Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Alix, Business Coach

Alix had been in business for around four years and was currently positioning herself as a “Full Potential Speaker” working with women in corporate and business owners to ‘step into their full potential’. She had an existing offer suite in place including a group mastermind and 1:1 coaching package however was not accurately communicating their point of difference in her marketing assets like sales page or content. She did not have a marketing strategy in place and was feeling the overwhelm of not knowing how to market her offers in a strategic and energetically aligned way. At the time she felt a high level of energetic depletion in her business from spending too much time on sales calls that she had minimal time left for herself and personal life. Her intention working with me was to bring her unique point of difference to life, create messaging to call in a higher caliber of clients and create a more streamlines marketing strategy to support her next evolution in business. 

What we did during our time together:

Niche Development: Recommendation involved a shift in niche, moving away from the “Full Potential Speaker” to better reflect the accuracy of her role as a Business Coach helping women release their mindset blocks and take action in setting up a new business.

Client Refinement: Gained clarity that corporate women were no longer in resonance with her soul’s evolution and made the decision to let this part of her existing target audience go to align to her incarnation energy of the Gate of Power. Developed an in-depth understanding of her High Resonance client: highly talented individuals with existing expertise who wanted to turn their skills into a new aligned business.

Brand Upgrade: Shifted her brand positioning from a sporty “just do it” vibe to a premium luxe vibe that energetically resonated with her High Resonance client. Created a new brand tagline ‘Turn your expertise into gold’ that spoke to the high calibre client wanting to turn their existing expertise into a new business and brought to life both her personal and business human design chart. This led to Alix also working with her web designer for a website re-brand and photographer to capture this elevated premium brand positioning.

Offer Development and Re-positioning: Shifted the transformation and positioning of her group mastermind and 1:1 coaching package to better meet her High Resonance client’s desires and raised her prices. This included developing sales page copy that accurately reflected the high value provided.

Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation: Created a long-term marketing strategy with greater focus on automation of the nurture and sales attraction process. This included implementation of a new lead magnet, sales email sequence that leveraged her 1/3 profile.

Content Strategy: Shifted her content strategy to leverage her 8-1 Channel of Inspiration and Gate of Contribution; contributing to the world through public display of her own individual lifestyle and sharing what she’s learnt through her own entrepreneurial journey.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:

In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the results experienced during the same period were an increase in sales revenue with a high ticket 1:1 coaching program being sold to high resonance clients with ease at higher pricing and also booking out the intake of her mastermind. She felt greater levels of alignment and happiness in her business because she was now working with clients that lit her up, fulfilled her and were a better match for her fast paced personality. There was an increase in engagement levels and increase in conversion in marketing with efficiency and greater level of energetic alignment. An increase in leads with less time input involved due to the automated lead generation strategy in place. There was a significant reduction in time spent on sales calls due to her marketing pulling more of the weight in the attraction journey. As a side effect, she also experienced an energetic upgrade in her brand energy and felt like her triple fire Leo energy was being fully expressed.

Visual references highlighting impact of our work together:

Words from the client:

“I thought I was entering a program to strengthen my marketing…what I got was a massive energetic upgrade which I totally didn’t expect and has blown my mind! Kiara is a super sharp and tuned-in strategist that combines solid expertise with higher-level guidance for soulpreneurs to profoundly step into their next level. I absolutely loved diving deeper into the human design rabbit hole and taking my brand and marketing alignment to the next level in a very tangible way. Lot’s of concrete implementation (rebrand, tweaking offers, new social media, sales pages, etc). Never had imagined I would go through such a profound energetic timeline shift and have higher prices already being sold to premium clients with ease. I’m so glad we got to work together and look forward to continuing this journey. If you feel the pull, step into this profound experience.”

A L I X –   B U S I N E S S   C O A C H