️ Redefining Projector success and leading as a New Era Guide as you start and build your business.
🎙️The power in aligning your offerings with your Projector medicine for more efficiency and soul nourishment. 
🎙️Decoding the “waiting for the invitation” strategy in business and the 4 types of invites to look out for.
🎙️Quitting the chase & promoting your business in a Projector friendly way to go from unrecognized to seen.
🎙️Ditching burnout and the power in working with your undefined sacral in business to achieve more with less.
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