Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Cleodia, Nutritionist
Cleodia was a seasoned entrepreneur with a catering business and partnership, however wanted to branch out on her own and create her own business and personal brand from scratch utilising her Nutritionist background. Before MBD she had many ideas but not sure how to execute in alignment to her design; “I felt very confused about the direction to go on. I knew I wanted to create something but had a hard time figuring it out. It also felt like such a massive task to execute what I was feeling into the 3D realm. I struggled with my messaging and not understanding how I can use my Manifestor gifts to my advantage.”
What we did during our time together:

Unique Soulpreneur Medicine: After analysing all intricacies of her human design chart with her past life experience and skills, we identified her core marketing medicine as creating a new movement for Filipina people to adopt a plant based diet- something that was lacking in the world of nutrition and something that Cleodia has personal and expert experience in.

Client Development: Identified her high resonance client as Filipinas who wanted a holistic approach to plant based living. This was an audience group she was deeply connected to and already in engagement with as a 4 line profile.

Offer Development and Positioning: We crafted a complete new offer suite including a mid-level self-study online course and high ticket one-on-one nutrition program. Positioning involved calling out specifically the need for honouring their culture heritage and delicious Filipino flavours, to overcome their biggest barrier of adopting a plant based diet which was lacking on taste and feeling disconnected to their culture.

Brand Positioning and Messaging: Crafted a personal brand and messaging that brought to life all intricacies of her chart, leveraging more specifically her 6 line role model energy as someone who connected with them on a cultural level but also as an expert with a Nutritionist background.

Marketing Strategy Development: Created a marketing strategy that leveraged her Manifestor type and 2/4 profile- ensuring she had more time and space to be in her cocoon as a 2 line whilst still nurturing her audience. This included an integration of brand collaborations and social media as well to honour the 4 line.

Lead Generation: Implemented a lead magnet “The Filipnia Plant Based Starter Kit” that was custom designed for her human design and gave her potential clients the information they needed to know in order to prepare for a plant based nutrition journey.

Content Strategy: Crafted a content strategy that leveraged her 2/4 profile, channels and incarnation gates focussing on use of heart-centered copy-writing that shared her personal experiences adopting a plant based diet. Thereby becoming both an expander and a guide for their health journey.

Sales Strategy: Crafted new sales assets including sales page, sales application and connection call process to ensure those joining her program were the right fit for her.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:

In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the results experienced during the same period were that she created and launched a brand new offer suite and created the Manifestor foundations built to last for the long-term in her movement. She had a fully implemented and integrated marketing strategy in place for her business, feeling crystal clear on the path moving forward in integration with her personal and business human design chart. She more than doubled the size of her audience 50%+ , filling her funnel with high resonance Filipinos looking for expert nutrition support. She signified her brand position in the foodie space and was featured in a prominent online leading publication which resulted in a large amount of incoming traffic to her page. She felt a greater sense of inner peace with her marketing and 2 line; giving herself more time to spend with her young family and manage her other businesses. She shifted her perception of marketing and selling as healing, and let go of the limiting beliefs holding her back from showing up as a brand online.

Visual references highlighting impact of our work together:

Words from the client:

This has been the most nourishing and expansive experience I have ever had in business, and I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade! To work with Kiara 1:1 felt like a safe and magical space. Before starting MBD, I felt very confused about my message and direction. I did not have any program offering and did not know what would work best for my Manifestor energy. During the program, I was able to lay business foundations, develop and launch a 1:1 program, implement a marketing strategy complete with a sales page, nurture sequence, content, and a plan for the upcoming months! My audience grew by 50%, and I was featured in a leading industry publication. I was able to step out of my comfort zone well-prepared. Kiara always offered deep, thoughtful, expert guidance that was always considerate of my gifts. Having the messaging access was surprisingly my favorite part. I was not sure how much that would help in the beginning but we were able to cover A LOT in that portal, and it made the experience a lot more intimate. This experience has exceeded all my expectations and is worth every penny! Business is a creative portal for me and to be seen in a multi-dimensional way by a gifted expert like Kiara was nothing short of magic!

C L E O D I A  – N UT R I T I O N I S T