The Ultimate Human Design Manifestor Business Guide to Thriving

Your ultimate guide to growing your business as a human design Manifestor! Learn how to ‘inform’ in business, why your power is your code to profit and how you can trailblaze a path to reach your next level of success in business.

Dearest human design manifestor,

I am here to remind you that the answers you’ve been searching for in business have been with you all along. Written in the stars. Written in your soul. Waiting for you to come home and awaken what is already within you.

As soul-driven business owners, we often embark on the journey of starting and building our business dreams with a yearning for freedom and a desire to lead a more authentic life. It’s an arena that gifts us the opportunity to break free from the one-size-fits-all rules that hold us back, and intentionally pave a new pathway in life that feels in deeper alignment with who we are.

For many stepping into the realm of business, it feels foreign. So we do what every other “smart” person does. Follow the step-by-step six-figure success formulas. Copy-paste the businesses of our greatest expanders. Go along with the cookie-cutter industry approaches, without asking ourselves the very important question: Is this actually in alignment with me, the business I wish to run, and the life I wish to live each & every day?

I too learned the hard way after applying all the standard marketing tricks I used to grow other people’s multi-million dollar brands onto my own business, that no amount of external “success” was worth the burn-out or bitterness that came with working against my natural energetic blueprint (read about it in my Year One Human Design in Business Experiment blog post). The truth is success isn’t real success if it means abandoning who we really are as soulpreneurs in business.

So my dear human design Manifestor, I’m here to gently let you know that you can stop seeking now…because the real magic in business (and life) happens when you come back home to medicine seeded in the energetic blueprint you were born with.

human design generator business

Growing a business as a Human Design Manifestor

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the system that is Human Design and have started your experiment as a Manifestor in your own life. You’ve googled what your chart means but you are still left wondering, what does this actually mean for my business?

Right now, your mind may be full of a million questions like…

How can I run a business when I have an open or undefined sacral? Like, does that mean I need to lie around doing nothing all day? How am I going to make money or attract clients if I don’t have ‘consistent access’ to work-force energy?

How am I meant to grow my business when my Manifestor strategy is to inform? I started this business because I’m sick of reporting to bosses and others, and I wanna do my own thing! Isn’t informing going to sloooow me and my success all the way down?!

Energy type is a foundational area of the human design system, and each type is said to play a certain role in humanity. In my experience of also experimenting and working with the human design system specifically in the realm of business and marketing, I’ve found there to be a unique role each energy type is here to embody in the business collective as well.

Business owners with Manifestor energy hold immense power to be the paradigm shifters of this new era. Business serves as a vehicle for you to create your own movements, build communities and invite others along for the ride. All whilst remaining in touch with your fierce sense of independence along the way.

Designing your business and marketing strategies around your Manifestor energy type, and holistic human design chart (because type is a very small piece of it!) means you get to work in deep harmony with your natural energetics and use your Manifestor life-force in more effective and aligned ways.

Here are just a few ways Manifestors can start to thrive in business…

Human Design Manifestor Business

1. Embrace your ‘go-getter’ spirit in business yet tap into your ‘inform’ strategy along the way.

I’ve personally found the human design Manifestor strategy ‘To Inform’ comes in more deeply in the arena of marketing. Our human design strategy is about how we are uniquely designed to engage with external stimuli and attract the opportunities that are right for us when also following our human design authority. Business owners with Manifestor energy are designed to attract customers and business opportunities by being proactive in the ways they put their zone of genius out into the world.

You aren’t here to “wait” like Projectors, Generators and Reflectors for opportunities to flow your way, instead you’re here to literally create them. This means many of the traditional forms of promotion built around initiation actually complement your energy type really well, such as reaching out to like-minded brands for collaborations without an invitation.

Aligning with your Manifestor strategy of informing doesn’t mean telling your community every single little detail, but it can mean being proactive with amplifying your offerings online, building a brand and nurturing your community. This is how real revolutions and movements are really built in business.

Informing your audience and anyone else who will be directly impacted by your actions in business is important so you can move at full-speed ahead. For example, sharing your intentions in an instagram story or more about your deeper journey to your email list. This allows them to either get on board and be a part of your movement, or hop off the train and get out of your way! You aren’t here to please everyone and in my eyes repelling the who aren’t a fit for you is actually just as important as attracting the right type of clients or customers when it comes to your marketing.

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Human Design Manifestor Business

2. Awaken your inner power as a gateway to more impact and profit.

As human design Manifestors, you are born with an immense amount of personal power and people can feel it energetically whether they consciously realise it or not! I’ve had the pleasure of working with many human design Manifestor energy types in my 1:1 work and have personally gotten to know the medicine of this energy type really well. Each and every time I come to co-create with Manifestors, I always found myself in absolute awe at the power that sits within their souls, even if they don’t see that within themselves just yet. The Manifestor’s visionary capabilities are unmatched.

Yet unfortunately, many Manifestor business owners I’ve met have had the earlier experience of having their power dimmed by either their parents, teachers, or by the world. They’ve been told that their dreams are too big, too different, too wild and so they walk with their power and light dimmed down. I sense that many Manifestors come to start and grow a business in the first place because it’s an arena that enables you to let your power roar again and your revolutionary dreams soar. You may not necessarily get the full freedom and capacity to tap into these visionary gifts when confined in a role that you don’t design yourself.

It’s this sense of inner power that ultimately gives the Manifestor their impact and business. When you clear the fog that clouds your vision and break-free from the cage that keeps your power contained, you hold the potential to deeply influence the collective in your own grand way.

3. Work smarter, not harder to leverage your undefined sacral center in business.

When entering the realm of business, you’ll be bombarded with messages around the glorification of the ‘hustle’ like experts that tell you to do all that you can to make sales even if it depletes you!

Whilst you are an incredibly powerful soul, the truth is your operating system is not here to just work all day every day; you are here to invite others (especially Generators and Manifesting Generators) to support you in building the movement you are here to create and impact many people with.

You don’t need the full kit and kaboodle of marketing platforms, you don’t need to post daily or show up 24/7- you need to be very intentional with the way you use your energy in marketing your business. Analysing the return on investment of your marketing tactics is important for you to reserve your energy.

Human Design is the most powerful system you can integrate in business. It allows you to design your offers, market your business, attract dream clients or customers and overall grow your business in a way that aligns uniquely to you. 

Ready to break the rules and rise as a Manifestor in business? If you’re ready to learn more about your human design foundations and start your own Human Design in Business Experiment I invite you to sign up for The Decode Your Human Design Basics In Business 90min Free Class here. 

FREE: Decode Your Human Design Basics In BUSINESS CLASS
An on-demand 90min class to decode your human design foundations as a soulpreneur, and unlock the secrets to start thriving in business on your own terms.
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