My One Year Human Design Business Experiment- An honest reflection.

It’s been one year since I started my human design in business experiment on the 1st of May 2020. It’s been one wild, enlightening and all round life-changing-ride in business (and life!). 

I feel called to reflect and share an honest look at what the past twelve months have looked like whilst making a conscious effort to align every part of my business and marketing to my energetic blueprint *aka. human design chart* as a 3-5 Emotional Energy Projector with a Cross of Planning.

That’s right, I’m sharing an HONEST look at the 365 day journey as someone in their first year of their own business. Standing where I am right now and looking back on Day 1 it feels like I waved a magic wand and *poof* I’m smack bang in the centre of my vision board. Right where I wanted to be with a fully booked out business, feeling soul nourished and deeply fulfilled. BUT…getting to this place hasn’t been easy and this one year human design in business experiment has also been incredibly difficult at times.

That’s right, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. So…grab a cup of cacao or cozy bev. because I’m going to take you through a chronological look at the past year. Exactly what I did, what I experienced and the ups and downs of this 365 day human design business experiment.

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Pre Human Design in Business experiment: Let's travel back in time.

A month prior to starting my human design in business experiment I officially started my own business journey by opening my digital doors for clients, helping solopreneurs market their business online. 

Whilst the world was falling apart (hello pandemic!) I felt like my life was finally coming together. I had my metaphorical rose-filtered glasses on and literally thought “I had it in the bag”. Whilst I was new to getting myself in the spotlight, I definitely wasn’t new to the world of business. I had over twelve years worth of first class marketing experience in my toolbox growing 6-9 figure world famous brands and a pocket full of big dreams. 

In my day job I was making them some serious hundreds of millions, so surely marketing and growing my own business and hitting that holy-grail 10k month wouldn’t be that difficult in comparison, right? 

Whilst I thought it would be shamelessly easy (lol at how naive i was), I was going to “go with the flow” and see what having my own business was like before ever considering leaving my prestigious marketing job and going all in.

human design in business

The Human Design Business Experiment: the breakthrough in my business breakdown.

One month later that “go with the flow” vibe… well, it was nowhere to be seen. “Flow?” My spirit guides must have been chuckling to themselves as they watched the shit show happening in my home office. 

There I was crying Kim.K style ugly tears on the floor in a sea full of oracle cards considering calling it quits on this business… not even a month in. This was supposed to feel fucking magical and #high vibe; so why on earth was I so burnt-out, depleted and absolutely frustrated to my wits end? 

I was supposed to be a marketing expert for god’s sake and here I was landing a few sales whilst spending every night and weekend being chained like a prisoner to Instagram and applying every trick I used to grow other people’s multi-million dollar brands to my own side hustle. Why wasn’t this working for me?

“Duh…because you’re a Projector!”

I didn’t expect an actual answer in my emotional outburst lol, but my higher self delivered me one in that moment. It chimed in in that quiet voice I had come to know, letting me know *not so gently might I add* that following all the standard strategies in the old business paradigm was NOT going to work for me. 

I had my own divine operating manual and I needed to follow it asap if I wanted to get out of the rut I found myself in. Sure I had been playing with the system that is Human Design in my life here and there since I discovered it a few years earlier via Jenna Zoe, but I didn’t once think about integrating it into the way I grew and marketed my business.

And so in my breakdown came my breakthrough and the Human Design Business experiment was officially born.

human design for business

Month 1: "Okay wow...I think this experiment is actually working!"

My ego turned sour at the thought of my experiment. How on earth are you going to make this business work when you have to “wait to be invited”? You know the gods cursed you and handed you the hard card in business as a Projector AND 3 profile?

It had a point I guess, but I was going to find out either way…

Here’s what I did: I applied my Projector energy type and strategy of “waiting for the invitation” to the marketing strategy for my own business. I quit focusing all my attention on Instagram and put that time elsewhere to grow my visibility. I shifted my content frequency, reducing the quantity of content I produced by 80% thereby giving myself more time to master the art of the Projector rest.

“Ummm…I think this is actually working!”

By Day 30 my ego was damn surprised. I didn’t have to push so hard or feel like I was out of breath on an infinite hamster wheel in business. Not only did I FEEL better, but the initial marketing metrics were speaking my language.

I doubled the no. of clients on my books, had a 300% growth in brand engagement and an DM inbox full of questions about my experiment I was undertaking (you can read about my initial 30 Day Human Design Projector in Business experiment blog post).

Something was happening and my soul felt it.

marketing for generators

Month 2-4: "Marketing my business has never felt so damn fun!"

After the success of my 30 Day Experiment, I wanted MORE *my adventurous 3 line that is*. The Human Design system is a deep deep rabbit hole with so many layers and intricacies. So for the next three months I dived deeper into the vortex and learnt as much as I could about the finer areas of my chart like my incarnation cross, channels and variables.

Here’s what I did: I learn via experimentation, so that’s exactly what I did. Each month I picked an area of my human design chart to experiment with and applied it to my business. I applied my 3-5 profile to the way I create marketing content. I re-aligned my messaging according to who I attracted via my centers. I infused the energy of my incarnation centers into the way I ran my business.

This is so damn fun…how on earth? No longer did I feel bored or restricted, my business became my grown up playground! Everything felt lighter, brighter and *finally* I started truly ENJOYING the journey of marketing and growing my business, which was the most important way I measured my business success. As the energy started to flow with ease again, so did the sales.

Not only that, but I felt a deep deep disconnection with everything I had ever known as a Marketeer. You can only come to a place of knowing alignment, when you’ve experienced the polarity of the other side. And I knew the other side damn well; I spent over a decade swimming in the waters of the old business matrix.

Yet, in these three months it was as if *pooof* a magical genie appeared and granted me access to a new marketing dimension. It FELT different; natural, playful, expansive, loving. Playing in this new energetic paradigm with Human Design as a helpful side kick felt powerful and life altering. 

A far far farrrr cry away from obsessing over Instagram followers, showing up on stories all day everyday or following marketing tricks which felt sooo-not-me.

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Month 5-6: "I feel like I'm dying and my world is caving in".

“I feel like I’m dying. What’s happening?”. At Month 5 the fun dispersed and suddenly it felt like I was standing alone in a dark room surrounded by old video tapes playing key memories from my past. The memory of speaking yet feeling invisible. The memory of being told to stop being wishy-washy and stick to one thing. The memory of being hooked up to drips in hospital after another burn-out episode.

These tapes were the stories and beliefs that ruled my life that needed to DIE if this business was going to flourish. An energetic death of the old parts of me. I feel like people who share about human design skip over this part. 

It is known as the de-conditioning process; aka. The process of removing the conditioning you’ve experienced from family, society, friends, culture, etc so you can return to your true divine self. This experience isn’t fun…it feels dark, hard and you might be floating in a sea of your own salty tears for a little while. BUT it’s necessary just like the polarity of the dimension we find ourselves in order for you to experience the beauty and benefits of human design in business.

Here’s what I did: Nothing. I didn’t do anything practical or tactical. In fact at this moment in my one year human design experiment, I took a 2.5 month break from seeing clients and refunded them thousands. As above, so below. Just as I was letting my conditioning die inside, I was forced to face a real death in the macro. So as clouds of grief painted my inner and outer worlds black, I sat in the darkness and did nothing.

It’s easy for us to want to apply and “do” something with the human design information we have. But in doing “nothing” in the external world, it is often that you are creating the energetic space to process and let go of the rules, systems and ways of working that do not honour your soul in business, and most importantly life. So if Human Design has become another “thing” to do on your to-do list, I invite you to just “BE” with it for a while.

marketing by human design type

Month 7-12: "Is this like real magic?! I've got a booked out business"

“how do you market as a projector? Can you look at my chart? I can’t find any information out there about this, can you help me?”

The invitations were piling up…and they woke me from my despair. My audience pulled me out from under the covers and fired up my soul again. Honestly, after seeing the fragility of life I wasn’t spending another second doing business according to someone else’s rules. I’m doing it the way the divine designed me.

Here’s what I did: I got out a match and burnt my business to the ground. Then re-built it the way my SOUL craved to. I restructured my offer suite, niched down on my ideal client, re-aligned my marketing messaging, re-aligned my brand strategy and infused my love of human design as a tool into my marketing magic because there was no-way in hell I’d ever work with a client without knowing their divine operating manual *derrr*. I stepped the hell up and worked that 5 profile energy and gave my audience exactly what I knew they needed. Even if it has never existed before.

It was as if my higher self flipped a switch in my business and the energy fired back up and started flowing again. The external results were *instant*. Like is this Human Design thing like actual real magic? Don’t know but it seriously felt like it once I had journeyed through my loooong emotional wave. 

These last 6 months of my one year experiment didn’t feel like an experiment, it had well and truly been integrated that I didn’t need to ‘think’ about it anymore.

One Year: The key 3 results from my Human Design in Business experiment.

As a Cross of Planning, this one year Human Design Business experiment wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t summarise the top 3 key transparent results. Drum roll please.

1. Divine Alignment in Business: I have 100% clarity on what works for me in my marketing and business based on my energetic blueprint, at this moment in time, at this point in my own business journey. This clarity has brought a greater sense of ease into the way I run my business. There is no “noise” or “let me look at what she is doing” anymore, because I know deep in my soul that I’m divinely designed and no one else’s formulas are going to truly honor me, not even the tactics I’ve used to grow other 6-9 figure brands. I also know that alignment is not perfectionism; alignment is a journey to work towards.

2. Consistent Monthly Sales Revenue: By the halfway mark, my business was bringing in consistent revenue that matched and/or exceeded my full time corporate income, for a 7-10 hours per week time input on top of my day job and a smallish audience of 2k. I didn’t want to “go all in” and quit my pretty amazing job without validating my own business because *cross of planning*. My strategy was to experiment, see if I actually liked running my own business, and focus on building strong marketing foundations over a get-rich-quick short term strategy with zero financial pressure. It’s worked pretty damn well; I only have waitlists in place and the business has consistently proven it is sustainable enough for me to take my next big leap 😉

3. Joy and Self Mastery: A key result has been joy; which is one of my most important life values. Doing this Human Design Business experiment has brought me true joy even during the really difficult times in the past year. I know i’m not doing this for the money, it’s a vehicle for me to feel fulfilled, soul nourished and contribute my divine gifts to help soulpreneurs share their own magic with the world. This isn’t a practical “result” , it is so much more than that.

So that’s a wrap on my one year human design in business experiment! From the highs of my first month of my experiment, to the deep lows of deconditioning and back again. Honoring your human design in business is truly a wild ride; know that it is all part of the polarity of life! 

Ready to hear what happened next? Check out my Two Year Human Design in Business experiment blog post

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