Marketing by Design 1:1 Program
Yulia, Money Strategist

Yulia positioned herself as a Money Coach who “shares human design and money tips for women in business who want to grow wealth without all the shoulds”. She was around a year into starting her business journey and was struggling to bring clients into her 3 month one-on-one program. She was spending a lot of time creating content however was not finding sufficient engagement from this. She was feeling all over the place with shiny object syndrome trying a lot of new trends however had no marketing strategy in place. A high level of energetic depletion was felt in her business and a lack of confidence showing her uniqueness online. Her intention was to find a deeper level of alignment with her offer positioning and efficiency with her marketing strategy. 

What we did during our time together:

Unique HD Magic: We clarified her unique attraction point as being someone with both strategic money expertise (over five years industry experience helping high net worth individuals generate more wealth) and money mindset support (NLP practitioner). This was heavily present in her chart with the 17-62 Channel of Acceptance (strategic) and the mindset/energetic elements (incarnation gate energy). This gift was missing in the realm of money; with competitors either focussing on money mindset with zero practical money tips, or the other end of the spectrum sharing financial wealth tips with zero awareness of the importance of mindset. Yulia filled the sweet spot, with both gifts.

Client Refinement: Gained clarity that she was feeling bitter “convincing” her past clients around why money was important and why they needed to take action- these were Low Resonance clients we needed to repel. She developed an in-depth awareness of her High Resonance client- those who didn’t require convincing of the importance of money but required expert money support and money mindset support to break through to the next level, someone ready for all of her unique gifts.

Brand Positioning and Messaging: Shifted positioning to a Money Strategist and Coach to better accurately reflect her value. Refined her brand message to “Guiding female entrepreneurs to breakthrough their money ceiling with next level wealth strategy and mindset — by human design” which spoke directly to her High Resonance client.

Offer Re-positioning: We repositioned her 3 month 1:1 program from the “Wealth Creation Program” to the “Wealth Ascension Program” and refined the offer transformation and messaging to meet her High Resonance client. This involved creation of an updated sales page and marketing assets to promote the updated program via her marketing channels.

Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation: Refined her marketing strategy with greater focus on Instagram visibility and automation of the nurture process and removed the marketing channels that were burning her out as a Projector (Facebook Group, Clubhouse). This included implementation of a new lead magnet masterclass custom designed for her 6 line more particularly and other elements of her human design.

Content Strategy: Shifted her content strategy with a larger focus on Instagram visibility with utilisation of shareable content leveraging the tool of human design, and conversion of organic traffic into her free masterclass.

Sales Strategy: Implemented an application process to ensure those joining her program were the right fit and integrated a HD Money Audit call as a pre-qualification process for her long term program.

Additional transformations experienced during our time together:

In addition to the strategic transformation and changes made during our time together, some of the results experienced during the same period were a significant increase in demand for her updated Wealth Ascension Program- booking out her complimentary audits and experiencing an increase in sales with new clients joining her updated program. She experienced a 200% increase in Instagram following during the 12 week program due to the visibility tactic implemented and increase in marketing conversion due to the masterclass implemented. She built authority in the human design online industry as a Money Coach and received a large increase in Projector invitations for speaking engagements and training around this topic. She had an increase in leads with less time input involved due to the automated lead generation strategy in place- allowing for greater Projector rest. She was feeling a higher level of confidence online- no longer afraid to put her gifts out-there and started embodying her own version of next level wealth in her own life outside of business too.

Words from the client:

3 months ago I felt all over the place with my business and marketing. I constantly felt like I had to be everywhere, do everything and follow everyone’s advice. It felt draining and over time I came to resent the marketing side of my business. During the Marketing by Design program Kiara helped me in linking my business with my design and linking my marketing with my strengths. It felt like I finally could let go of all the ‘shoulds’ in business and embrace my gifts and strengths in full. I felt extremely supported and seen, guided by someone who was fully present with me. Now that I’ve journeyed to the end of the program, I have an extremely aligned marketing strategy in place that is more easily and effortlessly connecting me to my soul clients and helping me create a bigger impact. I now have consistent calls with clients, which used to be very inconsistent and am showing up online in my full HD power! I highly recommend taking this opportunity to work with Kiara in her program, it is incredible!

Y U L I A  –  M O N E Y  E X P E R T