The Decode Your
Human Design Basics
In Business Class

In this 90 minute class we are going to contemplate your human design energy type, strategy, authority, profile and centers as a soulpreneur so you can begin your Human Design in Business Experiment today...

Want to continue this journey with me?
The Authentic Attraction Reading is for personal brands & business owners ready to explore their authentic expression & energetic attraction codes in business through the lense of Human Design and Gene Keys.
This isn’t your foundational human design reading. As a 15yr Marketing & Brand Strategist and someone who has studied and experimented with the Human Design and Gene Keys systems for seven years, my approach merges the energetic with the practical. That means you’ll gain a whole lot more clarity on the intricacies of your human design & gene keys charts that impact your expression & attraction, but you’ll also receive my contemplations on how you can start leveraging and experimenting with these insights for your brand and business.