5 Secrets to 10k months with a tiny audience and no ads

You can hit 10k months with a tiny audience and no ads. Really, you can.

But first I just want to pierce your soul with my Projector aura and let you know that if you haven’t hit that shiny 10k sales month just yet, there is NOTHING wrong with you.

Seriously, when I started my business I felt like there was something wrong with me because I didn’t hit a 10k month in my first 3 months of business.

I saw all those female entrepreneurs with “100K months in 30 days”, “multi-six figure entrepreneur”, “seven figure badass” in their Instagram bios and it made me feel like absolute shit. *Excuse the language.*

It was as if there was a secret 10k club that I didn’t get an invite to. As if they were the gurus on the pedestal who had all the shiny secrets to abundance and somehow I was less than worthy because I wasn’t a part of it. 

I was so hypnotized and blinded by their glitter and glamour that it literally knocked the sense out of me.

I was building 9 figure brands in my marketing day job. *I knew how to grow businesses. Really big ones actually.* I’d been doing it for more than a decade. So take it from me when I pull back the curtains, cut through that smoke and mirror magic and inject a dose of reality into this.

Now I don’t mean to squash your #abundant goals or tell you what is possible because you can create your reality at the end of the day. I know all about law of attraction, manifestation, the power of the subconscious mind, shadow work, inner child healing. It works yes…but growing a sustainable business takes a little more than that in this 3D world.

So here it is…5 Secrets to Hitting 10k months with a tiny audience and no ads.

1. Fall madly deeply in love with your offers.

When I started my business I unconsciously hated my offers. Sure they made a lot of logical sense but deep down my soul despised them. They burnt me out big time. By the end of the day, it was like the life-force energy was drained from my body. They left me so life-less I actually preferred my cruisy 9-5. *Yep…it was that bad lol.*

After working with hundreds of soulpreneurs since I’ve found ‘not exactly loving your offers’ to be a big reason why your marketing is not working and why the sales are not flowing in. When we don’t love our offers, we don’t even want to deliver them let alone sell them. So ask yourself, do you love your offers? Do they light you up so much that you could shout it to the whole wide world? Would you pay 3x the investment yourself for them? If not you’ve got some shifting to do.

2. Get super clear on what it is you actually do and communicate it clearly.

Sorry to break it to you, but if you can’t communicate what it is you actually do and how you help people it just ain’t gonna work out that great. What I’m talking about here is your brand messaging. Brand Messaging is the words you use to communicate what it is you do, who you help and how you are different. Your messaging highlights your unique magnetism that makes you stand out in a sea of online noise.

As soulpreneurs, most of you are here as stewards of the New Earth. Most of my clients don’t deal with the tangible stuff- they are energy healers, spiritual coaches and mindset guides, for example, playing in the unseen realms. “I help you live your best life” is NOT communicating what it is you do; in order to stand out we need to be clearer on translating the intangible into a brand message people can understand, in as little as 3-6 seconds. Take a look at your instagram bio for a moment, and ask yourself does this really communicate what it is I help my clients or customers with? If not that’s okay, this is what my clients pay me to support them with (shameless plug ;))

3. Love up on and nourish your community.

Truth is you don’t need a big audience or ads to hit your first 10k month. This is often a huge block for soulpreneurs starting out from scratch. They think…well how am I going to sell my offers when I only have 500 followers? No ones going to take me seriously. I’m going to need at least the swipe up feature on Instagram before I ever hit my first 10k month?!

Sure all the experts out there selling Instagram Courses are going to tell you that, but take it from a marketing expert whose been growing 6-9 figure brands for the last 13 years; when you are starting out it’s a nice to have not a 100% necessary. I hit consistent 10k months when I had an audience of 1.5k. How you ask? Simple. By loving up on the community I did have. You have a massive advantage right now over bigger businesses so make the most of it. Ask yourself, how can i nourish my existing community today?

4. Honor and manage your energetic field.

If you feel energetically depleted, burnt-out or in a big black hole of resistance with your business, then do yourself a favour and take a break. Get off social media. Stop creating content. And go recharge for a little while. I’m being serious. I know what you’re thinking…but my audience are going to forget about me?! Trust me, they won’t. For my Marketing by Design clients, I literally give them an order to take a 2 week digital detox before they enter my container. Ain’t no marketing going to work it’s magic when your field is like…hell no, don’t send me no more people or things on my plate I already feel so overwhelmed.

I feel like this online world is like a universe of it’s own. An energetic and intense vortex you enter into when you open your Instagram app. Whilst most people naively think…Oh, just let me scroll for 5 mins; they don’t realise that their energetic field is being impacted by every single piece of content that comes up on their screen if they are not protecting it and having a baseline level of energetic awareness. Here’s a quick tip, when you next open up your fave social app notice how you feel before, during after after your scroll sesh; this will start to heighten your awareness.

5. Upskill in marketing and sales if it feels foreign

You started your business because you have a unique gift or magic you are here to share with the world. Knowing you, you are super loving and just want to serve others and do all that you can to help people! That’s incredible but let me be real for a moment; growing a business takes more than being great at what you do. If you want to grow a sustainable business that not only hits 10k months but grows sustainably year on year you are going to have to upskill or get some support in marketing and sales if that is not your zone of genius.

The only difference between a business that makes 1k a month, 10k a month or 50k a month is their marketing. Marketing is the vehicle to growth. And honestly, life is just way too short for you to DIY it and ‘figure it out’ on your own for a year. Your magic is just too precious to have you lose the 100k you could have made if you invested in setting up your marketing foundations right from the get go. 

My clients feel so damn free after they work with me because they know how to communicate their magic, they know how to turn followers into sales and they no longer think things like…”I hope this brings me more clients but I don’t know if what I’m doing is working or even aligned to me”. If marketing feels foreign to you, then it’s worth looking into getting some support. Maybe that’s a low ticket course that gives you a simple 101..or maybe that’s a deeply transformative container like my Marketing by Design program if you want the full energetic biz upgrade and want to be seen, guided and deeply supported.

So that’s a wrap on the 5 Secrets to hitting 10k months with a tiny audience and no ads! Know that you will get there- it’s inevitable and only a matter of time. I’m here rooting for you!

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