Human Design Centers in Business

Your centers are what I call “energy transmitters”. These can tell me who you are naturally designed to attract into your business, as well as give me clues as to what you are here to sell and ‘give’ to your community via your offers.

There are 9 energy transmitters in your chart that will impact you as a soulpreneur. When a center is colored in this means it is defined and has a fixed way of experiencing the energy of that center. Think of yourself like a broadcasting tower; this is where you ‘give’ energy as a soulpreneur and shoot it out into the world without much effort.

If a center is white this means that it is undefined or open and means you have an inconsistent way of experiencing the energy of that center. In your open centers you are ‘receiving’ energy from others, experiencing it, and amplifying or reflecting it back out. This is where most of your de-conditioning work will be required! In order for you to market your business *your* way, we need to release everyone else’s stories and advice from your operating system.

Each center controls different elements of your business. These are summarised below.

Head Center in Business

Your head center is where all the inspiration and ideas for your business will come from.  It is designed to ask questions and seek answers and can be helpful to tune into when creating content or coming up with innovative ideas. 

Ajna Center in Business

Your ajna is your center for thinking and analysing in business. It is designed for data processing, research and conceptualisation. This is the center you’ll want to use when doing things like reviewing your financials or data.

Throat Center in Business

Your throat is your center for communication and manifestation in business. This is the point towards which all energy in the body is moving to find expression. This is the center you’ll tap into when marketing, creating content and communicating with clients or customers in business.

Identity Center in Business

Your identity is your center for love, behaviour and direction in business. It is about the identity of the self. This is the center you’ll tap into when doing branding work or tuning into future planning.

Ego Center in Business

Your ego is the center for willpower in business. This is where the will to do something or not is expressed as an energy. This is the center that’s linked to self worth in business, owning the power of your gifts and connecting to the heart of your mission. 

Sacral Center in Business

Your sacral is your center for work-force and life-force energy in business. It is reproductive, life sustaining energy. This is the center for ‘doing the work’ so to speak and also a great one to tap into when choosing to birth new offers into the world. 

Spleen Center in Business

Your spleen is your center for survival and instinct in business, and is our oldest and most primal awareness. It only works in the now. You’ll likely tune into this center when you’re experiencing fear in business (which everyone will as business is the biggest container for expansion and growth!).

Solar Plexus Center in Business

Your solar plexus is the center for emotions in business. This emotional energy fluctuates in waves. This center allows you to connect to your clients, customers or team members on an emotional level. 

Root Center in Business

Your root is your center for adrenaline energy in business. Pressure moves energy up through the body to fuel action. This center will provide you with that ‘pulse’ of energy to make moves in business. Stress often arises from this center. 

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