I grew a six-figure business in less than 8hrs per week by leveraging my human design and energy.

I crashed on the couch after a long day’s work at the office. As head of the Marketing Department for a fast-growing nine figure company, my Projector energy tank was at a low. Scrolling through the land of Instagram, I re-charged my batteries by peering into the lives of successful female entrepreneurs who were making a (big) living online doing what they loved. They were like magical unicorns to me. I didn’t know of anyone actually doing this in * real * life.

Not going to lie, whilst I had a decade’s worth of marketing wisdom helping other businesses grow exponentially- the thought of putting myself in the spotlight, marketing and growing my own business to six-figures and beyond? Well, that sounded like a completely different mountain to climb, but I hit the road anyway. Unlike those brave souls who quit their 9-5 job and “go all in” I took the pretty safe route. I wanted to dip my toes (emotional authority style), see what this whole entrepreneur thang was all about and validate the business before throwing away the comfy marketing career I worked so hard to build.

As I sit here typing these words a year later, I am living the life I once dreamt about. I built a six-figure side-hustle and said so-long to my cushy corporate job a few weeks ago. I get paid to do what my heart loves with incredible clients who are changing the world. I get to wake-up whenever I want and have two hour long morning routines. I get to work whenever I want, wherever I want, and follow the flow of my own energetic wave.

It feels really damn good to be here. Like the chains that have held me down and kept me contained for so long have been lifted. And my soul finally tastes what true freedom feels like. Don’t get me wrong, whilst I feel like I’m cloud 9 at this moment- it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies on the way here. I feel like the whole ‘reaching six-figures’ thing is highly glamourized in the online space, and I wish someone would have told me the truth of what it was actually like instead of the whole “write a fake million dollar check” or “visualize yourself living your dream life” each morning. Sure I love the realm of manifestation, but it took a little more than that to get here lol.

So let me pull back the curtains, and share my raw and honest experience of how I grew a six-figure side-hustle in less than 8hrs per week and went from corporate 9-5er to full time soulpreneur in the span of a year- in as much alignment to my human design as reasonably possible. Note, the reasonably possible. Sometimes we have external circumstances that limit our ability to feel aligned, we can only do what’s best in each moment and know that alignment is a constant in motion choice that needs balancing with life.

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First, know everyone’s journey to growing a six figure business is dependent on so many factors.

As you receive this transmission, I invite you to release yourself from comparison and know that everyone’s  journey to scaling to six-figures and beyond is dependent on so many factors. This is a really important point to take into account whenever you are engaging with such a transmission of someone’s personal journey. Whilst I will not share all factors which contributed to this, I will share the key factors that influenced this result so you have greater context…

  • I had 12 years prior marketing experience and was definitely not new to the world of business. 
  • I was not new to the land of human design, I was in the fourth year of my personal experiment at that time.  
  • I did not have a business coach. I invested in support on the energetic side of things- energy healers, reiki certifications, etc. 
  • I was riding a very low emotional wave for most of the year due to loss and grief. This impacted my capacity to hold energy greatly. 
  • As mentioned, I was working a full time 40 hour a week job, and had on average 8 hours outside of this to focus on clients and my business.
I ask that any guidance you take on board from this transmission be filtered through your own system and personal truth. 

1. I opted out of the old business matrix, and elevated into a higher dimension of marketing- in alignment to my human design.

If you don’t know me, or my biz beginning let me give you the quick downlow. I was on the verge of quitting my business only 3 weeks in due to burn-out and just plain frustration because I was implementing all the tricks I used to grow other people’s multi-million dollar brands onto me. It did not work and I’m glad I figured that out pretty quickly. I had been experimenting with the system of human design in my personal life a few years earlier, but using it in business was just as life-changing as it was for my health. It served as a fast-track to understanding and knowing myself deeply just based on the pure amount of decisions I had to make.

I spent the entire year experimenting with my human design in business and aligning all elements of my marketing to my energetic blueprint. If you want the juicy behind the scenes on this read my One Year Human Design in Business Experiment blog here.

Honestly my soul is allergic to most of the advice shared online when it comes to marketing- drowning my audience in pain paints, showing up as an expert on a pedestal, flashing money metric client results 24/7 did not connect with me. Following one-size-fits-all approaches or step by step systems can be helpful for some, but I was here to create and play in a higher dimension of marketing where my aura and unique magic was the attraction point. I didn’t come to planet Earth to be anyone other than me- during this incarnation anyway.

2. I focused on refining my signature offers, over and over again, for serious client metamorphosis.

Here’s the thing: when you’re starting your own business it’s going to take some time to find your flow. Even if you have a decade of prior experience in my field like me. My first year in business was spent refining my signature offers over, and over, and over. As a recovering perfectionist I don’t believe in trying to make every little thing perfect, but I do believe one’s offerings need to be highly intentional and built for transformation, especially high ticket services or products.

I have launched my signature one-on-one Marketing by Design Program over and over again. With each intake I have refined it and made it better. I took away resources that were a nice to have, but slowed them down. I added resources that supported them energetically and scaled their success. Each worksheet had a place. Each meditation was intentionally created to support an element of the strategic and practical parts of the program. The timing of the content and material reviews for integration outside of calls. Every single thread had deep intention behind why it was there, practically and energetically. It’s no surprise that my clients go through serious metamorphosis in my containers and my waitlists are in the hundreds at this moment in my business journey.

Loving your offers, and knowing the immense value in them is required in order to work our marketing magnetism. I’m not afraid to share that I think my program is one of the best in the world when it comes to marketing from a strategic and energetic perspective. I’ve served this container enough times to believe it wholeheartedly and don’t think anyone on Earth could provide the service I provide given it’s built specifically around my gifts as a 3/5 Emotional Projector with a Cross of Planning. When you’re so in love with your offers, selling get’s seriously easy. 

3. I found deep appreciation in being a Projector in business.

Truthfully, I thought being a Projector in business was the hard card. I really did. Even in the beginning of my 30 Day Projector Experiment when the tides started turning and my business started blooming, deep down in my heart I still believed Generators and Manifesting Generators had it easier.

In some ways I still do. I do think those who have this energy type have it ‘easier’ when it comes to growing a traditional business- they are energetically more sustainable in the way they create when they are in alignment (noting that the finer intricacies of one’s chart like channels, gates will impact them). But at this point in time at 15 months of my Human Design in business experiment (and 5 years in my personal experiment), I have immense gratitude for being a Projector and I’m so glad my soul chose to be one in this lifetime.

I have come to learn through running my own business and through working with hundreds of Projectors where our true gifts lie. How our aura really works to attract clients or customers and our superpowers in how we deliver a product or service. We are just different. We work differently. We attract differently. We sell differently. Understanding how I leverage my Projector energy within my Human Design in business has been one of the most enriching experiences of my entire life. To have come to know my true power as a Projector through the vehicle of business is something words cannot describe.

Sure I may have not had the 10k followers like all those successful 7 figure marketing and biz coaches online as I built my side-hustle, but I knew how to truly see people unlike anyone else by using my Projector gifts. I’ve had countless people (of all Human Design types) DM me saying finding my blog made them cry because they’d never felt so seen in their life. That it pulled people out of the depths of anxiety when they felt like the realm of business was no longer for them. My clients walk out of my containers feeling as if they have timeline hopped into a parallel reality because they had the gift to SEE themselves via the mirror that is me reflecting back who and what their marketing magic really is (as a Projector with a lot of open centers).

4. I focused on my energetic sovereignty- not just my human design.

My path of understanding energy started in 2015 at the rock-bottom of my mystery chronic illness. The three-profile line in me was hungry for information on how to heal myself given the 20+ doctors and specialists had zero clue on what was wrong with me. I’ve come to learn a hell of a lot about energy. I’ve read every scientific book there is on energy medicine, seen countless of energy healers over the years and even got certified as a Reiki practitioner to experience how to channel that life-force energy myself. I never knew this would come in handy from a business perspective, or that fact that Energy Marketing would be a modality I was here to create and share with others.

Understanding how to leverage my energy and apply it to business and marketing was a game changer in building a six-figure side hustle. I love how practical Human Design can be and the intricacy of it but it doesn’t show you the whole picture. Most people who find Human Design get attached to the chart, without understanding how energy works on a grander scale. I call myself a student of frequency, for I know this is one of my lessons in this lifetime. Playing with my multi-dimensional nature and tapping into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy when marketing was magic, and so fun. 

Growing a six-figure side hustle in less than 8 hours per week and going from corporate 9-5er to full time soulpreneur was one big journey in energetic mastery, refinement and human design alignment. 

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