Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Jasmine, Graphic Designer
Jasmine is a small business owner who provides graphic design services for brands. She was feeling stuck in a place of stagnancy in her business and experiencing a lot of Projector bitterness about the type of clients she was calling in. Her messaging was attracting people who didn’t see the value in investing in custom graphic design services, in her words “it seemed like they wanted and needed my help but wouldn’t be ready to invest, trying to get information only to vanish, or they were looking for cheap solutions”. Her marketing was calling in customers who micro-managed and didn’t allow her the freedom to tap into her visionary creative gifts. This dissonance in customer alignment had a flow on effect to her business income, feeling capped in earning potential, and also to her personal life, feeling like she was hiding a big part of who she was, how she could serve, and blocked from her authentic expression. Her intention of working with me was to co-create a brand that felt in harmony with her human design and re-work her marketing to call in a more aligned type of client in her business.
What we did during our time together:

Soulpreneur Medicine Extraction: First we deep dived into her human design, gene keys, personal story, life gifts and challenges and her unique process when it came to being a designer. She was an intuitive in the “spiritual closet” in her personal life, would often use her clairvoyance in the design process yet would keep this hidden. We came to the conclusion that the medicine she was here to express in business was seeing the soul of the client she was working with, and visually translating their inner essence externally into a powerful brand. Her intuitive gifts, as part of the branding process was a core-differentiating factor in the graphic design and brand industry.

Niche & Target Audience Development: We worked on redefining her niche, moving away from providing graphic design services to anyone to laser focusing on soul-led and conscious brands seeking intuitive-led graphic design and personal brand design services. This refinement meant she could stop wearing that professional mask and instead create space for her intuitive gifts to be integrated and recognized as part of her approach.

Brand & Messaging Upgrade: We worked on developing her own unique brand position to better reflect her soulpreneur medicine and niche refinement. We developed a premium ‘SOUL BRAND’ approach that clearly expressed her point of difference in the graphic design space. This ensured her marketing was repelling those who were seeking low cost, standard graphic design offerings and instead attracted those who allowed her to tap into her intuitive gifts and provide her more space to utilise her creative expression. This included review of a redevelopment of her website to better reflect her new messaging and positioning.

Offer Re-positioning: We worked on shifting the positioning of her graphic design packages and also the structure to better work around her undefined sacral. This included having set timelines to avoid ‘drawn out projects’ and instead embrace more efficiency, positively impacting her personal life too. This included developing sales page copy that accurately reflected the high value provided and client case studies showing her design process.

Promotional Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation: We designed a long-term marketing strategy with a greater focus on automation to allow her to better nurture her audience whilst she was ‘offline’. This included the creation of marketing assets including lead magnet, masterclass for those seeking more detailed information.

Content Strategy: Shifted her content strategy to leverage her 6 line human design profile, Channel of Awareness and embrace her intuitive gifts. This included sharing more personal brand content hightling her intuitive way of life, the tools she uses as part of the branding process (clairvoyance, akashic records, etc) to highlight her point of difference. As well as more client examples and befores and afters to communicate visual examples of her work.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:
In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the results experienced during the same period were an increase in sales revenue and attraction of a higher more premium clientele (going from struggling to sell $200 sessions to selling her new high ticket 8k soul brand package). She received an overload of positive feedback on the new brand position as well as a reduction in overwhelm due to the clear systems we set up for her marketing. She personally felt “no longer afraid to sell anymore” after seeing the value of her unique approach and now better aligning to the offerings she was providing. Aside from the strategic impacts, Jasmine experienced a significant personal expansion during our time together; going from feeling like she couldn’t express her true self to ‘coming out of the spiritual closet’ and feeling confident in sharing her intuitive gifts and showing up as her vibrant self online and in her client experience.

Visual references highlighting impact of our work together:

Words from the client:

Before starting the MBD program, I felt bitter that my marketing efforts were attracting people that just wanted free advice and clients who micromanaged my creativity. Kiara helped me shape my messaging and positioning to clearly communicate my gifts and transmit the energy that I bring to the table. It was a powerful and much needed kick in the butt to stop hiding a big part of me and shine my light by owning my unique intuitive approach to design. During the program, I started booking out high-ticket $8k design packages after struggling to sell $200 sessions. She showed me a way to honour my projector energy in conjunction with the energy of my business entity.  I feel empowered to share my voice, quit comparing myself to others and be myself when showing up AND I never have to question myself how to promote or sell online ever again!

J A S M I N E   –   I N T U I T I V E   B R A N D   D E S I G N E R