Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Alexandra, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
Alexandra was a Mindset & Manifestation Coach helping women ‘manifest their dream life’. In her words, “ I felt like I was lacking foundation. I learned strategy, in terms of what to say when – but I felt all over the show when it came to ‘who’ I was speaking to and ‘what’ I was serving. This made me second guess myself. I couldn’t stick to a plan. There was no plan…. I felt like I was winging my marketing and actually had no real idea how it was all suppose to work out.” Alexandra was a Manifesting Generator feeling her not-self theme of frustration, and in a place of confusion on how to market and move forward. Her intention working with me was to clarify her most aligned audience, craft magnetic messaging and create a marketing plan that aligned with her human design.
What we did during our time together:

Soulpreneur Medicine Extraction: First we deep dived into her human design, gene keys, personal story, life gifts and challenges and her broad range of modalities and skillset. We uncovered one of her core gifts she was not leveraging was her strategic and action based business skillset- she had grown multiple businesses in the past and had been working as a executive manager in her corporate background. Her magic was not just helping women with mindset, but bringing the strategic and practical moves with it as well.

Niche & Target Audience Development: We worked on refining her niche, which included a reposition to the entrepreneur market. This allowed her to help her clients with mindset and manifestation in a field she was heavily knowledgeable and experienced within. This deeply honored her Manifesting Generator human design type and 6/3 profile as well as more specifically aligned with her unique medicine. We developed an in-depth understanding of her high resonance client: female entrepreneurs who were in a season of hustle overwhelm, and were looking for mindset support and manifestation mentorship to leap to their next level in business and in their personal life.

Brand Upgrade: Shifted her brand positioning to reflect her divine feminine energy highly present in her human design and gene keys. We built a brand story around this to deeply connect to the archetypal shift her aligned clients would be going through, stepping into a queendom level of confidence and breaking through all their mindset blocks.

Offer Re-positioning: Shifted the transformation and positioning of her 1:1 coaching package to better meet her high resonance client’s desires and her multi-dimensional toolkit as a Manifesting Generator. This included developing sales page copy that accurately reflected the high value provided.

Promotional marketing strategy refinement: Created an omni-channel promotional marketing strategy focused on social media awareness, nurture via podcast and conversion via masterclass funnel.

Content Strategy: Shifted her content strategy to leverage her 6/3 profile, Channel of Awakening, Channel of Exploration by integrating more of her personal stories and life experience from her past business experience and real life examples of how she moved through mindset and manifestation blocks in the past.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:
In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the intangible results experienced during the same period were a significant increase in self-confidence around marketing and messaging. In her words, “I know finally understand marketing. It all makes sense. This invited a whole new level of myself. It’s that Queen Energy that now gets to play, no longer second guessing, doubting every move. Comparing myself to others. I feel soooo confident in my magic and relieved because I finally have an intuitive plan that works for ME”. She felt fully embodied in her new brand energy, clear and confident in her daily actions moving forward.
Words from the client:

Before Marketing by Design I felt like I was winging my marketing and trying to build an empire without a solid foundation. I learned strategy but still felt all over the show when it came to ‘who’ I was speaking to and ‘what’ I was serving. This program turned out to be everything I needed and then some. It activated me in so many ways, having this kind of clarity, hands on support and guidance every step of the way. Honestly I am in awe of the impact and transformation that Marketing by Design has had not only had on my business, but also on myself! I feel completely activated and grounded in my truth. It’s that Queen Energy that now gets to play, no longer second guessing, doubting every move. Never have I felt to tuned in to my soul mission and confident that I have everything I need to RISE. Wow, was this investment was seriously worth every penny!

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