Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Mandi, Trauma-Informed Leadership Mentor
Mandi was an established leadership professional in a corporate role and was in the initial stages of beginning her own side-hustle. She was originally promoting her work as helping others ‘transform their pain into purpose’ yet was feeling resistance to this large niche. In her words, “I was getting lost in a sea of not knowing which direction to steer. I had SO many ideas, was struggling to decide on a revenue model for offerings, unsure of how to navigate my personal brand and business brand, and was having a difficult time positioning myself”. Her intention of working with me was to experience a deeper level of clarity on her niche and brand position and set herself up with a messaging and marketing plan for the long-term.
What we did during our time together:

Soulpreneur Medicine: First we deep dived into her human design, gene keys, personal story, life gifts and challenges and her broad range of modalities and skillset. I identified an opportunity to integrate her two fields of expertise and personal life experience together, leadership and trauma. This allowed her to fully express her wisdom of personal experience as well as fill a much-needed gap in the marketplace.

Niche Development & Client Refinement: We worked on fine-tuning her niche and making it more specific to her unique medicine: supporting rising leaders who had experienced trauma in their past to rewrite their inner story, overcome the blocks holding them back and become more trauma-informed in their approach to personal and professional leadership. This shift enabled her to be a lot more precise with her messaging and marketing communications.

Brand Development & Planning: We created a brand strategy and position around her unique medicine, which included crafting a brand story based on her personal life experiencing overcoming many forms of trauma and the mission born out of her shadows. We mapped out how she could integrate her corporate experience to build more credibitability and authority as a new business owner, as well as outlined her long-term Manifestor movement.

Offer Development: We developed a one-on-one mentorship package around her new niche and position, and crafted offer messaging to clearly outline the value and transformation involved. This included developing sales page copy that accurately reflected the high value provided and called in her higher resonance client.

Promotional marketing strategy development and implementation: Created a long-term marketing strategy with a focus on building awareness through social media, cultivating community via podcast and increasing conversion through a content marketing email funnel.

Content Strategy: We developed a content strategy to leverage her 5/1 human design profile, which focused on sharing her depth of professional and personal wisdom via educational carousels and reels. As an intuitive soul, we defined that her podcast would be a place to build deeper intimacy and connection without a ‘structured plan’.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:
In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the other transformations were developing a deeper level of awareness around how her personal human design chart and business human design chart worked together- and how her inner story-teller and youthful/inner child/whimsy side of her could be an essential part in calling her high resonance clients in over showing up ‘professionally’. Some of the intangible effects included experiencing a deep energetic upgrade and coming home to her Manifestor power, acknowledging that it was no longer time to play small but instead let her powerful self be confidently illuminated online.
Words from the client:

Before starting the MBD program, I was swimming in a sea of confusion when it came to positioning, blending big vision dreams into a plan and a progressive path to growth. I knew what I wanted to bring to the world, but was unclear on which path to take. I was ‘too close’ to my work and in dire need of an intuitive and intelligent expert with a one-of-a-kind customized experience to help map out the next course for my business.

Kiara is unlike anyone else you have ever experienced— both in her professional insight and client journey/process. Kiara gives an immense amount of feedback during her calls and review sessions that consistently enhance what you are trying to grow. The resource vault, her HD expertise and intuitive/marketing expert insight are unparalleled capstoning the key components that make this experience beyond worth the investment. Perhaps the most valuable piece of this journey was the synergistic breakthrough moments in areas including everything from branding, marketing, visibility, etc. and how your true, authentic self is designed to be— both in business and in life.

Now that I have completed MBD, I feel clarity on my most effective path forward in branding, marketing, content, emails, offers and initiating the subsequent phases of my movement. I feel a weightless freedom from the confusion and hesitation I once felt on being fully transparent and in alignment to my design in my business— busting through blocks from old conditioning of having to play small as a 5/1 LAX of Informing Manifestor. This work was invigoratingly intense, magically magnetic and illuminated the most impactful map forward for my aim in helping humanity. I am forever grateful for the time, energy and teachings through this experience— I only wish our time together had been longer! The experience was not only business changing, but truly life changing for me.