By Design
1:1 consulting program
A one-on-one marketing consulting partnership for rising soulpreneurs
An invitation to clear the marketing overwhelm and receive bespoke one-on-one support to elevate your signature offer, clarify your messaging & implement an organic marketing strategy — so you can get your work seen and attract your most aligned clients in harmony with your human design.
If you’ve been guided to this page…
You’re not here because you solely want to grow a six-figure business, you’re here because you hold a soul mission to cast a ripple of transformation in the collective with your unique gifts.

We are birthed into this earthly realm as divinely unique human beings. All of us come coded with innate strengths, shadows and are gifted experiences and skills, yet it is the soulpreneur who chooses to use these unique ingredients to cast a ripple of healing in the world helping others live healthier, wealthier, more connected lives. But with a veil of amnesia covered over our eyes, it’s only natural to find ourselves disconnected to the truth of who we are in business. Feeling lost in a sea of conflicting information and trying yet another marketing attraction formula that equals success at the hidden expense of sacrificing our unique nature.

Perhaps you’re arriving at a page in your story where your inner voice is leading you back home within. Reminding you that you hold the potential to experience inner and outer success whilst also staying true to your energetic blueprint in business. To let go of suppressing the full potency of your gifts and awaken the brand that expresses who you really are. To open the gateway to calling in a more consistent stream of aligned customers and supporting the spirit of your business with a sustainable marketing strategy. And to journey through to your next level of soulpreneurship the only way you were born to — your way.

You know you’re here to change more lives, but marketing feels overwhelming & attracting clients to your digital door isn’t exactly your zone of genius…
You’re great at what you do, but you can’t seem to clearly articulate the full scope of your unique genius and the value your offers provide (including the intangible!). Perhaps you’re unsure of your niche, using language that your audience simply doesn’t understand or feel like your offers sound the sound as everyone else. You’re ready to get your messaging as clear as a quartz crystal and charged with your unique essence.
You’re getting enquiries and customers here and there, but marketing still feels like one big guessing game and you don’t have a stable, aligned organic marketing strategy in place that sets you up for long-term success. Your mission is just too important to stay stagnant in a sea of conflicting information and you’re ready to get the nitty gritty marketing stuff sorted so you can spend more time in your zone of genius and less time worrying about marketing.
You’re courageously showing up online, but you’ve been suppressing the uniqueness of who you are as a brand and aren’t sure how to position your offerings so that the right people find you. It’s only natural to feel small in a seemingly saturated niche or a cocktail mix of your online admirers, but you know it’s time to stop fitting in and start owning and amplifying your unreplicable nature in your offers and online content marketing.

You’re ready to opt out of the guru game, and start experimenting, embodying and working in harmony with your human design in your offers, brand and marketing. Perhaps you’ve tried the one-size-fits-all frameworks or copy-pasted a mentor’s strategies before onto your business (and even had some quick wins!) but realise this is not an energetically sustainable approach for the long term.

There are a million ways to market your business — but the only way that’s going to stand the test of time & honour your mission is your way.

It is entirely possible to market without….

Projectors…initiating and chasing down customers, or following a strategy that has you on a never-ending loop of showing up,  burning out, spending weeks recovering and doing it over and over again *that bitterness is real*.

Generators…using all that sustainable life-force energy to masquerade as a go-getting manifestor, or applying all the “right advice” that drains your passion and has you knee-deep in a pool of business frustration.

Manifesting Generators…forcing yourself to fit into a small box for the sake of “choosing one thing” and feeling like your multi-passionate self is about to burst from all that business restriction.

Manifestors…dimming your immense power in your marketing, or following the “tried and tested” strategies that have you repeating everyone else’s paths and ignoring your own.

Reflectors…having a strategy that doesn’t honour your sensitivity, sharing only a miniscule of your real wisdom or feeling stuck instead of fluid and free.

Ready to make your marketing work for YOU, so you can get your work seen & in-demand (in a way that feels good too)?
Paving a pathway towards a new reality where…
✓ you’ve landed on that perfect niche and know exactly how to communicate your unique genius so you can call in those most aligned clients who make your offerings feel nourishing to serve. I’m talking magnetic messaging that attracts soul fractal customers who recognise your immense value, are devoted to their transformation and want to pay you damn well for your contribution to their life!
✓ marketing no longer holds your business back and you’ve got an energetically aligned organic marketing strategy in place implemented that is expanding your visibility, community and conversions over the long term. In time that sustainable strategy leads to long-waitlists, ‘how soon can I work with you’ DMs and a newfound feeling of safety and stability so you’ll never have to stash ‘Plan B: Get a regular job’ in your back pocket ever again.
✓ your brand is not only clearly differentiated in your niche, but you feel more confident uniquely expressing yourself through your content. Where not only can you communicate the value of your work better than your past trainers or teachers can, but you’ve reconnected with your creative flow and feel like posting on social media is a breeze!

not only are you integrating your human design in business, but you’re amplifying your soulpreneur work the way you were born to. You’re no longer doubting your marketing but are using this tool as just another divine technology that helps you embody your unique essence and anchor your mission across the earth to people who need it.


A one-on-one 12 week consulting partnership for rising soulpreneurs ready to elevate their signature offer, clarify their messaging & implement an organic marketing strategy- so you can get your work seen and attract your most aligned clients, in harmony with your human design. 

Marketing By Design is the portal for you if you’re seeking a 14yr+ Marketing & Brand professional to deep dive into your world to help you audit, design, or refine the marketing foundations for your business. A collaborative partnership where we’ll work together to turn your products or services into high potency offers, craft your messaging and design an energetically aligned strategy to elevate your visibility and lead generation for the long term.

I’ll be there every step of the way as your Guide as you implement these bespoke strategies, offering you guidance in creating all marketing assets and elevating your content in harmony with who you are. You’ll walk away feeling clear and confident around your marketing and more embodied in your human design than ever before.

This program journey is bespoke for each 1:1 client, however here is a snapshot of the core topics that are often covered…

Practically integrate, align and experiment with your Human Design in business.

Elevate into a quiet oasis where you can purify your energetic field of “rules” that no longer serve your soul’s or business’ evolution. Here you will let your true design take flight & begin to practically leverage it in your business.

  • Develop a deep and holistic understanding of your personal human design chart and what it means in the context of marketing and business- including your energy type, authority, profile, channels and incarnation gates to your business.
  • Develop an understanding of your personal gene keys activation sequence and pearl sequence to deepen your awareness of the shadow, gift and siddhi frequencies present within your energetic blueprint.
Refine your Niche and develop a deep understanding of your High Resonance Customer.
Let the traditional ideal client template disintegrate and define the High Resonance Clients designed only for you and your offerings. This is the groundwork for your most aligned offers & messaging to form.
  • Dive into your human design chart to identify who you are naturally designed to attract in business and work to define the intersection with your audience. 
  • Review and fine-tune your niche to target the people and solution your gifts & experience are in most service to at this current season of business.
  • Develop a deep behavioral, psychological and energetic understanding of your aligned customer and the desires they are seeking. You’ve never done market research like this before! 
Elevate the Design, Positioning & Messaging of your Signature Offer.
Reposition existing or define new offerings with messaging that communicates the real depth of your magic and the true transformation it provides.
  • Audit existing signature offers and refine to elevate the branding and positioning of them or create new offerings (ie. 1:1 packages, group programs, online courses, memberships) to support your next level of growth. (*capped at 2 new offers maximum, any further review quoted separately).
  • Work together to develop crystal clear offer messaging that communicates the value and speaks directly to your High Resonance Clients or Customers.
  • Develop the messaging and marketing assets to promote the offer including sales pages or sales social media content. 
Extract your unique genius & awaken your Brand and Point of Difference in the marketplace.
Elevate beyond the basics of logos, and step into your most energetically aligned and unreplicable brand. Here we peer into the seen and unseen realms to identify how you and your business desires to express themselves on the marketing stage.
  • We can deep dive into your brand strategy and elevate your brand positioning in alignment with your energetic blueprint. * does not include visual brand identity graphic design support.
  • Refine your brand messaging to express the strategic and energetic elements of your brand that you can reuse over and over again in your content marketing and brand engagements. 
Craft an organic marketing strategy that elevates your Visibility & Community Growth.
Create and implement an energetically aligned promotional marketing strategy to get your work seen by the right people.
  • Develop a strategy to get your work discoverable, build engagement and community growth — using tactics that honour your human design.
  • Develop, create and implement marketing assets and lead attraction systems such as email sequences, lead magnets or launch materials designed to nurture your audience. 
  • Map out your marketing intentions and plan with organic tactics for the next quarter — so you can direct your energy where it’s most aligned. 
Elevate your Content Marketing & demand generating Social Media strategy.

No matter what your channels, we will create impactful content that transforms people before they even buy from you. This is key to attracting ready-to-buy customers! 

  • Learn how to create Energy Marketing Content that empowers your High Resonance Customers to take the lead. Content that supports their ego and also empowers their higher self to step into their desired reality.
  • Deep dive into your communication themes coded within your human design and implement a content strategy on social media and/or email built for soul nourishment and conversion.
  • Receive all the resources and 1:1 copy review to help you make your content more effective and aligned with you. 
Marketing By Design isn’t just the first program of it’s kind
that merges the power of marketing with human design.
it’s an energetic homecoming and metamorphosis here to
shift the way you experience yourself in business.

A portal for Projectors to set up the foundations to attract an overflow of invitations by leveraging the true depth of their aura. Where they are deeply seen and recognized for their soul’s work without initiating or overdoing.

A portal for Generators to set up the foundations to attract sales by leveraging their expansive energy. Where marketing becomes a portal for embodying the passion they have for their soul’s work.

A portal for Manifesting Generators to set up the foundations to market their business with fluidity and not an ounce of restriction. Where sharing their soul’s work feels good and is also crystal clear for others.

A portal for Manifestors to to set up the foundations to leverage their powerful energy and trailblaze a pathway that’s never been paved before. Where marketing and attracting sales becomes a vehicle to impact others deeply.

A portal for Reflectors to to set up the foundations to honour their sensitivity and attract sales by leveraging the wisdom that’s stored in their soul. Where marketing becomes a mirror for what their audience is here to know.

An invitation to quit second guessing & be deeply seen and supported by a marketing & brand professional who honours every intricacy of you (beyond the chart).

If you’re seeking guidance & done-with-you strategic support from a highly experienced Marketing & Brand Strategist with 14 years mastery. My decade long corporate experience growing 7-9 figure brands gifted me with deep strategic mastery in a wide range of marketing and sales areas including brand strategy, new product development, online marketing, paid advertising, organic social media, influencers & PR, launch events & campaigns, sales training, and developing high-performing marketing and sales teams.

If you’re seeking to be guided by my unique blend of human design gifts around extracting and amplifying uniqueness with efficiency & frequency. In addition to my marketing expertise, my Life’s Work Magical Genius Gate 16 supports me in laser focussing on the true uniqueness and point of difference in clients. My 40-37 Channel of Community which is all about bargains for the tribe helps me ensure equal energetic exchange in my clients offerings. My Culture 31 holds the gift of heart branding and helps me to tune into the energetic frequency behind messaging and marketing. My Cross of Planning combined with my open sacral supports me in creating strategies with efficiency in mind.

You’re seeking support from someone who harmonises practical strategy & unseen energetics in business.   My work calls in highly intuitive clients who require support in anchoring and grounding new paradigm missions through the development of marketing foundations & systems.  I also attract those more logically minded humans seeking to decondition from outdated fear-based marketing approaches and introduce more lightness, fun and energetic alignment in their business.

Unparalleled one-on-one bespoke guidance &
resources for serious marketing metamorphosis.

1:1 marketing consulting guidance & done-with-you strategic support

Throughout the length of our time together, you will receive personalised consulting guidance to support your marketing based on your unique situation and goals. This may include crafting or refining offers, developing signature frameworks, offer positioning and messaging development, brand strategy, visibility and lead generation, content strategy, launch strategy, social media, email marketing, etc. * Does not include done for you copywriting services.

human design alignment guidanCE & CUSTOM 50+ page BLUEPRINT

All marketing consulting and strategy is bespoke and takes into account your personal human design energy type, strategy, authority, profile, centers, channels, and incarnation gates as well as your activation and pearl sequence in the gene keys system.  *Business human design chart may be used in some cases. You will receive a custom soulpreneur blueprint at the start of our journey.

BI-WEEKLY (FORTNIGHTLY) one-on-one video sessions

We meet each fortnight (bi-weekly) over Zoom to collaborate and uplevel all elements of your marketing in alignment to your human design. Our first call is a kick-off audit session and each following call will differ based on where you are at however they will likely touch on the topics noted above. A space for strategy creation or refinement, co-creating and collaborating one-on-one. * 6 x 60min total calls are held on Wednesdays AEST for Australian, Asia & Europe based clients, and converts to Tuesdays for US clients.

direct messaging access to kiara maree

Remain deeply supported outside of calls when you’re in development and execution mode!   Keep up the momentum and get your personal questions on your marketing or human design alignment answered throughout the 12 week journey (*on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays). 

BI-WEEKLY COPY / content reviews

Get direct feedback from Kiara Maree on all marketing assets we create during the program including sales pages, lead magnets, email sequences and content calendars. 

personalised client portal 

We’ll map out all your action items in your own project management client portal to help you stay clear on your intentions and organised for forward momentum.

access to MARKETING trainingS & resources

Get exclusive access to strategic resources, marketing guides, masterclasses and practical templates to support you during and after the program. Kiara Maree will direct you to resources that will be of benefit to you personally. 

Masterclasses & Trainings
Resources & Guides

✔ HIGH RESONANCE customer mapper
✔ MARKETING journey mapper

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Marketing by Design may be an aligned fit for you if…
  • ✔︎ You are a soulpreneur in the health, wellness, spiritual, wealth or personal transformation industries. You may be a coach, consultant, healer, practitioner (doing 1:1, group or membership formats) or creatives, network marketers, digital or small physical product-based business.
  • ✔︎ You are seeking 1:1 consulting guidance and done-with-you strategic support from a highly experienced marketing professional who integrates human design & gene keys. You know that being in a one-to-many marketing program won’t provide you with the in-depth and customised support you are requiring in this current build or growth season of business. 
  • ✔︎ You are highly committed to paving your soulpreneur mission and are willing to devote the time, energy and real 3D action for it. You know creating, refining and implementing the marketing foundations requires real upfront work and you will prioritize the time aside for it (minimum 4 hours per week during asset creation weeks).
  • ✔︎ You value simplicity in business. My energy blueprint is not an aligned fit for those creating and launching brand new offerings every month. This is for you if you’re requiring 1-2 max marketing funnels within the span of the 12 weeks.
Marketing by Design may not be an aligned fit for you if…
  • You are an aspiring or brand new soulpreneur who has no experience serving customers or serving your area of expertise. I recommend working with beta clients or finishing your trainings before applying to this program. 
  • You are a multi-six $300k+ to seven figure business owner who is already attracting a consistent stream of aligned customers and is requiring more done-for-you agency style support. This program is designed for soulpreneurs who either do their own marketing or have in-house support in the daily execution. If you’re requiring full-scope launch support, paid advertising or desire someone to execute the work for you, a marketing agency will be a better fit. 
  • You do not hold the frequency of patience and are seeking overnight results with organic marketing. Note that any form of organic marketing (non-paid) takes time to produce ‘results’ in the form of audience growth and conversions in today’s digital landscape. Check out the FAQ below for more detail. 
  • ✖ You are a soulpreneur who isn’t open to implementing marketing initiatives like creating content for social media or email. Whilst this journey will be grounded in your energetic blueprint, this program is highly practical and strategic. This program is for soulpreneurs ready to ground their mission and utilise the available marketing technology in ways that align with them. 
  • ✖ You are a marketing professional and are seeking mentorship style support.  This program is not designed for those seeking to replicate my marketing consulting business or are looking for training on how to integrate human design into their existing marketing offerings. 

Go from attracting Low Resonance Clients or Customers who may look good on paper yes but aren’t a true energetic match for your magic. They make serving your soul’s work feel harder and more draining than you’d really like it to be.

Move towards attracting High Resonance Clients or Customers who are a perfect fit for all of your magic. They are deeply committed and are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to devote themselves to the full transformation with you. 

Go from having Low Potency Offer/s that sound “okay” but don’t communicate the real depth of the transformation or the full scope of your unique magic. They blend in with every other offer in your niche and leaves your DMs or sales call calendar half empty.

Move towards creating a signature High Potency Offer that puts your magic at the forefront. It’s crystal clear, communicates the true value of your work and calls in High Resonance Clients or Customers who want your magic right now, not later.

Go from having a lack-luster brand that has you constantly comparing yourself to others in your niche, wondering how you’ll ever stand out?! A brand that feels like it’s missing the real spirit that you know is within you.

Move towards showing up as your one-in-a-billion Energy Brand online. You know exactly why someone should choose you over someone else with a similar offer. You are a walking embodiment of your magic and playing in a league of your own. 

Go from having an ineffective, inefficient or one-size-fits-all marketing attraction plan (or no plan!) that doesn’t honour your human design and leaves you feeling bitter or frustrated. A strategy that results in stagnancy or inconsistent attraction of clients or customers to your offers.

Move towards creating and implementing a custom-created marketing attraction strategy aligned to your human design. A marketing plan designed to fire up your attraction and leads to a predictable and consistent flow of High Resonance Clients or Customers to your offers.

Go from spending hours creating and posting low-impact content on social media that doesn’t actually translate to real sales. You either don’t know what to really say, or worse, you’re audience tells you you’re “so inspirational” (not always a great thing if doesn’t move the needle in your business!).

Move towards creating consciousness-raising content using my signature HD customizable Energy Marketing Content Framework that is energetically wired to change behaviour for their highest good. Content that pierces their soul, not just their mind; and leads them to taking action on their dreams…fast.

Go from logically “knowing” your human design information and being stuck in a rabbit whole of information. Without any awareness of “how” to actually relate it to business and marketing or how to use your business human design chart. 

Move towards integrating and embodying your human design in business with a clear idea on how to infuse your energy type, strategy, authority, profile, channels and incarnation gates into all aspects of marketing, selling and growing your business. 

Interested in joining the Marketing by Design 1:1 Program?

Due to the one-on-one bespoke nature of this offering, placements are limited and an application process applies…

1. watch the attunement class (optional)
The Marketing by Design Attunement Class is a free 60 minute class for those who desire to audit their current customer attraction & get an insider look at the ‘how’ of elevating ones marketing.

2. fill out the application form

You will be guided to fill out an Application form so I can get a high level overview of you and your business and ascertain whether it may be a fit at a high level. * Filling in this form does not commit you to joining the program. 

2. JOIN ME FOR A connection call

You will be contacted to book a 20-minute connection call we can ask any questions to support you in making a decision. *If we decide to work together a non-refundable deposit is required to contractually secure your spot until future start date.

Deposit $2,500 USD to secure spot
Followed by 3 x monthly payments of $2,900 USD

*Note: this investment can be written off as a marketing expense and should be tax deductible (check with your local laws). Price is inclusive of GST and subject to change upon application opening. Pay in full available upon request.

What happens in my clients world after their time in Marketing by Design…

They SAVE PRECIOUS TIME & STRESS LESS about marketing because they’re no longer re-doing things over and over again. They have a bespoke trusted strategy implemented for the long haul that’s working to consistently and repeatedly attract the right customers to their business. They spend less time on marketing and more time serving their people and enjoying their life. 

They EARN MORE REVENUE & CHARGE HIGHER PRICES without adding more to their programs or products because they know how to communicate the value of their work better than their trainers or teachers can and are building brands that no one can replicate. 

They become BETTER MARKETERS because they’ve journeyed with a 14yr+ marketing expert for 12 weeks and know it’s not about how much marketing they do, or how long they spend creating content, but how intentional they are with their messaging and energy on the aspects that actually move the needle for their mission. 

They LIVE THEIR DESIGN WITH CONFIDENCE and no longer outsource their power or authority outside of themselves in business. Each and every client walks out saying not only did they get a marketing upgrade, but they got a whole life upgrade due to the energetic shifts that happen as a side-effect of this work. 

Don’t take my word for it…


I thought I was entering a program to strengthen my marketing…what I got was a massive energetic upgrade which I totally didn’t expect and has blown my mind! Kiara is a super sharp and tuned-in strategist that combines solid expertise with higher-level guidance for soulpreneurs to profoundly step into their next level. I absolutely loved diving deeper into the human design rabbit hole and taking my brand and marketing alignment to the next level in a very tangible way. Lot’s of concrete implementation (rebrand, tweaking offers, new social media, sales pages, etc). Never had imagined I would go through such a profound energetic timeline shift and have higher prices already being sold to premium clients with ease. I’m so glad we got to work together and look forward to continuing this journey. If you feel the pull, step into this profound experience.

A L I X –   B U S I N E S S  &  L I F E   C O A C H


Before starting the MBD program, I felt bitter that my marketing efforts were attracting people that just wanted free advice and clients who micromanaged my creativity. Kiara helped me shape my messaging and positioning to clearly communicate my gifts and transmit the energy that I bring to the table. It was a powerful and much needed kick in the butt to stop hiding a big part of me and shine my light by owning my unique intuitive approach to design. She showed me a way to honour my projector energy in conjunction with the energy of my business entity.  I feel empowered to share my voice, quit comparing myself to others and be myself when showing up AND I never have to question myself how to promote or sell online ever again!

J A S M I N E   –   I N T U I T I V E   B R A N D   D E S I G N E R


This has been the most nourishing and expansive experience I have ever had in business, and I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade! To work with Kiara 1:1 felt like a safe and magical space. My audience grew by 50%, and I was featured in a leading industry publication. I was able to step out of my comfort zone well-prepared. Kiara always offered deep, thoughtful, expert guidance that was always considerate of my gifts. Having the messaging access was surprisingly my favorite part. I was not sure how much that would help in the beginning but we were able to cover A LOT in that portal, and it made the experience a lot more intimate. This experience has exceeded all my expectations and is worth every penny! Business is a creative portal for me and to be seen in a multi-dimensional way by a gifted expert like Kiara was nothing short of magic!

C L E O D I A  –  N U T R I T I O N I S T


3 months ago I felt all over the place with my business and marketing. I constantly felt like I had to be everywhere, do everything and follow everyone’s advice. It felt draining and over time I came to resent the marketing side of my business. During the Marketing by Design program Kiara helped me in linking my business with my design and linking my marketing with my strengths. It felt like I finally could let go of all the ‘shoulds’ in business and embrace my gifts and strengths in full. I felt extremely supported and seen, guided by someone who was fully present with me. Now that I’ve journeyed to the end of the program,  I have an extremely aligned marketing strategy in place that is more easily and effortlessly connecting me to my soul clients and helping me create a bigger impact. I now have consistent calls with clients, which used to be very inconsistent and am showing up online in my full HD power! I highly recommend taking this opportunity to work with Kiara in her program, it is incredible!

Y U L I A  –   M O N E Y   S T R A T E G I S T


I believe it is important when proceeding with any offer (whether low or high ticket) to make sure it is an aligned fit for you and your intention is coming from a pure place BEFORE investing.

This program is designed for a specific type of soulpreneur and is not a great fit for everyone. To check whether it is a high level fit for you, I recommend reviewing the following: The sales page here, client testimonials here, BTS on instagram here and free marketing by design attunement class here.

To see if it’s coming from a pure place, tune into your human design authority when making a decision: Emotional authority? Wait a few days to ride the wave. Sacral authority? Tune into your gut. Splenic authority? You like already have a sense. Lunar authority? Give yourself enough time to tune into the decision. If you need more support on utilising your authority, check out my free business basics class here

When it comes to investing in any higher ticket service it is natural for our ego to do its rightful job and come up with many reasons as to why we shouldn’t follow our heart (because this decision to claim our power and shine our unique light may very well be lifetimes in the making ;).

If you’ve done the above and it doesn’t feel like an aligned fit, I ask you to honour that and do not apply. If you’re unsure and have a few questions, we can chat it out on a connection call during the application process.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and work with clients all across the globe. I offer one-on-one calls on Wednesdays in the following alternating time slots:

  • Wednesday Mornings b/w 9am-1pm AEDT (suitable for US clients- Tues afternoon and evening)
  • Wednesday Evenings b/w 3pm-7pm AEDT (suitable for UK clients- Wed early mornings)

I recommend this tool to check your time conversion. Exact timing of calls will confirmed based on time zones of all clients. 

If you are a simple product based business in the health, wellness, spiritual transformation industry whereby you are a part of your brand, for example – you are selling essential oils, skin-care products, etc then yes. We may focus on amplifying the energy of your business human design chart over your personal human design chart if you’re less of a personal brand. If you’re an e-commerce high volume product focused on facebook ads, I’d recommend working with a digital agency instead. 

If you’ve been in business for many years but are not attracting a consistent flow of aligned customers to your business and don’t have the marketing systems in place to hit consistent 10-30k months then this may be an aligned fit if you’re wanting to keep marketing in-house or manage it on your own. 

If you’re intention is to scale with speed, build a larger corporation or e-commerce business and are looking for someone to execute on your behalf as a done for you service- a marketing agency may be a better fit for you. The scope of this offer won’t serve your needs.

If you’re kicking goals, feeling aligned with a strategy in place, already hitting the multi-six to seven figure mark yet still want my eyes on your marketing or brand? Then feel free to send this Projector a DM with your inquiry. 

There will be real hands-on work required through-out this program in order to set you up for long-term success. The benefit of having a strategist and guide in your corner is having the support to co-create aligned strategies and support in allocating your unique energy so that you get the most output with the least input! 

How much work depends on what we are working through for your particular business, I do recommend blocking off 5 hours per week when we’re in creation mode! If you’re launching a program from scratch or creating a larger evergreen marketing funnel I’d recommend allocating more time to marketing than usual DURING the program so that you can spend LESS time after 😉 

Marketing by Design is a very hands on one-on-one program whereby I am very involved in my client’s messaging, sales pages, social media, content, and in the foundations of their business. I have found that due to the consulting nature of this program, and my native language being English my one-on-one consulting is most suited to clients marketing in the English language.  I am open to accepting applications pending all materials be completed in english and translated back to your native language. 

When seeking support I believe it’s important to know what sort of support is the best fit for you. I offer a hybrid approach of marketing strategy, consulting and guidance in this program with the energetic tools of human design and gene keys. 

  •  A Strategist is someone who sees the bigger picture and finer details, can audit and diagnose gaps, opportunities and can help you create personalised plans for you to meet your business goals over time. 
  • A Consultant is someone who provides recommendations or advice based on an area of expertise. I offer advice based on my 14 years in marketing, brand, sales, help you map assets out like sales pages, social media messaging, however I am not a done-for-you agency who copywrites your content, or manages your social media for you. This is a done-with-you style arrangement. 
  • I use a hybrid approach as a Human Design Guide. My approach is very collaborative and co-creative to ensure we’re custom designing a solution that’s going to honour you ( your human design, energetic workflow, level of planning or intuitive approach, etc). I’m not the “hand you a strategy and implement it” or “I’ll tell you exactly what to do” type of consultant but someone who can show you the options, offer you guidance based on your human design and supports you to action your most aligned approach for you and your business. 
This program does not include: 
  • Coaching- a coach is someone who focuses primarily on helping you achieve a goal through extracting your own answers. My clients come to me because they would like the support from someone with higher level of expertise in marketing, brand & messaging that they do not have, want to focus on their craft instead of spending years trying to DIY it on their own. 

  • Mentorship– A mentor is someone who offers guidance based on their personal experiences and will often teach you the strategies or approaches that worked for them. This is not a program for marketers looking to learn how to create their own online multi-six figure marketing consultancy business. 

  • Healing– Whilst I’ve been trained in many healing modalities and use them in my own personal life, I do not offer this as a service in my work. My magic lies in using my communication gifts in helping healers amplify their work in the world. 

I have Bachelor of Business and 14 years experience in marketing and growing brands including start-ups, large 7-9 figure brands, and solopreneur businesses. I have a broad range of marketing knowledge including social media, paid and organic growth, community development, content strategy, campaign development, email, web, seo/sem, influencers, ambassador partnerships, brand outreach and sponsorships. I also have deep new business development experience in offer creation or new product development, market research, branding, messaging and copywriting.

On the energetic side of things I have six years of human design and gene keys study, professional Level 1-3 human design training, Holy Fire Level 3 Reiki, Usui Level 1 & 2 Reiki, Psych-K Facilitation certification. 

I personally utilise human design and gene keys as energetic alignment tools in business and life. They are not systems I outsource my power to, override my intuition with or treat as rulebooks that must be followed. 

This more intuitive approach flows through into the way I work with clients. If you’re seeking a more traditional ‘to the book’ approach and are not open to experimenting with your human design, I may not be an aligned fit for you. 

Results are not guaranteed. Measurable marketing performance will depend widely on a varying number of factors including but not limited to your audience size, how long you’ve been in business, your commitment level, whether you are using organic or paid marketing. In terms of revenue, many indirect factors such as the quality of your product, your sales skills and other inner factors such as mindset, nervous system capacity, etc. may contribute (having a holistic team on the business growth journey helps). 

The below are some general guidelines based on industry standards:

  • Usually for digital marketing strategies it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to start seeing more significant measurable impact particularly if you are starting from zero. If you aren’t happy with the results of your digital marketing efforts after a good twelve months, you could start to adjust some things that might not be working.
  • Organic Social Media Marketing- If you’re starting from scratch and creating brand new accounts, it can take a minimum of 6-10 months to start seeing measurable results in terms of audience growth and engagement. * For Paid social media ads you can begin seeing results quicker in as little as one month, if your organic methods have been performing well already. 
  • Organic SEO Search Marketing via Google, Pinterest, YouTube- long term organic marketing strategies like this can take 9-12 months to begin seeing measurable results on search engines. *SEM marketing (paid) will usually be quicker and you can expect to see results in as little as a month. 
  • If you are an existing business owner with a large warm audience, and are doing a product launch it is possible to see an impact in a quicker timeframe. 
If you’ve made it all the way here, then it’s a sign you’re in the right place…

It’s in those moments where we consider leaping into our next level of growth, that our mind starts to fill with resistance (know this is completely normal & our egos trying to keep us in our comfort zone!) The truth is this decision to apply isn’t just about investing in a marketing program, it’s a lot more than that! It’s about claiming your birthright to break the standards and pave your own unique path. It’s about deciding that this is the lifetime where you get to let your magic shine brighter than ever before. Let this be a reminder to follow the call of your inner voice because your work is very much needed in this world.