Have you ever encountered someone online and experienced an indescribable magnetic attraction towards them?

Whether it’s a practitioner you’ve worked with, a content creator you continually engage with, or a business owner you silently admire, it’s an ineffable resonance that your mind can’t put into words. It’s akin to the sensation you feel when you listen to a song that deeply touches your heart, activating something within at a soul level.

It’s this thing that takes you out of your mindless scrolling and compels you to give them your precious undivided attention. Catalyzing you to sift through their old Instagram posts, binge-listen to five podcast episodes in a single day and perhaps even override your logical brain & swipe your credit card on their latest product or service, all without a hint of hesitation.

So, what exactly is this extraordinary force that magnetizes you to them? It’s their energy and the authentic expression of their unique essence.

The hidden secret is the most powerful attraction algorithm for your personal brand isn’t just social media, it’s the energetic one coded within you.

In a standardized business realm that fails to acknowledge our energetic makeup, it’s only natural for your authentic essence to remain hidden within.

Immersed in a vast sea of business & societal conditioning, it’s normal to find yourself trapped in brand comparison. Maybe you’re an emerging business owner asking the question “why would my audience buy from me when there are SO many similar brands out there?” Or maybe you’re a well-established personal brand who desires to take their external expression to the next level by getting to the deepest root – their energetics.

Every human is born with a unique energetic blueprint, housing the wisdom of their most authentic expression in this world. Deep diving into the systems of human design and gene keys not only unveils this unique internal differentiation, but the insights also hold the potential to have a tangible and direct influence on your brand and business. It is the expression of your authentic essence, combined with strategy, that acts as a magnetic force, drawing the most aligned audience and buyers your way.

The Authentic Attraction Reading is a specialty human design and gene keys exploratory for personal brands, business owners & creatives ready to discover and unearth the next level of their authentic expression, from the inside out.

This isn’t your foundational human design reading. As a 14yr Marketing & Brand Strategist and someone who has studied and experimented with the Human Design and Gene Keys systems for seven years, my approach merges the energetic with the practical. That means you’ll gain a whole lot more clarity on the intricacies of your human design & gene keys charts that impact your expression & attraction, but you’ll also receive my contemplations on how that practically translates to you, your brand and business. Here are some of the questions that I usually cover…

  • What specific energetic frequency magnetizes people to my personal brand?
  • What type of people am I here to co-create with or what qualities may my aligned tribe have?
  • Who is my ‘soul fractal’ tribe based on my design and how could that translate to my business? 
  • What is my authentic tone of voice and how could that translate to the way I express via content?
  • How am I energetically designed to attract clients and customers my way?

a breakdown on how this experience works…

1) You book in the reading & fill out the pre-work form:  You click the ‘book now’ button below. After selecting a time in my calendar you’ll receive an auto email with a 1) payment link and 2) pre-work form to fill out to formally secure your spot. The questionnaire contains a number of questions on your birth details & business information that I will use as part of my analysis.
2) I review and analyse your Human Design chart & Gene Keys chart (Pearl & Activation sequences). My approach uses a holistic integration of the human design and gene keys systems and focuses on the intricacies of the chart that I’ve found to have a more direct impact on the underlying elements of your authentic attraction such as branding, messaging, promotion, content. I spend on avg 90-mins to two hours studying your chart and contemplating it’s practical impact based on the business information you have shared with me.
3) You receive your custom Authentic Attraction Reading in Video format to watch in your own time. After studying your charts, I create a custom video reading outlining my contemplations (this will likely be a minimum of 40 minutes on average). I will share my analysis on the attraction elements of your design, as well as any guidance, ideas or human design experiment starters you can apply to your brand, marketing or business.

this reading is for you if…

  • ☑ You’re a personal brand or business owner who has consumed the free HD basics or done a foundational human design reading but is ready to deep dive into the most intricate elements of your HD & Gene Keys charts that more directly impact your attraction and authentic expression.
  • ☑ You have an established business with a well-defined personal brand yet would like to explore the energetic side of your attraction on a deeper level and start experimenting with these human design & gene keys insights. 
  • ☑ You are a solopreneur who infuses their personal expression into their marketing and business. For example, a coach, consultant, content creator, practitioner, creative service provider or product brand whose founder is the face of the brand. This is not suited to company only brands.

this reading is not for you if…

  • ☒ You’re seeking a traditional human design reading or gene keys reading. This experience is shared through the lense of my own unique approach with these systems and in harmony with my expertise in marketing and brand. 
  • ☒ You’re looking to outsource your authority and have someone to tell you your genius. I don’t believe any person or external system (HD or Gene Keys included) holds the authority to tell you who you are. But they can be powerful tools to help you explore, experiment and decide that for yourself. 
  • ☒ You’re seeking marketing and brand strategy development or one-on-one mentorship support. This is primarily a reading of your energetic blueprint charts. Please see my mentorship or custom consulting offerings for strategic support. 

Authentic Attraction Reading Experience Inclusions:

  • Pre-Work Form to obtain your birth details and other high-level personal and business information to form part of the analysis. 
  • Holistic review of your 1) Human Design chart and 2) Gene Keys Pearl Sequence & Activation Sequence charts (90 mins study time).
  • Authentic Attraction Video Reading by Kiara Maree (min 40 minutes) sent to your inbox for you to watch at your leisure and maintain as a timeless resource . (*Please note this is not a live 1:1 call, it is a custom recorded reading served in video format)
  • Bespoke guidance to support you in experimenting and integrating your design in brand, marketing or business.

$578 USD

To start your booking, click the ‘Book A Reading’ button below. After selecting a time in my calendar, you’ll receive an auto email with a 1) payment link and 2) pre-intensive form to fill out to formally secure your reading. If spots are full, a waitlist will appear below. 

note: if you’re viewing in Instagram in-app browser when booking, please click the ‘…’ in top right corner of IG > Open in System browser > to open page in your mobile web-browser to overcome any system compatibility issues on mobile. 

Meet your guide, Kiara Maree

This offering is the expression and service of my very own soulpreneur medicine. I am here to create a space for soulpreneurs to break out of the sea of sameness and laser focus on their unique differentiation (The Magical Genius Gate 16). As well as support them to amplify it in a way that aligns with their unique expression (Sounding Your Truth Gate 31). 

As an energetic marketing and brand strategist, my unique guidance approach bridges the energetic with the strategic. Uniting my 14yrs business experience in marketing & brand with my 7 years study and experimentation with the human design and gene keys systems. 


Fast forward since our session so many things have changed in my life! You helped me integrate the pieces I’d been hiding, especially the Channel of Struggle. After our session it really took time for my soul to actually integrate the messages and implement your guidance. Now that I’ve implemented this understanding HOLY SHIT! In the last week and a half I only posted twice and I got an organic reach of over 3 million!  I wanted to say you truly have such a gift. You have activated me on such a deep level (beyond what my human self was ready for). I’m so thankful for you and in awe of the way you see the story behind the chart. Having that one off session catapulted my growth and that stagnation I was feeling is no longer a thing. I’m now BOOKED OUT just being myself. Thank you so much Kiara.

P H I – D A N G –  H U M A N D E S I G N  L I F E   C O A C H 


I personally use the tropical human design system as ‘standard’ because I’ve found this to be the most resonant with majority of clients. However, if you have a preference for sidereal instead, please let me know and I can use that chart instead for this experience. I’m not attached to either and believe in using whichever variation feels most aligned with you. 

In this offering, we take a look at your personal human design chart as this is where your unique medicine and gifts come from, with a specific focus on the incarnation gates, pearl gates and channels that specifically influence your attraction in business. The variables and cognition are not included in this exploratory. The business chart and combination chart is more advanced and is not covered in this particular offering.

This offering is for business owners whose personal energetics impacts their business (ie. coach, health and wellness practitioner, intuitive, network marketer, business professional, content creator or influencer).

This offering is also suited to product-based brands with founders who are involved in their brand and marketing. ie. I’ve worked with many product based business founders whose products (apothecary owners, skin care brands, lifestyle brands) that are an expression of their medicine.

This offering is not a fit for companies who have no human expression.

I’m currently in the 7th year of my experiment and as a 3/5 line have learnt my fair share of mistakes and shadows when it comes to studying and engaging with the human design and gene keys systems (read about them in my blog post here ). I ultimately believe in using both of these systems as experimental tools to help ourselves let go of what’s no longer resonant with us, contemplate our most aligned ways of doing and being and ultimately deepening our connection to our own inner authority. In this experience, the magic isn’t in the ‘human design’ it’s in how I use the system as gateways for guiding you to discover your soulpreneur medicine.

I have Bachelor of Business and 14 years experience in marketing and growing brands including start-ups, large 7-9 figure brands, and solopreneur businesses. I have a broad range of marketing knowledge including social media, paid and organic growth, community development, content strategy, campaign development, email, web, seo/sem, influencers, ambassador partnerships, brand outreach and sponsorships. I also have deep new business development experience in offer creation or new product development, market research, branding, messaging and copywriting.

On the energetic side of things I have seven years of human design and gene keys study from a variety of sources including Ra’s original lectures, professional Level 1-3 human design training, studies with Gene Keys along with the most useful of them all – real life personal experimentation. I also hold Holy Fire Level 3 Reiki, Usui Level 1 & 2 Reiki, Psych-K Facilitation certification.