The Ultimate Human Design Reflector Business Guide to Thriving

Your ultimate guide to growing your business as a human design Reflector! Learn why your wisdom is your code to profit and how community is key to reach your next level of success in business.

Dearest Reflector,

I am here to let you know the answers you’ve been searching for in business have been with you all along. Written in the stars. Written in your soul. Waiting for you to come home and awaken what is already within you.

For many, stepping into the realm of business feels foreign. The initial excitement soon turns into overwhelm when your client calendar sits half empty or your Stripe or Paypal account is far from where you’d envisioned it to be by now. You are faced with what feels like learning a whole new language- how to market, use social media, make sales and run an actual business that brings in real money.

So perhaps you do what any ‘smart’ person does in the beginning…invest in a bunch of courses and coaching programs that take you through six figure “success” formulas. Only to find yourself in a state of burn-out, resenting your business and still not seeing any real tangible sales results.

My dear human design Reflector, I’m here to gently let you know that you can stop seeking now…because the real magic happens when you awaken the energetic blueprint that’s been inside of you all along by using human design as a tool in business.

marketing by human design type

Growing a business as a Human Design Reflector

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the system that is Human Design and have started your experiment as a Manifestor in your own life. You’ve googled what your chart means but you are still left wondering, what does this actually mean for my business? (you can decode your chart for business here if you haven’t already).

Right now, your mind may be full of a million questions like…

  • How can I run a business when I have an open sacral, aka. energy to consistently do the work?
  • How can I run a business if I’m so sensitive and taking in everyone else’s energy 24/7?
  • How am I meant to wait 28 days to make decisions? Does that mean I will fall behind?

I see you dear Reflector. As a Reflector entrepreneur, your mission is to be the true mirror for society. Your business is a vehicle for you to share your incredible wisdom and experiences with the world.

Let me show you how you can thrive in business…

Mirror your community, over initiating in business

In the old business paradigm, all business owners ought to be ‘go-getters’. You know, out pitching and pushing your products, services or message loudly in front of people in the hopes that you’ll make some sales. #carsalesman style.

Maybe you’ve even gone ahead and used some of these tactics before like sending cold DMs to a bunch of people you don’t know, and just out there working your absolute hardest to make sales without much thought about your natural energetic magnetism.

Let me be real with you…

As a human design Reflector, all these ‘standard’ one-size-fits-all tactics present in the business world today just aren’t going to work that well for you. Why? Your human design ‘strategy’ is to wait a lunar cycle. That means you don’t have to be a go-getter when it comes to attracting sales in your business.

Whilst you are waiting for clarity, focus on sharing with your community. Your soul is designed to be with people and relationships are a key part of your life. Building a community can be an essential part of a Reflectors marketing strategy. You attract sales by being a mirror for your audience and showing them where they need healing.

Your wisdom is your code to profit

As a human design Reflector, you are a wise observer due to your open centres. This can be a significant advantage when it comes to understanding your soul clients and customers and how you can serve them best. Your soul is a wisdom keeper and your business is a vehicle for you to share the wisdom you have gathered with your audience. As a reflector, you are here to reflect back to society where they are at. This means you often accumulate great wisdom that you can share through your marketing- blogging and other long forms of content like video can work really well for you. Ask yourself, how can I fully share the wisdom I have accumulated in my life so far?

Work smarter, not harder in business

When entering the realm of business, you’ll be bombarded with the glorification of the ‘hustle’ with experts that tell you to do all that you can to make sales even if it depletes you!

Whilst you have a lot to share the truth is your operating system is not here to just work all day every day. You don’t need the full kit and kaboodle of marketing platforms, you don’t need to post daily or show up 24/7- you need to be very intentional with the way you use your energy in marketing your business. Analysing the return on investment of your marketing tactics is important for you to reserve your energy.

Your soul type is highly sensitive as you are taking in so much energy. It is important to take time for yourself to recharge and have boundaries for yourself in business.

Human Design is the most powerful tool you can use in business. It allows you to design your offers, market your business, attract dream clients or customers and overall scale your business in a way that aligns uniquely to you. 

It’s time to elevate into your own dimension of marketing and scale your business the way your soul was born to dear Reflector. Ready to rise?

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