The Rising Projector In Business
A master course for emerging soulpreneurs ready to learn how to rise to their highest strategic & energetic Projector alignment in business.
As Projectors, we journey into the field of business much like everyone else. Ignited with a dream we are here to plant, nurture, and expand into the world. It’s just that sometimes our seeds have been sowed in soils that don’t honor the aura we were born with.

The unspoken truth is it’s normal for many Projectors to feel like they just don’t belong in the conventional business arena. Initially, adopting the Generator-born 5k or 10k month success blueprints and implementing Manifestor strategy-esque tactics might show promise. However, it’s just a matter of time before we discover ourselves submerged in bitterness and ensnared in exhaustion cycles, a consequence of working against the natural mechanics of our Projector aura.

Yet, this revelation isn’t an invitation to concede defeat or tear down the established systems that weren’t designed for us. It’s an opportunity to pivot from the well-trodden pathways and embark on a journey to paving your unique path as a Projector in business. Pioneering a new success paradigm steeped in profound intentionality, spaciousness and efficiency happens when you learn how to finally embrace your Projector type + strategy and become the New Era Guide you were born to be. 

When you follow the well-trodden pathways as an emerging business owner & work against the flow of your design, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a stagnant place of bitterness, overwhelm & disconnect from the magic of your Projector medicine.

Take a moment to reflect…

It’s possible that you’ve found yourself stuck in a loop of comparison, adopting industry-standard approaches without pausing to align your foundations with your unique Projector design. Your journey may have begun by emulating the offers, leadership, and promotion methods of industry peers, only to sense that you’re traversing a business path not truly meant for you.

You know building a business demands genuine effort, yet you feel challenged to keep up with the rapid pace and ‘more is more’ mindset prevalent in the Generator-born business world. A lingering question arises within you: Is achieving success possible without the toll of a one-way ticket to burnout-ville?

You’re committed to making a meaningful impact in the world, yet you grapple with the feeling that your efforts go unnoticed, lacking the recognition you rightfully deserve. The conventional chase-and-convince approach doesn’t resonate with you, leaving you uncertain about attracting opportunities while adhering to the “waiting for the invitation” strategy.

Maybe your ajna’s been mesmerized by the magic of human design already – but you realise there’s a big difference between reading more general information and learning how to strategically apply & energetically align with your Projector type & strategy in business.

→ Maybe you’ve been soaking up all the human design inspo online or even got yourself a reading before — but you’re ready to cut through the confusion and learn how to apply & integrate the most essential elements of your design (your type, strategy & authority) whilst you’re starting and building your own business.

→ Maybe you’ve spent many months trying to figure out how to thrive as a Projector — but you value your precious time and want to save the years of trial and error by tapping into the energetic contemplations & practical wisdom gained from my seven years of Projector personal experimentation + real life learnings working 1:1 with plenty of Projectors in business.

→ Maybe you’ve been following the six-figure success formulas crafted by Generators, Manifesting Generators and Manifestor mentors — but you want to deepen your understanding on the pathway to Projector alignment so you can either adapt or refine these approaches or alternatively create brand new business foundations that better honour your type & strategy.

Feeling like you can’t keep up in the Generator-born & Manifestor-driven business arena can feel hurtful to the part of us that craves to fit in with the crowd. But there’s an inner peace that begins to awaken when you come home to your Projector medicine & let it lead you in business.
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When you learn how to align with your Projector medicine as an emerging business owner, you unlock a new template of success  —  with more recognitionrest and efficiency at the heart of it.

Take a moment to tune into this future possibility…

Envision stepping into a transformative role as a New Era Guide, liberating yourself from the comparison trap once and for all. In this space, external influences no longer dictate your path, and you’ve redefined success, harnessing bitterness as a catalyst for continual growth. Mastering this strategic approach and seamlessly integrating it breathes life into your Projector medicine.

 Picture experiencing profound recognition from your community without resorting to chasing down clients or customers. You’re no longer shouting into the void; instead, you’re mastering the art of co-creating invitations with your future clients and customers. Promotion transforms from an uncomfortable task to a direct pathway for making your audience feel seen and heard.

Envision the liberating sensation of embodying your signature theme of success by doing less than the emerging Generator business owners of the world. No longer shackled by the pressure to keep up with the hustle, you’ve mastered the art of efficiency. Aligning your offers, promotion, and day-to-day business activities with your undefined sacral brings about a newfound sense of ease and accomplishment.

This kind of Projector success isn’t a distant dream; it’s an inevitable reality when you’ve armed yourself with the actionable roadmap to move in alignment with your type and strategy.

The Rising Projector In Business
A master course for emerging Projector soulpreneurs ready to learn how to rise into their highest strategic & energetic alignment in business.

The Rising Projector In Business is a groundbreaking solution born out of my personal struggle as a new business owner. Sitting amidst a pool of tears, bitterness, and burnout, I found myself on the brink of abandoning my dreams, pondering the question: How can I thrive as a Projector in a business arena not designed for the aura I was born with? This course is the answer to that query, offering a transformative roadmap for emerging Projectors to not only survive but thrive in the business world on their terms.

Immerse yourself in a crafted journey featuring over 24 video lessons, practical business guidance, and deconditioning invitations. It’s your opportunity to learn how to master your type and strategy, seamlessly integrating your unique Projector medicine into the very foundations of your business. Tailored for new and emerging Projector soulpreneurs, this course gives you the know-how, guiding you from feeling overwhelmed and unrecognized to a state of empowerment and alignment on your journey.

“It felt like a long exhale, a homecoming, knowing that I could – and was divinely designed – to do things differently as a Projector in business.”
An overview on what you’ll learn:
Guides Of A New Era

According to the human design system, projectors are here to be ‘guides’ in this lifetime. In this chapter we explore why the traditional business approaches may not honour Projectors and how you can begin to practically integrate and energetically embody your role as a New Era Guide in business.

  • Explore what it means to ‘guide’ & learn the key the ways to integrate and experiment with this personal and collective role in business.
  • Identify the top 3 skills worth cultivating to strengthen your Projector guidance with customers and community.
  • Discover the areas of de-conditioning to increase your energetic capacity to embody your core new era guide role in business.
Lead Thy Projector Self

As Projectors, we’re here to revolutionise what success means in business and life. In this chapter we explore why the standard success formulas may not honour Projectors and how you can begin to redefine your relationship to leading yourself and your community on the journey of starting & building a business.

  • Redefine success and discover the top 3 strategic elements integral to meet your signature theme of ‘success’ in business.
  • Learn the process of using your not-self theme of bitterness to deepen your inner and outer alignment and use your authority for better decision making.
  • Discover the areas of conditioning that may be keeping you stagnant in business and the re-frames for increasing your success capacity.
The Projector Offering

The Projectors medicine spans well beyond the products or services we provide. In this chapter we explore the gifts in being a Projector and how we can strategically leverage our Projector type in the way we design our offerings for max customer transformation and self-satisfaction whilst serving them.

  • Discover the medicine Projectors are here to serve and learn about the Projector Offer Trinity to find more harmony between you, your business & customers.
  • Learn my go-to framework for turning products and services into transformational journeys and how to practically leverage your type + profile lines in your offers.
  • Contemplate how to strategically align and streamline the way you deliver your offerings to honour your undefined sacral.
The Golden Business Invitation

As Projectors we are here to ‘wait for the invitation’. In this chapter we cut through the confusion around the Projector strategy and explore what it means, how it shows up in business and how you can harness it to elevate your recognition and attract more opportunities into your world as an emerging business owner.

  • Decode the “waiting for the invitation” strategy and discover the 4 types of invitations you may receive in business.
  • Learn how to navigate the balance between being proactive yet patient and ways you can go about co-creating invitations with future clients or customers.
  • Discover the areas of conditioning that may block the incoming flow of invitations and the deconditioning re-frames for welcoming in newfound levels of recognition.
Projector Promotion

Rising into business success entails promoting your business! In this chapter we explore why the traditional forms of promotion may feel out of alignment and how you can begin to redefine your relationship with marketing as a Projector. We talk promotion strategy, tactics + energetics to align with your type & strategy.

  • Explore the mechanics of promotion, why some methods may not resonate and how to approach marketing in a more Projector friendly way.
  • Discover my go-to Projector Promotional Gateway Strategy approach for new + rising business owners with a contemplation on various forms of promotional tactics for visibility, recognition and sales attraction.
  • Identify the conditioning causing resistance to promoting your work and the deconditioning re-frames for expanding your visibility capacity.
The Art of Rest & Workflow

As Projectors we’re not here to play the ‘success means doing more’ card in business. In this chapter we explore why the traditional ‘more is more’ mentality conflicts with the Projector aura and how we can begin to shift our relationship to working by tapping into the magic of the undefined sacral in business.

  • Contemplate the mechanics of the undefined sacral center, redefine ‘doing the work’ and explore high-level practices to optimize your workflow.
  • Explore the biggest contributors of burnout for new and rising Projectors in business and identify ways to integrate rest.
  • Discover the areas of conditioning impacting your undefined sacral and the deconditioning re-frames for starting and growing your business with less stress.
Unlock the ultimate alignment roadmap designed for emerging soulpreneurs eager to break free from the status quo and fully embrace their Projector design in business.
Upon enrollment in the course, you’ll receive:

Projector Alignment Roadmap: A curated journey guiding you through your Projector metamorphosis with strategic and energetic insights for your alignment in business.

24 x Video Lessons: 10 hours of video content, thoughtfully broken down into manageable 20-30 minute lessons for you to consume at a pace that honors your unique journey.

Integration Workbooks: Each chapter is accompanied by a workbook containing exercises and reflection questions, empowering you to apply, experiment, and implement the guidance covered in the course material.
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Meet Your Guide & Fellow Projector, Kiara Maree
In my entrepreneurial journey, I initially sought success through conventional formulas, mirroring strategies from my marketing background. However, this led me to a breaking point—a pool of tears, bitterness, and burnout as I operated out of sync with my Projector design.

Feeling like an outcast in a Generator-dominated and Manifestor-driven business landscape, I questioned whether it was even possible to experience real business success whilst living in alignment with my Projector design. As a 3/5 profile, I set out to unravel the secrets of applying, integrating, and embodying my Projector medicine in the journey of starting and growing a thriving business.

Now, after years of immersive Projector experimentation, extensive 1:1 client work, and deep contemplation, I bring you a culmination of lived lessons, strategic business guidance, and energetic insights for a profound inner and outer Projector metamorphosis.
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This course is designed for:
  • Projectors seeking to deepen their understanding and energetically align with their Projector type in the realm of business. If you’re feeling misaligned and crave guidance on harmonizing with your Projector design this is for you.
  • New, early-stage, and rising soulpreneurs navigating the initial growth phases of their business journey, whether you’re in a service-based profession (such as coaching, consulting, or practicing), a creative service provider (like a graphic designer or brand strategist), or managing a small product-based business.
  • Individuals open to experimentation with the provided insights and guidance. This course diverges from the traditional Human Design textbook style, offering a perspective shaped by my personal experience and insights gained from working closely with numerous Projectors.
This course may not be as suitable for:
  • Thriving projectors who already have an aligned, booked-out, and well-established six-figure or seven-figure business. The strategic references in the course are tailored towards those in the building + growth seasons of business, rather than scaling stages.
  • Individuals seeking a step-by-step guide on growing a six-figure business. This course doesn’t follow the “how I did it and how you can too” model. While it does offer practical business guidance, its primary focus is on supporting you in aligning with your Projector energy during the business-building journey. If you’re looking for personalized 1:1 strategy support, you’re encouraged to explore my one-on-one services.
Tune in to these fellow Projectors…
“Before this course I felt as though I had no idea how to truly run my business and my life in alignment with my design. Even though I knew the basics, no one had ever broken it down in the way Kiara Maree has.”

The rising projector was an experience that truly changed my perspective on how a successful, AND ALIGNED business can look – specifically for projectors. In a world where there are so many generator programs, this was priceless. Learning how to truly wait for an invitation, and the correct way to structure my offers so that guiding is the forefront of my business, was something I had never really thought of before. This experience has given me the permission to pull back, to really restructure the way my business is run and rebuild it in a sustainable and aligned way.

Georgia – Life Coach 

” It felt like sitting in front of a wise elder that’s journeyed through the depths of being a Projector. It felt like an absolutely new take on business that I’ve never seen before, but was also really practical and tangible because of Kiara’s professional experience.”

Before being a part of The Rising Projector in business, I felt like success was difficult to reach in business because of my Projector energy type. Although I understood the gifts of being a Projector I always struggled with managing my energy type in my day-to-day dealings of my business, especially when it came to strategy and sticking to it. I always found myself trying to do everything when it came to marketing, and was never able to follow through which it, which made me feel really bitter and energetically distant to my business. Through this course, I learned how much of a gift it actually is to be a Projector in business, and how to actually utilise my Projector type in a harmonious way in business. I learnt that it is so possible to thrive in business as a Projector!

Nicole – Intuitive 

“For the first time, I realised that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, and I wasn’t alone. It felt like a long exhale, a homecoming, knowing that I could – and was divinely designed – to do things differently as a Projector in business.”

Before being a part of The Rising Projector in Business, I felt so bitter. I wasn’t receiving the recognition I deeply desired or having much fun in my business. I felt like I had to constantly keep up with the rest of the world – with energy that wasn’t there, and in doing so, I felt that familiar feeling of burnout creeping in. Now I can trust my journey as a Projector in business by fully embodying my energy type to create success, rather than trying to be more like how I’ve been conditioned to be. I can trust that the way I intuitively feel called to do things is the way that my soul naturally wants to do them, and that this is my personal path to serving the world with so much more ease, abundance, and joy. This experience has been so beautiful, sacred, and illuminating. From my heart to yours, thank you so much, Kiara.

Amy – Purpose Coach

“The course was like a breath of fresh air. A worthwhile investment for projectors wanting to authentically be themselves while growing their business.”

Before participating in the course, I felt burnt out and overwhelmed by the various tasks I was trying to manage in order to launch and grow my business successfully. Throughout the course, I gained numerous insights and developed a better understanding of myself as a projector. Kiara’s skillful reframing of the shared knowledge really helped put things into perspective. One significant takeaway for me was recognising the importance of intention behind every business action – from the offers I create to the deconditioning around marketing. I’ve already started experiencing more effortless invitations during the course and am excited to continue integrating all the guidance on my business journey! 

Amanda – Graphic Designer

Your questions answered…

The course is delivered online via Podia. When enrollment opens, you will see a ‘buy’ button on this page. Here you will be directed to the Podia course platform where you can select your payment method, create your course login details and purchase the course with your credit or debit card (Make sure to save these!). As soon as your payment is processed via Stripe payment processor (this can take 2-10 minutes), you’ll find an email in your inbox from me. Check your spam if you cannot see it, otherwise reach out to kiara@kiaramaree.co. This confirmation email contains your login access. Inside the course portal, you’ll find a Welcome video providing you an overview of the course and access to the 24 video lessons + integration workbooks for your journey ahead. You’ll have 365 days to journey through the course from date of purchase.

This course has been designed with a focus on new, early-stage, and rising soulpreneurs who are navigating the foundational growth stages of their business journey. It encapsulates the insights gathered from transitioning from a new business owner to establishing a successful six-figure booked-out business in Projector alignment.

If you’re a well established business owner at the six-figure mark yet not in a place of deep energetic alignment and looking to learn more about your Projector design what’s covered in the course around energetics will be helpful, however, the strategic examples in the course are more suitable for those in the growth stage (building to six figures) so there is a chance that the strategy references may sound more foundational for you. This video covers all the details of what’s covered in the course if you’d like more detail on the breakdown of strategic & energetic elements to help you make a more informed decision.

Absolutely! This course is designed to bring value to Projector business owners at any stage of their human design journey. Whether you’re brand new to human design or been in your experiment for years, the course covers essential aspects of the Projector type and strategy. However, its core focus lies in contemplation, experimentation, application, and integration within the business realm.

Feel into your own rhythm and allow the course to unfold in harmony with your unique flow. Designed as a self-guided journey, this course respects the individual pace of each Projector. You won’t feel pressured to keep up with a set timeframe or group schedule.

With 6 chapters and a total of 24 videos (10 hours of video content in 20-30 minute lessons), the course demands approximately 3 hours per week over 6-9 weeks for full immersion. This timeframe ensures a thorough absorption of insights while accommodating your busy life. 

Absolutely! I designed it this way for a reason! Because any metamorphosis requires you to disconnect and enter a quiet space for you to contemplate and re-align, free of pressure to keep up with a group or keep to someone else’s timeline. Honoring the unique pace dictated by your sacral, this journey invites you to move at a rhythm that resonates with your inner flow. You’ll have 365 days to journey through the course from date of purchase. 

The course provides video content complemented by integration workbooks, empowering you to apply the insights directly to your business. If you’re yearning for personalized, in-depth support, delving into the specifics of your offers, messaging, and marketing, I encourage you to explore my one-on-one services.

Yes, payment plans will be available upon enrollment. 

Where a payment plan option is selected, the student agrees that their credit card used to make the initial payment in the payment plan will be automatically charged for subsequent monthly payments thereafter, on or about the same date of the following month. The student agrees they are legally liable to honor the full Program fee and all payment installments for the program as per time provided. Payment in full is required regardless of use or results. Please do not purchase the course if you are not in a financial position to fulfill all payments.

Refunds are not provided for change in mind or failure to complete your due-diligence before purchase, per Australian Consumer Law. Please review the sales page information, course terms and conditions here and assess your personal physical, emotional, financial, energetic circumstances to decide whether it is the right Program and whether Kiara Maree is the right guide for you before making a purchase. 

Feel free to DM me on Instagram @kiaramareeco if you have a question that is not covered on this page.

35 Year 3 My Human Design in Business Experiment
Emerging Projector soulpreneurs, ready to seize this chance to learn how to elevate yourself into the pinnacle of strategic and energetic alignment in business?

Your time and energy is far too valuable not to embrace this opportunity…

Ditching the rulebooks & claiming your unique space in biz; it’s not the six-fig destination that matters most but how you get there; efficiently, authentically + embodying your collective role in this lifetime.

Building enriched relationships with your audience and customers, hearing them say, “I’ve never felt so seen and supported before” because you’ve honed the skills to strategically guide others to their highest alignment.

Deeper self-trust amidst the persistent external noise, imagine hearing yourself loud and clear, like a crystal ball illuminating your path. No more succumbing to the allure of shiny distractions, just resolute decisions & using bitterness as your ally. 

Navigating workdays with less mental overwhelm, more rest & spaciousness. Embracing your gift of energetic efficiency in business, where an optimized workflow means working smarter, not harder — achieving more with less.

If you’ve made it here, then it’s a sign you’re in the right place…
It’s in those moments where we consider leaping into our next level of growth, that our mind starts to fill with resistance (know this is completely normal & our egos trying to keep us in our comfort zone!) The truth is this decision to enroll isn’t just about investing in a course, it’s a lot more than that! It’s about claiming your birthright to break through the status quo and live your authentic design in business (and life). Let this be a reminder to follow the call of your inner voice because the world needs your Projector medicine.
pay once
one time payment of
$898 USD
3 monthly payments of
$358 USD

Ready to enroll? You will be directed to the course hosting platform where you can choose your payment option & set your login details at checkout.

Pricing includes GST for Australian customers. Course terms & conditions apply.