My Two Year Human Design in Business Experiment

This time two years ago I was crying Kim.K style ugly tears on the floor in a sea full of oracle cards, finger hovering over the ‘delete instagram account’ button, moments away from calling it quits on the side-hustle I’d only just begun. Burnt out. Bitter. Applying every trick I used to grow other people’s multi-million dollar brands to my own business, wondering why nothing was working.

My higher self chimed in letting me know *not so gently* that following all the standard strategies in the old business paradigm was NOT going to work for me. I needed to grow my business the way the divine designed me, in alignment to my human design.

Sure I had been playing with the system to overcome my chronic illness battles in the years prior, but not once did I think about integrating it into the way I grew and marketed my business. So in my breakdown came my breakthrough and the Human Design in Business experiment was officially born.

Two years later I’ve…
  • Made a real living doing work that feels more like play, said so long to my prestigious full-time marketing job, and turned my side-hustle into a multi six-figure business. Staying true to my design, meeting moments of ‘misalignment’ and emotional-lows with grace, and enjoying the journey more than any external milestone.
  • Had the honour of working 1:1 with hundreds of soulpreneurs who are casting a ripple of healing in this world, getting to utilise the full spectrum of my experience & gifts as a 3-5 Projector with Cross of Planning and being told “I’ve never felt so seen in my life” more times than I can count.
  • Finally got to taste what real freedom is like outside of a cubicle, and what it feels like to have my vision board life become physical form; with two hour long morning routines, the freedom to spend my time however I want, work from wherever I want, and spend more time with family instead of just weekends or 2 weeks holiday a year.
  • Grown an even deeper sense of admiration for the human design system and gene keys system- segmenting their position in my mind as one of the greatest tools for not only self-awakening, shadow work, and self-healing but the most practical and tactical system that integrates strategically and seamlessly into the realm of business, marketing and sales. 

I’m pulling back the curtains and offering you an invitation to peer behind-the-scenes into the month to month of my Year Two of my Human Design in Business experiment. If you’d like to go back to beginning check out my One Year Human Design in Business experiment blog post here. 

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Month #13: Playing with my Business’ Human Design Chart

I felt called to deepen my experiment by bringing greater awareness and attention to how my business’ human design chart worked in relationship with my own personal chart. Our businesses are separate energetic entities to us with their own human design chart, strengths and mission. I looked at how my personal 3-5 Projector with Cross of Planning energies worked in relationship with my business as a 6-2 Generator with Cross of the Clarion. 
As a Projector with an open identity centre I have a natural gift of seeing into the unique magic of those who stand before me. As a 3 line I have learnt a lot in this life, often the hard way (marketing mastery from over a decade of trial and error building 7-9 figure brands in the corporate world, together with my life’s lessons in energetics through healing from a mystery chronic illness). As a solution-giving 5 line and Cross of Planning, I come to help others strategically implement the plans that support them to market and sell their soul’s work in a divinely aligned way. 
My business, a generator, feels a lot larger than myself and something I need to guide. The business incarnation gate of shock, which is quite a strong and unconventional energy, gave me an opportunity to take my brand to the next level and infuse these frequencies within the marketing messaging I use. Not only did it elevate my business from a strategic point of view, but this part of my experiment supported me in breaking away from the mould and having courage in owning my own space. Our business is also our greatest healer. 
If you’d like to look up your own business chart, learn how to in my Business Human Design Chart blog post here. 
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Month #14-15: Deepening my Gene Keys Pearl Sequence integration

In Month #14 to #15 I dived deeper into my Gene Keys, which is a sister system to Human Design and relates to the 64 gates. When I first found it a few years ago, I must admit it went over my head and was something I was not ready to integrate energetically. It’s a very deep body of work that looks at the shadow, gift and siddhi frequencies of each gate and journeys through a series of sequences, including an Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence. 
During this month I sat with and tuned into my Pearl Sequence more specifically and within it arose a deeper level of understanding of the frequencies, the essence behind what I’m here to share with the world and who I am here to serve. My Life’s Work Gene Key, which is also my Brand Gene Key, is Gate 16 known as the Gate of Skills in Human Design and the Magical Genius in the Gene Keys system.
My life’s work is to help transmute the collective shadow of indifference. “Because human beings are not willing to stand up and be different, they become willing to sit by the side of life and observe. Indifference is an energy field created by all the human beings on this planet who are not doing what they would really love to be doing”. I felt this deeply, a dense and heavy weight that I sense when I tune into the fields of those who are drawn into my world. They come because they need help with marketing, but underneath they are humans longing to just feel like themselves. Their ego’s have been unconsciously attached to following other people’s business formulas, ignoring their own guidance systems and these soulpreneurs sense it: the traditional world of marketing and sales feels heavy for them because it was not designed for them. 
The Gene Key system and sequences has been a portal to understanding myself at significant depths (not just in this month, but collectively over the past few years) particularly my shadows. I’ve learnt it isn’t for the faint of heart because the grief, the darkness that arises when you are willing to face what lies beneath your light can be difficult to experience. Aside from the inner work, the outer work that came from this elevated my branding, offer suite, messaging and content from a very practical lense too.

Month #16-18: Quitting my Corporate Job and Liberating myself

Reflecting back on this time feels like a blur right now. I was experiencing deep frequencies of external success that I could not keep up with as a side-hustle. My Marketing by Design program was booking out with zero external sales promotions. I was seeing 25+ clients a month and had over 500 people on the waitlist for my single Energy Marketing Sessions. I was making more financially in my side business than my full time job. This was the milestone everyone dreams of right? Why would I wait so long to quit my decade long corporate marketing career? 
My logical answer was “I can’t quit now. The CEO needs me at this pivotal moment. Why would I quit now if I don’t hate my job yet?”. Unlike many people in the online space posing as corporate dropouts touting working a 9-5 as a ‘slave mission’, I mostly enjoyed my full time job. I was creating world-first innovative products, heading up a marketing team who I appreciated working with, and was earning a consistent six-figure income. My human self, my ego, would have been “happy” with continuing following this pathway, getting another promotion and pouring my energy into building someone else’s dream whilst helping clients ‘on the side’, but my soul could not. The bitterness became heavier. And my next step became loud and clear. I could no longer allow my own shadow of Indifference to hold me back, so I handed in my resignation and said goodbye to a prestigious career I worked 13 years to build.
A vision comes to me now, the same one I received when I made this decision; A dove flying out of a cage with an unlocked door, freeing itself. It’s easy for us humans to comfortably follow a path that’s been set out for us . It’s safer to hide behind a mask of someone else’s own making (especially in the realm of business). To not question the rules and throw anger at society or blame our childhood wounding for keeping us contained and not following our dreams at the ferocity our soul craves. We may be held unconsciously or consciously in a metaphorical cage but the door has always been unlocked. It is our courage to open it, no matter how painful or scary it may be, that leads to the ending of Indifference and a tasting of our own liberation. This moment of my experiment confirmed the hypothesis I’ve held with peering into hundreds of peoples human design charts, that our soul’s work is also our greatest wounding. We sell the underlying frequencies of what we ourselves are deeply healing in this life. 
If you’re a side-hustling soulpreneur, I invite you to read my letter to my former self: the side-hustling soulpreneur blog post here. 

Month #19: Intuition by Human Design in Marketing

Leaving my corporate job, it’s like my human vessel had energetic space to receive and more clearly hear my higher self’s guidance. So this month in my business my focus was on deeply integrating the elements of intuition from my human design chart in my marketing. I had learned from Karen Curry in a Human Design training program of a cosmic or angelic circuit that holds deeper wisdom around intuition and the gates in your chart that may highlight certain gifts when it comes to intuition. According to her teachings, I hold the activated gates synonymous with being able to more easily access and work with the Akashic Records and also channelling or engaging with celestial energies. Fascinating right?
I’d used the Akashic Records prayer in my personal life once in a while, but this month I tried creating content whilst opening the Akashic Records and posting only when I feel intuitively called to. What came through was beautifully poetic, and clearly not of my own logical ‘human’ mind’s making lol. I received a lot more DMs and responses to my emails this month, and deepened my levels of self-trust when it comes to my intuition and the intuitive insights I receive particularly when working with clients. I learnt that Intuition is a very powerful element of the chart to peer into for general life stuff, but also very practical too for marketing if you’re a healer or intuitive by profession and want to infuse it more in your business.
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Month #20-21: Momentarily lost in the Conditioning of the Business Realm 

This part of my Human Design in Business experiment was two of the most challenging months. I was momentarily lost in the conditioning of the business realm and was experiencing bitterness around my offer suite and next growth phase of the business come new year. I started consuming an overflow of content from a range of multi 7 figure business coaches and business strategists. They had BIG followings. They flashed around BIG numbers. And with it a platter of information overload: “Launch a low ticket course so you can make a million in your sleep. Launch a group program so you can help 50 people in way less time. Launch a trip-wire funnel and multiple ladder offers so you don’t leave money on the table. Have a feminine business because that’s the way to scale. Do this. Do that. Do this. Do that.” So much noise that it drowned out the quiet voice of my higher self.

When I detached from the noise and tuned into my human design the answers became clear. My soul didn’t want more offers despite the overwhelming demand in my DMs and the 500+ waitlist for my one-off single sessions. Surely one “should” be happy with a waitlist long enough to last two years but energy doesn’t lie. In this season of business, it actually desired less. I felt like I was throwing a pebble on the surface when it came to my single sessions, when my soul wanted to guide them to the darkest depths of the ocean for real metamorphosis and lasting transformation. So I welcomed more simplicity in to this season, removed these one-off sessions from my offer suite and focused my full energy on serving those in my one and only offer; the Marketing by Design 3 month 1:1 program. The bitterness dissipated and I went on to have a hugely successful launch. It doesn’t mean it will always be this way, but for now, this is the offer medicine that’s calling me.

I learnt how easy it is, even if you are deeply tuned into your human design, to fall back into the Conditioning of the very loud business realm. Check out my Human Design and Conditioning in Business blog post here to see the three ways I de-condition in business by human design.

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Month #22 : Tracking Daily Human Design transits for business

I started to consciously track the daily human design transits to see the indirect and direct impact on my business. We move through a new Human Design gate or Gene Key as a collective energy every week, meaning we all experience these certain energies at the same time. I like to think of them as energetic invitations to look at our shadows and honour our gifts or higher frequency essence of a certain energy or experience. Being the 5 line that I am, I like to make things practical and deepen my energetic integration within the realms of business, marketing and sales.

I was very surprised with this part of my Human Design in Business experiment. I experienced the energies very strongly, especially in the lead up to them, and saw the synchronicities not only in my own life but with my clients too. Since this month, I’ve been tracking the daily human design transits and maintaining a more conscious energy of how this impacts me and my clients. This area of Human Design fascinates me and something I’ll continue to reflect on. Please note, I wouldn’t recommend diving into this area if you are a HD newbie, focus on your experimenting and embodying your own personal chart before diving into deeper complexities like this.

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Month #23-24: Ego and Spirit and the Relationship to Human Design and Marketing

This month was a very ‘existential’ time of reflecting what the higher purpose of Human Design is, how it relates to our human ego and the connection to our spirit. An excerpt from my transmission in the UN/SEEN: “At this point in my journey and current state of consciousness, I’m perceiving “alignment” as one big paradox. It is not black or white. Wrong or right. There are infinite shades of grey in between for us all to consider. I look back to my times of ignoring the call to rest and being hooked up to hospital drips for endless years in burnout, feeling purposeless and full of bitterness as a young woman climbing the corporate ladder, and wonder- were these moments of seemingly “not self” actually my most pivotal portals to self awakening? Was half a decade drowning in bitterness of illness and placing my power in external figures, the level of contrast my human self needed and soul desired to know what my own current strength of power feels like now?”

It does not tell us exactly what we are here to do, but it helps us be HOW we were designed to be. Human Design gives us a chance to peer into our egoic shadows with greater awareness, align with our Spirit and experience moments of success and bliss, and also serve us as a highly practical tool we can utilise strategically in business. Reminding us the power lies and will always lie within ourselves- not outsourced in others hands or hidden high upon golden pedestals.

So that’s a wrap on Year Two of my Human Design in Business Experiment! I hope this peek behind the curtain  gives you a glimpse into the highs and lows of someone else’s life-changing HD experiment in business.

Opting out of the one-size-fits-all business paradigm and aligning our marketing and sales strategies with our human design opens up a new pathway to expanding with greater ease and effectiveness. But that’s not where the real magic lies; the beauty lies within being courageous enough to share the medicine that only you can create, express your message in a way that only you can share it and share your soul’s work in the world the way you were born to.

If you’ve read all the way down to this point, I’m sending you so much gratitude and thank you for being a part of this journey with me. 

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