Quad Right Business Talk: Do I Actually Need A Strategy?

Quad Rights are designed to be more receptive and feminine in energy. In a business world that preaches “being consistent” and following proven step by step formulas, the question becomes….but do I actually need a strategy in business as a quad right? It’s a question I’ve been pondering and experimenting with for many years.  So, let’s contemplate shall we?

After thirteen loooooong years of strategizing marketing campaigns on the daily, swimming in 40 tab financial spreadsheets, not only managing my own KPIs but the workload for a big ass team of social media assistants, brand managers, designers, agencies… I handed in my shiny 9-5 head of marketing pass for a life of freedom as my own boss…aka. A life of doing whatever the hell I wanted right?!

It was there and then that I proclaimed as a mostly Right-Arrow Variable Human Design (Quad Right sans environment) that I would NEVER have to be soooo super strategic again. I would never have to have a plan of action, nor set any goals 4EVER….

[If you have no clue what I’m on about check out the Variables Four Arrow In Business Guide here first to get the summarised downlow on what those four arrows in your chart actually mean]. 

I could live plan-free. Routine-free. Pressure-free. Goal overload-free. I mean I’m pretty sure the HD experts kinda inferred that I shouldn’t have a strategic bone in my body with mostly right arrows in my variables. But it’s not like I could rock up to work and tell my CEO boss that I could use his bajillions on the fastest growing wellness company in the nation with no strategy lol…

So when I became my own boss…and transitioned from side-hustle to full-time-soulpreneur, I was kinda confused about what living in alignment with my right arrows actually meant practically. I knew I wasn’t meant to “be consistent” like all the business experts preached, but was I meant to have no strategy at all? Was I meant to float around like a fairy all-week-long and simply follow my intuition 100% of the time? Ra told me I was meant to “be a well and let people pull out what they need”. But w-t-f did that actually mean in real business life. Sure the HD experts made it sound oh so lovely being this feminine being but how did this actually practically apply to running my own business?

Who Knows…But I was going to find out…3/5 style of course.

So the first thing I did once saying so long to the playground of big business? I revolted around anything and everything corporate-esque. I pushed all ounces of masculine to the side and played in my lil oasis of feminine business; staying flowly. Swapped my annual-monthly-weekly KPIs for “I’ll follow my intuition and do whatever I want when I want in the moment” aka. no goals. Swapped my 8-5 daily routine for…”shit…I just spent more time at the beach this week than working” cue the guilt trip. Swapped my month-long epic batched content calendars for channelling content from the akashic records “whenever I felt inspired”. Swapped the monthly senior leadership meetings full of hard-hitting objectives for cacao ceremonies with my oracle cards.

As a 3 line, you can bet your boots I’ve experienced the extremes of strategy to no strategy in the realm of business. I’ve experienced the I-just-landed-in-hospital-with-projector-burn-out-for-the-20th-time trying to grow them a billion dollar company (true story) to the i-have-no-strategy-dont-tell-me-what-to-do side of the spectrum. And everything in between. So time for me to come out of my 3 line cave and give you a 5 line downlow on my own personal conclusions on what us right arrowed human beings could take into account when it comes to strategy in business. 

(reminder: take what sticks and throw the rest out). 

I May Not Need A Strategy For My Life, But My Business Entity Sure Wants One.

Maybe in a perfect world where the need to make money or have a job didn’t exist, us right arrowed beings would be floating fairies 24/7. How sweet? Agree or Disagree…but I’ve come to the conclusion after experiencing the best and worst of both worlds is that having a strategy in business is not only beneficial….but it’s seriously necessary in some kinda capacity if we genuinely want to scale a business that supports us long-term and makes a larger impact in the world. And FYI a strategy is a plan to achieve a goal / a way of guiding energy to manifest something into form.

I’ve got two reasons why.

One. We (aka. The human me and you) are separate entities to our business. We are the chosen stewards for it to birth through into this 3D world. When we are a personal brand, the business owner AND the service provider (aka. You’re selling your skills or knowledge) it can get a lil easy to get our auras all entangled. As right arrowed humans we may not be as rigid, masculine energies as the lefties but that doesn’t mean our business entities want to be all flowy, and feminine all the time.

My business entity has been all up in my ear when I’m Projector chilling too much: “Like Hellooo…Kiara, we have a big mission and chose you as the steward to bring it into form, we want every soulpreneur on the planet to USE their magic and make the impact they were born to make instead of struggling with figuring out how to market and get clients to their door. GTF out of your innocence transference motivation and help more people. God damn”.

Yeh the spirit of my biz is a lil harsh hey lol but I’ll admit I’ve been super comfy running a lean, simple, and spacious (and highly profitable) business that I could stay here forever and keep doing what I’m doing. Sure it works, staying in my feminine flow. But just because I don’t want or need a strategy for life doesn’t mean I shouldn’t gift the entity of my business one and support it’s own desires for what it wishes to create in the world. In fact, the most loving thing I could do is stop being so damn selfish in this relationship and dare I say it- bring back the magic of my high-powered head of marketing self…just not at such an extreme.

And Two. Energy. Energy goes where intention or attention flows. Hello Quantum Physics Double Slit experiment. Without intention for where we wish to channel the energy it stays still, stagnant, or worse gets scattered all over the place with no result to show for the energy input. This is a common scenario I see in a lot of my clients who feel more at home in the unseen dimensions of 5D- the psychics, the intuitives, the embodiment coaches, the go-with-the-flow brand owners. They’ve obviously highly gifted and incredible at what they do, but many find it difficult for their business to get off the ground because they have zero strategy to anchor the business energy into earth and let it make the ripple here in the 3D with the necessary things like marketing or setting up the channels so the people destined for them can find them. The good news is, once we build a river bank for their business aka, a strategy or “channel” that allows them to direct their energy with intention, they’re sacral only fires up. It’s like suddenly we’ve unknotted the hose, and the water flows again. It’s no surprise I’ve had clients go from selling $200 sessions to landing $8k packages in a matter of weeks. Having an empty calendar to fully booking out their 1:1 programs.

Sure you could hand everything off to a team to manage so you can lay in your hammock all day. Yet, even in this scenario when you’re rolling in millions and driving a red hot Ferrari you’re still leading your senior leaders. Directing the ship. Aka. guiding the business energy in some capacity. Perhaps the greatest thing we can gift our feminine selves is the support of an aligned strategy that embraces our flow and supports the business in making the impact it wishes to make?

An Aligned Strategy Actually Skyrocketed My Personal Feminine Flow, Vs. Restricted It.

Not gonna sugar coat it when I was in my “don’t you dare have me follow a strategy or plan” phase it’s like me and my business entity were kinda long distance  *ahem…not the happy kind *. I was too busy enjoying my freedom, living in my femme flow unattached until I got the “download” to check in with a ‘hey how are you’ by posting a post on IG. It was all swell for a while, until I felt the frustration from my poor ol emotionally neglected Generator business. We had a good ol’ heart to heart where I promised to make “more of an effort”. I started upping the business strategy and planning, and what I found was that I was able to tap into my feminine flow even more! No longer was it “shit I haven’t posted on instagram this week” or constantly feeling on edge in this relationship. It was more like “hell yeah I just scheduled two weeks worth of high impact content aligned to my next launch and I can go play in the forest for two weeks without anyone interrupting my intuitive time”. My business was loved up, and I had time to be my feminine self without any worries. Win. Win. 

So, if the intention becomes…Kiara, I sense my business wants a strategy. I want to be the steward for this mission to cast a ripple of magic and healing in the world. I want to have a loving relationship with my business and support it with the masculine container it desires. I want to build the sturdy foundations so it can provide for me and allow me to stay in my feminine flow as I maintain or scale my business in the long-term…

Then the question becomes, well how wide shall we build the channel so it honours you and your biz? River Nile wide? Or super narrow? Aka. how specific should the strategy be? In each scenario, we’ll still build a riverbank. We’ll still set up a masculine energetic structure. But how we set it up depends on many things. When it comes to the process of strategy development for marketing, content, sales etc with my clients, I look at their total human design chart holistically (the arrows, channels, gates, profile, etc) because the arrows are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to analysing the feminine or masculine energetics in one’s blueprint. Plus we take into account one’s lifestyle intentions or whether or not they have a team to support. Because there’s nothing worse than creating a strategy and filling it with tactics that you can’t actually execute. Or double worse…having a strategy that makes you so energetically depleted, bitter, frustrated or angry that you can’t bring yourself to even execute it.

I’ve worked with solopreneur women who were planning on having kids in the next year and lot’s of 2-lines who simply desires a more hands off approach so they can be in their cave or enjoy their life off social media. Here I’ve suggested having more automated forms of marketing that don’t depend on having to show up on IG all day every day in order to make sales. 

I’ve worked with quad right splenic intuitives who despise structure and just don’t work well with planned or routine like content calendars. I see their intuition and feminine nature as a gift of theirs and build the strategy and tactics around these. For one client that looked like having an intuitive podcast that allowed her to channel whatever she wanted to channel whenever she wanted and not stick by a strict “I need to make a podcast on every wednesday of every week” sorta plan. But a “I’ll transmit you a message when I feel like it” plan. It’s still a strategy, she’s still setting the intention to nurture her audience…just not in the so-structured-way other marketing experts will preach.

I’ve worked with non-strategic mani-gens who have big growth goals and a small team, yet needed a lot of space to be in her creative cave. The strategy and marketing plan was built with these capacities in mind; leveraging her team to manage and implement the higher quantity of marketing initiatives whilst she focuses on being the creative visionary role. 

It can come into the way we structure our offerings too. I had one client who just hated selling her one on one three month program, and the core reason we found was the fact she was forcing herself to stick to a structured plan based on the modules her certification school gave her. When we switched it from a set program, and made it “minimum” 3 month commitment and communicated it may cover these areas but would be bespoke to each client, things instantly shifted. Suddenly she could “be the well” that Ra spoke of and also honour the client too as a Quad Right. 

It’s been fascinating as a Projector and open G Center to watch these feminine oriented beings come in despising strategy, thinking it will restrict their gifts and walk out with their gifts skyrocketing to another level and being more in their flow than ever before because they have a custom designed strategy built around their gifts and the strong, sturdy foundations anchored that support the mission of their business entity too. There’s always a way to make strategy work for us, even if we are the most go with the flow being on the planet. 

Life Happens. It’s Kinda A Privilege To Live By Your Arrows.

Dare I say it sometimes we’re just in a stage of life where our circumstances kinda force us to be super strategic and planned when all we wanna do is ‘be’. It’s a privilege to live your life by design and sometimes it takes a season of being “out of alignment with our design” in order to make the space and have the capacity to embrace living life as a right arrowed human being. Tough love, perhaps.

Back when I was juggling my marketing job and growing my side hustle from ground $0 I had 2 hours max spare of every day. I couldn’t just expect a six-figure business to manifest out of thin air in one week because I wanted it too. It took work. I was very planned and strategic back then, did the content batching so it could auto roll-out whilst I was still working my job and seeing clients before and after work. Not ideal, nor “aligned”.

But the sacrifice paid off. I was living my vision board life within 1-2 years…and get to float around like a damn fairy all I want now. Alignment is amazing, but having grace for yourself in the moments when you’re in a season of life where you can’t exactly live the aligned life you want to live is part of the journey. 

Side note, I also think one can embrace their right arrowed self whilst working a regular 9-5 job! You don’t necessarily need your own business to have the space to be in your feminine. 

Just because you have right arrows doesn't mean you're hopeless at strategy.

My ego got fired up when watching Ra speak about my Variable. I interpreted all this Human Design study to mean that I was bad at strategy…how can I be bad at strategy when I’m a strategist for a living lol? Does that mean all my bosses who said I was the best strategist in digital marketing they’d ever had on their team crafted a bunch of god damn lies?

What I’ve concluded as of now through lots of personal experience working with a heap of quad righters is that they make the best strategists. Shhhhh…don’t tell the lefties. They’re often the flowy feminine types in their own life, but when someone enters they’re energetic field they are magicians at seeing, directing or generating energy towards an intention (aka strategy). They’re not so rigid or set in their ways that they force people to do things in set ways. They’re so open minded that they look at all possibilities. They’re creative thinkers who can see all pathways and therefore they can tune into the pathways that serve the other on the deepest levels. 

Ra calls us a “well of knowledge”. We’re sponges who soak up an insane amount of information, and only when someone enters our field do we supposedly have the capacity to pull it out and become aware of it in the moment.

Someone enters they’re field and they have the potential to see clearly what blocks are happening in their life and what needs to shift in order for the client to make and see change. They have the guidance and insight to support them in making the changes in their life because they’ve been a sponge, soaking up a mountain full of information, and can deliver it…like a vending machine…to the person in their zone of genius. 

Whilst you may be the go with the flow type for yourself and your own life, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t strategic when it comes to guiding others in business. Don’t let the HD gods label or limit your magical abilities. We have the choice to choose what resonates with us when it comes to our design. 

So do we need a strategy as Quad Righters? No. Technically, we don’t need anything besides a roof over our head and food. But can we have one to honour our feminine selves and the spirit of our business? Hell yes. 

I hope these Human Design in Business Experiment musings have given you some contemplation time on your end and if you decide you NEVER want any ounce of strategy in business that’s all merry too. Remember: I’m an open minded Right Arrowed human lol. You do you! Thanks for tuning in! 

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