Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Hazel, Life Coach

Hazel had been in business for a few months however was finding herself confused, overwhelmed and frustrated when it came to marketing her life coaching program. She was great at her role, but attracting people to her program was the difficult part. She was feeling lost in a sea of online coaches who completed the same certification as her and was marketing her offers in a very broad way to everyone who needed life help. She knew her marketing was “vague” but wasn’t not sure how to fix that. Had a skill gap when it came to messaging and communication. She was spending significant amount of energy worrying what to post and confused around content creation. She was feeling out of alignment in business due to prior conditioning with business coaches who viewed her sensitivity as a weakness in business.

What we did during our time together:

Unique Medicine: After analysing all intricacies of her human design chart with her past life experience and skills, we identified her core marketing medicine as helping others to understand and embrace their emotional sensitivity. This is something she had deeply struggled with and journeyed through a path of embodiment as a 6 line role model in her own life, yet was something she was suppressing in her business as a general life coach.

Client Refinement: We let go of her more general client, helping anyone in life with mindset as this audience group was too broad and not a true match to her gifts. We identified her high resonant client; women who wanted to work towards embracing their emotional sensitvity from a grounded and deeply nurturing place over a more masculine alpha energy which was highly present in the empath and HSP community.

Offer Re-positioning: We repositioned her 4 month 1:1 program from a general life coaching program to The Soulful Sensitive program. We analysed her certifications, skills and 6 line life experience to create a unique methodology that brought together a unique way of supporting women to embrace their sensitivity through mindset, emotion and spirit.

Brand Positioning and Messaging: Shifted brand messaging from a very general “I help women feel more peace” to a specific “Helping sensitive women understand and embrace their emotional sensitivity – through mindset, emotion and energetic management”. Through an energetic branding process, refined her brand values, personality and visuals to bring to life this sensitive and spiritual energy and embody her 36 Gate of Crisis (Darkening of the Light) incarnation gate, 6 Gate of Friction incarnation gate and 34-57 Channel of Power.

Marketing Strategy Development: Created a new marketing strategy that leveraged her Generator type and 6/2 profile- ensuring she had more time and space to be in her cocoon as a 2 line whilst still nurturing her audience through Instagram and email.

Lead Generation: Implemented a lead magnet “The Soulful Sensitive Experience” that was custom designed for her 6 line more particularly and gave her potential clients an experience of connecting to their emotional sensitivity through a series of mindset and emotional rituals before working with her.

Content Strategy: Crafted a content strategy that leveraged her profile, channels and incarnation gates focussing on use of reels for organic traffic, and macro pieces of nurture content in email.

Sales Strategy: Crafted new sales assets including sales page, sales application and connection call process to ensure those joining her program were the right fit for her.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:

In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the results experienced during the same period were that she had a fully implemented and integrated marketing strategy in place for her business which significantly reduced the amount of time spent on marketing and content creation: “Following the end of this program, the amount of energy I spend marketing has dramatically decreased. Not just in the amount of time in content creation, but in the amount of time/energy I would spend worrying about whether my audience was clear on my offers or feeling confused about what to do next in my marketing. It’s not an exaggeration to say my quality of life has increased”. She experienced a greater sense of inner peace with her marketing and 2 line as she had implemented a marketing strategy that mostly ran on auto-pilot. She felt a significant increase in personal confidence around selling her program; “I know in my bones I’ve created an offer I feel confident in and love. I don’t feel like I’m overselling the program. There is a lot of peace coming from knowing I can back up what I’m selling — the offer is in integrity with my skill set. I love that!”. She experienced an increase in brand and content engagement, as well as lead generation after implementing these new strategies. She was feeling a higher level of confidence and ownership of her gifts as a highly sensitive woman; going from suppressing and hiding it, to leveraging it as her core differentiating factor in business (personal healing was a side effect!). She was experiencing deeper embodiment with the deeper intricacies of her human design chart and integration of how she can continue to leverage it in future.

Words from the client:
I’ve never experienced a program where I have felt so seen. I felt like Kiara really took the time to understand not only my chart but held space for healing that was occurring for me during the program as well. Kiara is so skilled at creating a marketing plan that works with your unique energy. As soon as I joined I realized “shit, she deeply knows this industry.” I knew I was being supported by a true expert who has lived and breathed online marketing for years. She helped me reach so much more ease and peace in my business. That to me is priceless after a year of wallowing in deep confusion, frustration, and wasting a lot of energy simply worrying about what to post and not knowing how to get people in the door. My marketing has become a much more efficient process that honours my Generator 6/2 design especially. I now have more time and energy to spend on other efforts, like better supporting current clients.
H A Z E L –  L I F E  C O A C H