Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Charlotte, Mindset & Anxiety Coach

Charlotte had been in her side-hustle for a year however was finding herself struggling with marketing her business and in a freeze-state no longer posting on her marketing channels or sharing her offers. She was experiencing challenges with communicating her offer and didn’t feel aligned with the one-on-one coaching program she had in her business. She felt a high level of energetic depletion in her business as a Projector and desired things to feel easier and more structured. 

What we did during our time together:

Unique HD Magic: We clarified her unique attraction point as being someone who initiates people into the heart space. This was a very strong energy in her chart due to her single channel 25-51 Channel of Initiation and a past core wound she had to overcome herself, reconnecting to the heart and release anxiety. This unique magic linked in well to her qualifications in MBT, NLP and Subconscious reprogramming.

Client Refinement: Gained clarity that she did not want to help female entrepreneurs overcome anxiety for anxiety sake (Low Resonance) but to help them shift into a new way of leading themselves in business through the intelligence of the heart (High Resonance).

Brand Positioning and Messaging: Shifted brand messaging from helping female biz owners overcome anxiety to infusing more of the heart-led angle in the way she positioned her core coaching offering, infusing her modalities around the areas of heart healing to support those experiencing anxiety.

Offer Re-positioning: We repositioned her 3 month 1:1 program and refined the offer transformation and messaging to meet her high resonance client. This involved creation of an updated sales page, development of her unique method and marketing assets to promote the updated program via her marketing channels.

Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation: Created a new marketing strategy that leveraged her 6/2 profile- ensuring she had more time and space to be in her cocoon as a 2 line whilst still nurturing her audience. This included implementation of a new lead magnet that was custom designed for her 6 line more particularly and gave her potential clients an experience of connecting to the heart, before working with her.

Content Strategy: Shifted her content strategy with a larger focus on macro long form content and conversion of organic traffic into her free bundle.

Sales Strategy: Implemented an application process to ensure those joining her program were the right fit and integrated a single session as a single taster for her long term program.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:

In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the results experienced during the same period were an increase in demand for her work, and raving testimonials from these new clients. Feeling a greater sense of inner peace with her marketing and more 2 line projector rest as she had implemented a marketing strategy that mostly ran on auto-pilot. She experienced a large increase in Projector invitations during the program- building her brand awareness via large scale account collaboration and speaking engagements in others masterminds. There was an increase in leads with less time input involved due to the automated lead generation strategy in place, releasing the stress she experienced with also having a full time job. She left feeling a higher level of confidence around marketing- increasing her visibility online and feeling safe to receive for her soul’s work.


“I came into Kiara’s world at a time I was really confused about what I was meant to be offering and communicating. I had just dropped a few thousand on working with another business coach and felt like I was squeezing myself into a niche simply because it was more mainstream, but didn’t love my offers or have a clear idea as to how to market myself! The Marketing by Design program has been one of the most transformational marketing programs I’ve ever done and I absolutely adored working with Kiara. It is very well thought out and has loads of supportive resources that help guide you through the program. We repositioned my offer in alignment to my Channel of Initiation and incarnation gifts, and communicated it clearly in my content. I loved that everything was aligned to my HD and I felt more confident in myself, and in touch with the heart of my business. Kiara clearly knows her stuff and it was great to have 3 months support from someone that really believed in me and my work!”

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