3 Marketing Strategies failing you as a Human Design Projector Entrepreneur

I’m not going to lie.

When it hit me that I was a “Human Design Projector” AND an “entrepreneur” I had a major breakdown. Those two terms were mutually exclusive. I couldn’t be BOTH a Projector and a business owner at the same time! As if I could make six-figures waiting for an invitation? As if I could make consistent 10k months and beyond without access to sustainable work-force energy and NO defined sacral?

It’s like the Gods of the Universe laughed in my face and handed me a Go to Jail card. Surely I’d be out of the game of business forever…till I was old and wrinkly…or worse stuck at my soul sucking 9-5 job forever hustling for someone else’s dream. I peered over at my #highvibe vision board on the wall and the 50+ post it note affirmations like “Abundance is my birthright” and “I am a client magnet”…and tore it all down. I threw them in the bin right along with the dream life I could have had as a soul nourished and wildly abundant soulpreneur. *Geeze…Projector Bitterness is lethal*.

Yet, thankfully it didn’t turn out that way…

I put that deep bitterness to work and experimented with running my business as a Projector for 365 days. You can read about it my One Year Human Design in Business experiment blog post here. Sure I had grown multi-million dollar brands in my marketing career for a decade prior and worked in billion dollar businesses before- but I tossed that all in the bin too because the standard strategies in the realm of traditional marketing just wasn’t going to cut it.

In that first year, my business was my science lab. I tried and tested growing my business and marketing as a human design Projector. I had hundreds of DM conversations with fellow projectors and I even got to work one on one with over 50 of them in helping them market and grow their business their way.

I not only walked out of that one year experiment with a fully booked out business, hitting consistent five figure months…but I journeyed out as some kind of expert at helping Human Design Projector entrepreneurs grow their businesses in true alignment. I got them. I connected with them deeply. I *knew* their unspoken struggles because I had lived through them myself. The moments of feeling unseen and unheard. The serious burn-out for pushing myself too far.

I’ve done the hard work and the deep experimentation so you don’t have to. So let me give it to you straight and pierce your projector aura for a hot minute. I’m going to share with you the Top 3 Marketing Strategies that could be failing you as a Human Design Projector Entrepreneur.

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Marketing Strategy 1: Showing up everywhere, all the time.

So a multi-channel marketing strategy is common place in the business world. As I was growing multiple million dollar brands in the corporate world- it made a lot of sense. More channels= more presence= more reach= more people seeing you= more cash in your pocket.

I worked with a heap of Projectors who invested thousands in group programs run by Generators or Manifesting Generators who told them to be on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Linked In, Youtube, Podcast. *Wow even typing this is exhausting.* Sure it worked well for them because that approach was in energetic resonance or alignment with their energetic blueprint. 

As a Sacral energetic being, they had the sustainable energy to consistently implement a strategy such as this over a long term period. They are literal machines (seriously, my MG and Generator clients fascinate me big time).

But I kid you not, I have worked with so many Projectors who followed this approach and were on the verge of calling it quits because they were just so burnt out. There heart wasn’t in it anymore. This whole marketing showing up thing caused more pain than actually getting their magic out there and helping change people’s lives. Their business felt way more draining than the 9-5 they were trying to escape.

As a Projector entrepreneur, here’s what you need to know: You need a marketing strategy that serves you. It’s simple. It’s doable. It doesn’t drain you. It’s not full of a million things that waste your precious energy. It’s built for effectiveness and efficiency. And most importantly, it provides you with a return on energetic investment- in the form of money, energy, time or joy. *Life is way too short to grow a business that depletes you.* So I invite you to drop the hustle and keep it simple. 

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Marketing Strategy 2: Ice cold outreach and push marketing.

Have you ever had someone DM you out of the blue and try to sell you something. Like you’ve never seen them before. They don’t follow you. They’ve never commented on one of your posts. Are they hit you up like…hey girl? As if you are long lost best friends and they are sooo excited to talk to you?

Doesn’t feel that soul nourishing, does it. This is called “cold outreach” in the land of marketing. Like the old days when the tele-sales guys used to ring your home when your fam was eating dinner and your mum burst into rage- asking how did they get my private number!! It just doesn’t feel good…so don’t do it. Plus, it’s just a waste of energy and really, no one should be really utilising this tactic nowadays if they’ve got with the times. Except for Manifestors who are designed to initate.

As a Projector entrepreneur, here’s what you need to know: Your energy is really designed for “pull” forms of marketing. That means you share your magic like a lighthouse and let people come to you.

You aren’t designed to push or be a go-getter and go out there and hustle hustle hustle to get clients or customers to buy your products or services. This would be a complete waste of your energy and it just isn’t that effective at the end of the day. For you having a really powerful marketing strategy that works with your natural guidance energy and has you literally magnetizing people to is the way to go.

I know what you’re thinking…but how is that going to work? Simple. We power up your magnetism, align your brand, refine your message and get yourself a powerful content and visibility strategy that gets people to come to you- not the other way around. And the results may feel weird…I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I get an inbox full of strangers reaching out to me saying I’ve changed the way they look at business and life.

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Marketing Strategy 3: Having a super general niche.

As a soulpreneur, it is only natural that you want to help A LOT of people. You have the natural gifts of SEEING everyone deeply- so yes you are very much capable of seeing everybody but that doesn’t mean you should. This approach of having a more general brand and target audience can unfortunately be a reason for leaking energy in your business.

As a human design projector here’s what you need to know: you have a penetrating aura. This means your energy pierces the soul of the other. It does not radiate out like a Generator, touching everybody. It’s like a lazer beam, literally. This is one of your greatest marketing superpowers- when you connect with your audience you REALLY connect, on a deep level.

Having a super wide niche- such as Life Coach helping all people with their life problems- is not honouring how your natural energy is built. Sure you can still make that work but this approach is likely to work against your natural operating manual. You are going to have to use more energy and more ‘effort’ to make it happen. 

In my world, I don’t believe in pushing to make things happen. I believe in allowing things to happen with greater ease. Having a refined niche can help you attract sales in a more aligned way.

How ‘niche’ you should go will depend on you, your stage in business and your overall offer suite. There is no one-sized fits all approach around here.

As a human design projector entrepreneur, you are here to pave a new paradigm approach to marketing and business in this world. 

You are a steward of the soulpreneur ascension where your energy IS your strategy. The honest truth is, you aren’t here to grow a business that depletes you or works against the natural blueprint you were born with. 

You are here to step up as a guide, attract clients or customers to you with ease and become a wildly abundant entrepreneur by powering up your projector magnetism.

If you’re ready to start your own Human Design in Business Experiment I invite you to sign up for The Decode Your Human Design Basics In Business 90min Free Class here. 

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