4 ways to get visible online with zero budget

When you first launch your biz, you aren’t exactly swimming in money (just yet!)

I get it.

Things are often a lil thrifty for a while and you aren’t exactly ready to throw in tens of thousands into paid advertising every month.

BUT you have still got to get yourself visible in front of potential clients.

Otherwise how else would they know you exist?

Here’s 4 ways to get visible for free.

1. Actively reach out to potential clients

An organic way to get visible in front of potential clients is to actively get yourself known in front of them. One way to do that is to search for the hashtags your potential clients may be using, your search feed will be full of potential clients- so now it’s time to get yourself visible in front of them. That doesn’t mean getting all sleazy and sending them a DM telling them you should buy your product- you might like a few of their pics and leave a really thoughtful comment that they are sure to notice. Remember, it’s all about building a relationship.

2. Collaborate with like-minded people

Another FREE way to get yourself known in front of a NEW audience is to collaborate with like-minded brands. You may already have a relationship with someone who has a non-competing business with the same target audience as you. You could try doing a takeover or guest post on each-others platforms so their audience can get to know you, and vice versa. This way is powerful as there is a trust factor already present here- by showing they already trust you enough to have you on their feed, it sublimely grows their trust in you also through association. It’s the same way you feel when learning about someone new on your fave podcast- by having this person on your fave podcast it strengthens the chance they will like you too.

3. Interact in Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a fantastic way to get visible in your niche. The benefit of Facebook Groups are that they are already super niche and often have a majority of your potential clients in the one place! This private platform allows you to form a deeper connection and network a less informal way. So do a bit of research into the Facebook Groups available, join them and make some effort to post and interact on a regular basis.

4. Optimize your free content

Let me guess, you are already making an effort to post free content online- whether that be through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. But there’s no point spending time creating content if people aren’t seeing it. A great FREE way to get yourself and your content visible is by optimizing your content to increase the likelihood that it will be seen. This means adding the right hashtags to your content, the right keywords for your website, the right tags on YouTube and so on..