Manifesting Generator entrepreneur: Ultimate Business Guide to Thriving

Start running your business as a human design Manifesting Generator and say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all advice! In this guide, you will learn how to ‘wait to respond’, why passion is your code to profit and why you can pivot all you like to reach your next level of success in business.

Dearest human design Manifesting Generator,

I am here to remind you that the answers you’ve been searching for in business have been with you all along. Written in the stars. Written in your soul. Waiting for you to come home and awaken what is already within you.

As soul-driven business owners, we often embark on the journey of starting and building our multi-passionate business dreams with a yearning for freedom and a desire to lead a more authentic life. It’s an arena that gifts us the opportunity to break free from the restrictive one-size-fits-all rules that hold us back, and intentionally pave a new pathway in life that feels in deeper alignment with who we are.

For many stepping into the realm of business, it feels foreign. So we do what every other “smart” person does. Follow the step-by-step six-figure success formulas. Copy-paste the businesses of our greatest expanders. Go along with the cookie-cutter industry approaches, without asking ourselves the very important question: Is this actually in alignment with me, the business I wish to run, and the life I wish to live each & every day?

I too learned the hard way after applying all the standard marketing tricks I used to grow other people’s multi-million dollar brands onto my own business, that no amount of external “success” was worth the burn-out or frustration that came with working against my natural energetic blueprint (read about it in my Year One Human Design in Business Experiment blog post). The truth is success isn’t real success if it means abandoning who we really are as soulpreneurs in business.

So my dear human design Manifesting Generator, I’m here to gently let you know that you can stop seeking now…because the real magic in business (and life) happens when you come back home to medicine seeded in the energetic blueprint you were born with.

Growing a business as a Human Design Manifesting Generator

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the system that is Human Design and have started your experiment as a Manifesting Generator in your own life. You’ve googled what your chart means but you are still left wondering, what does this actually mean for my business?

Right now, your mind may be full of a million questions like…

How am I meant to grow my business when I’m meant to wait to respond? Like, does that mean I need to lie around doing nothing all day and wait for a magical genie to pop out and give me permission to act? How am I going to attract clients or even make money if I need to wait?!

How am I meant to be my multi-passionate self when every business coach tells me I need to pick one thing? I started this business because I’m sick of being restricted & forced to fit myself into a tiny box and I want this business to give me the freedom to do whatever I want!

Does it mean I’m not special and that I’m here to just be a “workhorse” for others? Does being a Manifesting Generator just mean I’m here to be a servant for other types? Wtf don’t I get to chill like Projectors all day err day? Does that mean I need to ‘be on’ 24/7 because I have a defined sacral?

Energy type is a foundational area of the human design system, and each type is said to play a certain role in humanity. In my experience of also experimenting and working with the human design system specifically in the realm of business and marketing, I’ve found there to be a unique role each energy type is here to embody in the business collective as well.

Business owners with Manifesting Generator energy hold immense life-force energy to be the multi-passionate master creators of a new era. Business serves as a vehicle for them to follow the variety of their inner satisfaction and build something that serves the world.

Designing your business and marketing strategies around your Manifesting Generator energy type, and holistic human design chart (because type is a very small piece of it!) means you get to work in deep harmony with your natural energetics and use your life-force in more effective and aligned ways.

Here are just a few ways Manifesting Generators can start to thrive in business…

1. Respond, over initiating or reacting in business.

In the old business paradigm, all business owners ought to be ‘go-getters’. You know, out there knocking down people’s doors, pitching and pushing your products or services onto people who haven’t asked in the hopes that you’ll attract more sales. #carsalesman style.

Maybe you’ve even gone ahead and used some of these tactics before like sending cold DMs to a bunch of people you don’t know, and just out there working your absolute hardest without much thought about your human design strategy ‘to respond’.

Our human design strategy is about how we are uniquely designed to engage with external stimuli and attract the opportunities that are right for us when also following our human design authority. Business owners with Manifesting Generator energy are designed to attract business opportunities through tapping into their sacral response. That means noticing the opportunities that flow your way in the external realm and tuning into your life-force energy via your sacral center to notice whether it’s a satisfactory ‘yes’ or frustrating ‘no’ feeling in your gut. The goal here is to respond, not react. Reaction is often unconscious and an automated response to external conditioning. Responding is conscious, and intentional.

I’ve worked with so many Manifesting Generators in my one-on-one work over the years and I liken the feeling to an off and on switch. If there’s no “fire” behind a decision, it’s a sign you may not necessarily have the energy or desire to commit to it long-term. For example, I’ve had Generator clients come in who despise forcing themselves to post daily on social media every day. They did it because they thought they “had to”. So here it may be an invitation to refine their marketing strategy to align with their strategy. That may look like creating a more automated backend content marketing funnel that runs whilst they’re offline enjoying their life. We let your excitement lead us from a business and marketing perspective!

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2. Embrace your multi-passionate self in business and don’t restrict yourself.

When entering the world of marketing, you will get thrown advice like “be really really specific”, “pick a tiny niche”, “you have to be known for one thing only”. Like you have to bottle up all your passions inside and share a miniscule amount of what actually lights up your soul. It’s common for many Manifesting Generators who follow this standard advice to end up feeling really restricted not only in business, but life.

I’m here to remind you if you’re in this space that you are here with multiple passions for a reason. You started your business to pave yourself a new path, not create yourself a new box to fit into! Your success in business comes when you allow yourself to share the multiple passions that light you up. Manifesting Generators are multi-taskers at heart and are designed to embrace their fluidity doing multiple things at once.

BUT here’s the thing, the other 70% percent of the population are not Manifesting Generators and so whilst I invite you to stay in your multi-passionate magic, from a business and marketing perspective you still need to be clear for your audience so they can understand what it is you actually do and how you work.

As a projector with a Channel of Acceptance and Curiosity, one of my guilty pleasures in my own business is helping Manifesting Generators channel all their tools, passions, certifications into a clear and potent transformation that makes (1) you happy because you get to be fluid as ever and (2) your audience happy, because they actually understand how your multi-passionate self can support them. It takes a certain level of science and art to ensure your offerings and brand positioning are specific yet spacious enough so you can add all the modalities you desire in future or pivot without needing to burn down your entire business and restart from scratch.

3. Connect to your passion for greater impact and profit.

So, what are you meant to do when waiting to respond? Simple, you focus on sharing your range of passions. For human design Manifesting Generators, your passion is your personal code to more impact and profit in business.

You attract sales by fully showing and embodying your passion for the many things that light you up. Sharing your passion is your success code to attracting clients or customers- so find ways to express it fully! This is your key to becoming magnetic and attracting an overflow of clients or customers in a more efficient and effective way.

With a defined sacral centre, you have great capability to be very sustainable in the way you grow your business. When your suite of offers and marketing lights you up, you have a significant amount of consistent energy to sell, serve and scale.

Copy/pasting someone else’s business blueprint for your unique soul will not work if it’s not a full body hell yes. Ask yourself, how can you market your business in a way that brings you the most joy?

If you do not feel lit up with what you are sharing or how you are interacting with your community it is likely you will feel depleted and frustrated. Burn-out is not just possible for Projectors, you may be likely to experience exhaustion if you aren’t putting the satisfaction or ‘soul’ in soulpreneur over the long-term too.

Human Design is the most powerful system you can integrate in business. It allows you to design your offers, market your business, attract dream clients or customers and overall grow your business in a way that aligns uniquely to you. 

Ready to rise as a Manifesting Generator? If you’re ready to learn more about your foundations and start your own Human Design in Business Experiment I invite you to sign up for The Decode Your Human Design Basics In Business 90min Free Class here. 

FREE: Decode Your Human Design Basics In BUSINESS CLASS
An on-demand 90min class to decode your human design foundations as a soulpreneur, and unlock the secrets to start thriving in business on your own terms.
Thank you for subscribing — your free class is on it's way to your email inbox! [ps. if you don't see it within the next 30mins please check your spam folder].