FREE: Decode Your Human Design Basics In BUSINESS CLASS
Looking to break free from the traditional business & marketing world and find your authentic path to soulpreneur success? This 90min class can help you decode your energy type, strategy, authority, profile, and centers in business, and unlock the secrets to start thriving on your own terms.
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In this class, we are going to contemplate:

How human design can be used as a tool in business for more efficiency, enjoyment and success.

Your unique role in the business collective through your human design energy type. I cover the business super-powers of each type with experiment starters you can start implementing right away. 

Your in-built attraction mechanics in business through your human design strategy. I cover what ‘waiting for the invite’ and ‘waiting to respond’ actually means when it comes to attracting customers!

How you are designed lead yourself in business through your human design authority. I reflect on my experience working with all authorities and share how they usually present in real biz life.

The first layers of your natural brand expression through your profile. I share the branding superpowers of the 6 profile lines and guidance on how to start embodying them in business.

✓ What the 9 human design centers mean in the context of business. I cover how you can start tapping into your defined and undefined human design centers in business to support you in your experiment.

meet your host, kiara maree
This Decode Your Human Design Basics In Business Class is the class I wish I took back when I started my own business experiment a few years ago! 

The same experiment that took me from on the verge of quitting my business dreams (despite having over a decade years’ experience building world famous brands) to growing a six-figure side hustle by one year later *the aligned way!* and being invited to help hundreds of fellow soulpreneurs design and market their businesses in harmony with their own human design.

It’s my intention this class serves you as a starting point to contemplating and experimenting with your human design in business. It’s jam packed with personal & client learnings plus actionable tips you can implement right away. See you on the inside!