Human Design Marketing- The Ultimate Guide to attracting sales

Wish your soul had a success manual for marketing your business? Well, you’ve just found it. Human Design is a tool here to help you awaken your marketing magic and grow your business with ease. It’s time to finally ditch the one-size-fits-all marketing formulas and attract sales how your soul was uniquely designed to.

I see you. I feel the fire in your soul. The deep desires in your heart to do more, achieve more, and be more. The unspoken disappointment heavy on your shoulders when you realise you haven’t grown your business like you thought you would by now. The smallness you feel when your client calendar sits half empty and the prized “six figure year” everyone pushes online feels so far from reach.

I invite you to turn down the dial on the external noise. To get really quiet and ask yourself, how do YOU want to market and grow your business?

Unlike many others that slap on an expansive label on a one-size-fits-all “marketing success formula”; I know you are far from standard. You aren’t like the others…and this isn’t just a ‘business’ for you. It’s so much more; a vehicle to serve in a deep way, a vehicle to spread your love and light, and fulfill your soul’s mission wholeheartedly within this one lifetime.

As a human design projector, I’m here to gently let you know that the answers to your business success will never be found outside of you. You can stop seeking now…because the real magic happens when you unlock the natural magnetism and energetic blueprint that’s been inside of you all along by using human design as a tool in marketing.

So, what is Human Design?

Human Design is a powerful framework created by Ra Uru Hu and it brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, quantum physics and is based on your time of birth.

According to HumanDesign.Net, Human Design is “like an operating manual for life. It can help you understand the story of your life, your successes and failures. Your chart can show you what your authority is and how to use it in making clear, reliable decisions. It can describe your subconscious behavioral programs and patterns. And, it can tell you which of these condition you away from your truth. Making the right decisions eliminates resistance in your life. This alone transforms the places where you are open, vulnerable and conditioned, into areas where you get your deepest wisdom in life.”

Textbook stuff aside, experimenting with my Human Design has got to be one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever gone through. It’s helped me to heal from my “lifelong” illness from acting as a Generator for most of my life and it’s helped me to build a successful business with ease. I no longer have to push, force or ‘try’, life flows more effortlessly.

marketing human design
Artist: Patrick Langwallner

What’s human design got to do with marketing?

For many, stepping into the world of business feels foreign. So we do the best thing we know at the time- we find someone who is living the reality we want and we learn exactly how they did it. Smart, huh?

So we go on to invest potentially thousands, buying all the courses and group programs that take you through six or seven figure “success” formulas that don’t end up bringing you any success…leaving you disappointed or worse, considering calling it quits on your soul mission.

Most of my clients come to me on the verge of a complete burn-out, pouring from an empty cup and wondering why they aren’t bringing in more clients or customers despite how much time they spend on their marketing. Maybe you are also forcing yourself to post daily on Instagram, jump onto every new social platform, be a content machine, or show up on stories all-day long, all for the sake of keeping up with other #entrepreneur bosses out there?

However, just as there is no one size-fits-all approach in health or nutrition, nor should there be in marketing. Your soul was born with a marketing plan. Human Design is a tool that simply reveals it. Your own blueprint shows the unique way you are designed to market your business- from how to get visible, create content, build a community and attract sales.

marketing by human design type
Artist: Elia Pellegrini

Marketing by Human Design Type

Human Design is a complex system with many intricacies. The Human Design system provides a visual representation of your business operating manual via a diagram called the body graph chart- made up of nine centers, thirty-six channels, and sixty-four gates (learn how to decode your chart for business in free bundle here).

In the beginning, it is recommended you focus on embodying the most foundational pieces of your chart- which includes your Energy Type. The Energy Type reveals your innate nature, the gifts you bring to the world, as well as your vulnerabilities in business. Each energy type also has a strategy which can reveal how you are energetically designed to attract sales in your business.

There are 5 main energy types in the Human Design system- Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors. Every type plays an important role in the functioning of humanity. When everyone lives in alignment to their type, the world flows as it was designed to.

Let’s dive into how each Energy Type is designed to market their business…

marketing for generators
Artist: Gian Cescon

Marketing for Generators

You are the Marketing Lightworker. You attract sales by fully showing and embodying your passion for the craft you are here to master. Sharing your passion is your success code to attracting clients or customers- so find ways to express it fully! For example- live workshops, showing up on stories, creating engaging video or blog content that fully allow you to share and embody your passion in business.

Marketing for Manifesting Generators

You are The Multi-Marketing Lightworker. You attract sales by fully showing and embodying your passion for the many things that light you up via your offers, this allows clients or customers to be magnetized to you. Sharing your passion is your success code to attracting clients or customers- so find multiple ways to express it fully! For example- live workshops, showing up on stories, creating engaging video or blog content that fully allow you to share and embody your passion in business.

Marketing for Projectors

You are The Marketing Guide. You attract sales by nurturing and guiding your potential clients or customers. You truly see them for where they are at and where they want to go and you attract sales by lovingly guiding them, not pushing or convincing. Know that you will be magnetic to the right people who are meant to see you and are not designed to be recognised by everyone.

Artist: Brooke Cagle

Marketing for Manifestors

You are The Marketing Trailblazer. You attract sales by fully owning your immense power, creating a movement and actively bringing your potential clients or customers along for the ride. Don’t go ‘small’ with your marketing or dim your power. You have an extremely powerful voice, energetic presence and a selective aura which means you will attract some people and repel those who aren’t right for you.

Marketing for Reflectors

You are The Marketing. You aren’t designed to initiate sales (ie. sending DM’s to people who have never heard of you) or be a go-getter in business. You attract sales by being a mirror for your audience, showing them where they need healing and offering them a solution as the wisdom keeper you are. You may feel flighty in your business if you don’t have a strong strategy. It’s important to have a marketing strategy in place that keeps you grounded.

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