HUMAN DESIGN FOR MARKETING | How I integrate it with clients

Are you an entrepreneur desiring to market your business in a way that feels really good for the soul? You may have heard of the amazing system that is human design and are wondering whether there’s a way to attract more clients or customers in alignment with your energetics. Without using the pushy marketing tactics, sleazy sales liners or sacrificing who you are in the pursuit of business success! If that’s you, you’ve made your way to the right place.

When I started my own side-hustle I’d already spent 13 long years in the marketing realm building humble brands into 9 figure world famous empires. I thought all that marketing mastery would give me a legs up when I started my own side-hustle but boy was I in for a very rude awakening.

In the beginning I was applying all the standard marketing tricks I’d used to grow other people’s brands to my own business without a second thought whether it was even aligned for me (even though I’d been studying human design for years!). I used the whole commenting on other people’s feeds. The email funnels with ‘book a call’ sleazy liners. Forcing myself to show up on stories daily. Became a garyvee content machine. But less than a month in…there I layed crying on my office floor literally on the verge of giving up on my business dreams because it just wasn’t worth sacrificing my Projector soul for.

The way I promoted my business drained my sacral so much that I knew it wasn’t long until I’d end up in hospital again with another major chronic illness flare up. The way I’d positioned and designed my offerings were so out of alignment that I finished them with the life-force zapped from my veins. I subconsciously hated them so much that I even despised promoting them.

In that moment my higher self’s message was loud and clear: As a soulpreneur, following the well-trodden path and working against my energetic blueprint wasn’t going to work. I needed to instead build, market and grow my business in a way that aligned with my human design.

That was when my Human Design in Business experiment was born (read about it in my One Year Human Design In Business Experiment blog post). In the next year integrating my expertise with human design, I went from attracting clients here and there to well and truly building up strong foundations with a fully booked out six–fig business all whilst still working my full-time corporate job. Leading with my human design enabled me to market in ways that complimented my natural gifts and the way my energy worked in true authentic alignment. I went on to experiment one-on-one with others and along the way have received hundreds of invitations to support them to also build and market their business THEIR way.

First, how do we actually use the system of human design as a soulpreneur in business?

Well firstly, it’s important to note that human design is primarily a self-discovery system that supports us in better understanding our innate gifts, traits, potential shadows and most natural ways of doing and being in the world (based on our time of birth). It serves as a gateway for understanding our conditioning and a permission slip for letting go of who we are not so we can move through life in greater harmony with our energetic blueprint.

Human Design can offer energetic insight however it is NOT a business growth or marketing attraction system. It doesn’t teach you how to build or grow your brand, create offerings, level up your visibility or attract a consistent flow of clients and customers into your world. It’s not a magic pill that’s suddenly going to drop a thriving business on your lap overnight. Although that kinda sounds nice lol.

As an energetic marketing and brand strategist, I personally bridge the energetic with the strategic by utilising the human design & gene keys systems as supplementary tools WITH my 14 years experience. That means I don’t hand my clients one-size-fits-all strategies but instead take the time to understand THEIR in-built attraction mechanics and natural gifts so that we can co-create bespoke brand, marketing and strategic foundations totally designed around THEIR unique differentiation.

Each and every one of us living our human design experiments will engage with the system in their own ways. And each and every person who integrates it as part of their professional work will also do so in their own ways through the lense of their own designs (IF they are truly living their experiment & expressing their unique design). So today, I’m pulling back the curtains and sharing with you the insider scoop on HOW I personally do just that…

1. To support them in the exploration and discovery of your unique Soulpreneur Medicine

As someone with Life’s Work Gate 16 (The Magical Genius), it is literally my life’s work, as Richard Rudd states, to help others “step out of the shadows, be different, and create prosperity by following their genius – the one thing in life at which they excel above all others”. I call this your ‘Soulpreneur Medicine’. Your soulpreneur medicine is an irreplicable elixir that unites your authentic essence with ingredients of acquired wisdom, learned skills, and innate gifts. It serves as your one-of-a-kind contribution to the greater good of the collective through the channel of business. When you’re rooted in your genius, competition becomes irrelevant because people choose YOU not just your products or services. Human Design offers me and my clients the most incredible gateway to exploring and contemplating theirs.

2. To discover what makes them unique so we can extract their brand from within and cut through the sea of sameness.

Instead of showing up as a replica of someone else or a cocktail mix of their greatest expanders, Human Design supports us to identify what energetic qualities or brand frequencies they hold within that literally pull others towards them. One of the gifts in my chart is “heart branding” (Gate 31). This plus my Projector & Open G triple combo means I can laser focus on the uniqueness and identity of others. Kind of funny I was a Brand Manager before I even discovered HD. One of my favourite explorations with clients is this: what is it about YOU that people gravitate towards? Why would someone choose you over everyone else in your niche who offer a similar product or service? Showing up authentically is easier when extracting your brand from within sourced from your energetics, vs manufacturing a brand, which is the alternative approach I used in the corporate world. Both work, but the primary FEELS more aligned for soulpreneurs.
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3.To contemplate the energetics of who they are naturally designed to attract so we can take this into account in target audience development or refinement.

No more traditional ideal client avator exercises or filling out long questionnaires about what kind of car they drive! I use Human Design to help clients identify their ‘fractal line’, which is those people or communities that are key to awakening their sense of prosperity in this life. For example, one of my clients had written in her chart that her soul fractal tribe and those she may be here to connect with in this life was those humans who had experienced the shadow of childhood trauma, PTSD and deep shame. She was a Trauma Coach of all things! I have SO many spot on examples like this that I came to my hypothesis, after much experimentation in others businesses, that this wasn’t a random coincidence but a legit insight and approach to discovering one’s most aligned audience.

4. To opt out of stock-standard offerings and instead design high-potency offerings they love selling and serving.

These days many coaches, healers, health practitioners and creatives do the same trainings and use the same one pager marketing PDFs; which means it’s easy to feel invisible in a saturated niche and come off sounding and looking like a replica of each-other. As knowledge becomes LESS powerful with the rise of AI, society as a whole will come to seek out support and become even more conscious buyers. That means, for example, the mainstream won’t just look for a random Health Practitioner but they’ll look for a Health Practitioner who specialises in a certain field, uses a certain approach they resonate with, aligns with their personal values, and feels more connected to on a human level. It will no longer just be about the WHAT, but the HOW and WHO too. Differentiation is the future (it’s where we’re headed with the 2027 global shift), and human design is one incredible tool I integrate to support my clients in creating offerings that not only put THEIR medicine at the forefront, but are designed in a way that feel good to serve.

5. To understand how they're here to attract opportunities so we can design an effective & aligned promotional marketing strategy

Let’s be honest, there are a million ways you can market and attract clients or customers to your business: social media, collaborations, SEO, podcasts, networking, and beyond. Human Design provides guidance on how our aura’s are uniquely designed to attract other energies. We can leverage this insight to better select and align the tactics of your promotional marketing strategy. For example, a community-driven 2/4 Manifesting Generator may align more with a customer attraction strategy that places a larger focus on referrals or affiliates. Whilst a 5/1 Projector may align more with nurturing community via an automated marketing system approach built around the ‘waiting for the invitation’ energetics. There are SO many ways to become discoverable and build a connection with your audience, yet uniting the energetics with the strategy means not only will it be more effective (because it’s built around their unique attraction mechanics) but it will also be more sustainable to execute over the long-term too.

6. To understand how they're here to create & express so we can design an engaging content strategy that also turns up their soul's expression.

There are plenty of tips out there online around how you can create content, but that doesn’t mean they feel natural or engaging in application. We’re told to “show up like an expert” in our content but this isn’t actually the way every soulpreneur is designed to express. It wasn’t until I dropped showing up as an ‘authority’ and started owning my 3/5 profile in my own content creation process that I received a whole lot more engagement and recognition online. Sure some level of content strategy is essential so that you’re not just wasting a whole lotta time creating content that doesn’t resonate with your audience, but bringing our human design into the way we create and express means we can do so in ways that tap into our soul’s most natural and authentic expression vs. sounding like a soul-less google search.

Human Design is one incredible system when it comes to discovering your unique blueprint and uncovering your roadmap to living life in greater alignment. But, it has also been one of the most precise and game-changing systems in helping us doing marketing, branding and business in alignment with our soulpreneur selves.

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FREE: Decode Your Human Design Basics In BUSINESS CLASS
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