Human Design in Business- The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wished you had a manual for how you were uniquely designed to market and grow your business? Well, you might have just found it. Human Design is a tool that can help you to step into your next level of success in business by leveraging the unique energetic blueprint already written within you. It may be time to finally time to ditch the one-size-fits-all approaches and follow the only formula that truly works, your one.

If you’ve landed here perhaps you’ve arrived at a page in your story where you’re questioning the pathway you’re walking along in this journey called business. 

Maybe you’re feeling swept away on a road that is not of your own making? Placing successful expanders above you on golden pedestals. Trying yet another one-size-fits-all business formula. Only to feel more depleted, overwhelmed and so disconnected to the magic inside of you. Wondering where that passion, that fire, that joy that once sat inside your chest as you dreamed up this business vision has gone? 

Or perhaps you’re knee deep into the human design rabbit hole, and are obsessively googling all that you can find your hands on to see if you can make doing this whole business thang easier? Or maybe you don’t know on earth this whole human design thing is lol.

Either way you’ve made it to the right place. I want to remind you that the code to your success in business has been with you all along. Written in the stars.  Waiting for you to come home and awaken what is already within you. You hold the keys to your financial abundance and your business success in your hands right within this moment.

I’m here to hold a gentle space for you to discover yours in business…

human design for business
Artist: Andriyko Podilnyk

What is human design?

According to HumanDesign.Net, Human Design is “like an operating manual for life. It can help you understand the story of your life, your successes and failures. Your chart can show you what your authority is and how to use it in making clear, reliable decisions. It can describe your subconscious behavioral programs and patterns. And, it can tell you which of these condition you away from your truth.”

There’s a lot of information out there on human design, but the human typing these words isn’t the traditional kind lol. I did the trainings with the experts, threw out the materials and did it my own way as a 3 line experimenter. So if you’re looking for traditional technical human design teachings this is not the place and I invite you to close this tab right now. But if you want to tune into the wisdom of someone whose experimented the hard way for six years and who’s grown a multi-six figure business in under 1.5 years in alignment to her design then stick around. 

Okay so according to my channel…Human Design is like the ancient wisdom of I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system and modern science like quantum physics had a baby through the HD god that is Ra Uru Hu. And it was like…ta daaa…here is your Human Self’s roadmap to living *your* most spectacular and aligned life as a human based on your time of birth.

I like to imagine it like this…in the heavens or whatever spiritual dimension we come from, our soul and spirit guides meet up over a moon juice and are like hey, who do you want to be and how do you wish to travel through your lifetime on planet earth?

In this cosmic catch-up our soul or whatever higher power decides on the greatest gifts, strengths, struggles, lessons and relationship dynamics we wish to experience and play with in this incarnation (yep this incarnation, let’s leave parallel lives and multi-dimensionality for another day).

This stuff is abstract, so let me give you a real life example.

My soul jam with my guides would’ve went something like this as a 3-5 emotional projector with a cross of planning: As a Projector, let’s pick a family culture where women have been unseen for centuries and then later throw her into the land of corporate marketing for 13 years where she can learn the art of getting visible and voicing a message to millions of people.

As an adventurous 3 line, let’s choose energy mastery as something she can play with; have her bed bound and energy-less battling a mystery illness for 7 years and then have her chronic fatigue disappear overnight after an awkward energy healing sesh so she can learn about what the fuck just happened.

Then have her find human design and spend years learning about this invisible energy, and then let her solution-giving 5 line and cross of planning shine by starting a business where she infuses energy and marketing and puts together practical plans to help soulpreneurs grow their businesses with ease, joy and effectiveness. Geez…Wild, right?

Not going to sugar coat it Human Design is a seriously intricate system with a lot of layers. Learning it is one thing but living it is an entirely different ball game. Experimenting with my Human Design has got to be one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever gone through and will continue to go through. It’s helped me to heal from my “lifelong” illness from acting as a Generator for most my life and it’s helped me to build a successful business with ease (different to easy lol). I no longer have to push, force or ‘try’ as hard in any area of my life. I’m at peace with my shadows and know they are also divinely designed too! 

If you don’t already know your human design,  you can head to Jenna Zoe’s free software here and drop in your exact birth date, time and location. If you don’t know it ask the hospital you were born at or use a pendulum or muscle testing to figure it out. 

human design in business
Artist: Lisha Riabinina

Why use Human Design in business?

Let’s be honest there are a million ways to grow a business. And they will all work…even the one-size-fits-all kinds if you put in enough “hard work”. But I don’t know about you…I’d rather avoid the burn-out and frustration that eventually comes with placing someone elses approach on a pedestal above the wisdom that’s already written within me. 

Whilst experimenting with Human Design in my everyday life, it didn’t occur to me I could actually integrate it into the way I was running my business. As a Marketing Strategist who had climbed the corporate ladder growing multi-million dollar brands for over decade, I knew a heap about building businesses. I had all the business and marketing tricks up my sleeve but that didn’t stop me from lying in a pool of tears, completely burnt-out, frustrated- seconds away from calling it quits on my own business dreams. 

In that moment, I made a promise to give it another shot, but run and market my business according to my design. Back then I couldn’t find any resources on how to actually that so I had to figure it out the hard way. Of course…as a 3/5 I wouldn’t expect anything less ;).

So I ran a 30 Day Projector Business Experiment where I doubled the number of clients on my books. Which turned into a One Year Human Design in Business Experiment where I booked out my business (whilst working a full time job). Which turned into a Two Year Human Design in Business Experiment where I quit my decade long career in marketing and went all in to my own business full time. 

So, here is exactly what integrating human design in business has done for me: 

✅ It’s helped me to create a business model that honours how my energy works. By knowing how my energy works I know how to channel it in the most efficient, effective and enjoyable ways. It doesn’t mean business is easy at all times, but it’s a hell of a lot easier than the alternatives in my opinion.

✅ It’s helped me to extract the brand that is written within me instead of showing up as a replica of someone else or a cocktail mix of my greatest expanders. I’ve come to a true state of peace with my shadows and know they are nothing to hide.

✅ It’s helped me to gain clarity on my most aligned offerings and who I am uniquely designed to work with. No more Ideal Client Avator exercises. No more following others ascension model blueprints. When I connected with the frequencies of my soul tribe in my chart, working with clients felt more like play then work. 

✅ It’s helped me to design an effective and energetically aligned marketing strategy that calls in an overflow of clients. Sure the whole Know, Like, Trust stuff you’ll hear still applies but the way you actually do that is dependent on you. No client has ever had the same marketing strategy or tactics. 

✅ It’s helped me to create content that is highly engaging and super duper easy to create because it feels so natural. No more copy-paste caption templates. And if you’re a tad spiritual, you’ll learn that content becomes a channel for you to express your creativity and soul unlike ever before. 

✅ It’s helped me to sell in a way that feels natural and soul nourishing. Soul nourishing…what is this girl on lol? When you really tap into the energies written within your chart the sales process becomes enjoyable…not to mention damn effective. 

So how on earth do you get this from a chart? Read on. 


using human design in business
Artist: David Billings

Decoding your human design chart for business

The Human Design system provides a visual representation of your ‘operating manual’ via a diagram called the body graph chart. It is made up of nine centers, thirty-six channels, sixty-four gates, a whole bunch of planets, and then there’s the other stuff like variables which are a more complicated area of the system. I’ll guide you through each area of the chart below and how it applies to business.

Human Design Energy Type For Business

Our Energy Type is how we are designed to operate in business. It’s what type of vehicle you want to embody as you scale your business. We are all journeying to somewhere, but the way we get to the destination makes all the difference. I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy the journey *whilst* hitting those soulpreneur sales goals! Here is a short overview for each energy type. Click the accompanying guide for more detailed information for your specific energy type.

Generators in Business

Growing their business is like a fun road trip down the highway in a reliable car to Booked Out Bay. They’ve got the energy to stay at it for long periods of time. They’ve got their windows down, music blaring and are absolutely lovin life. Their energy is magnetic and you can’t help but ask “what are they on? Gimme some of that”. Their passion is their code to soulpreneur success. See the Ultimate Human Design Generator Guide to Business here.

Manifesting Generators in Business

Growing their business is like a get-away bonanza with Booked Out Bay as their final epic destination. They want to Air-Bnb hop soaking up the vibes of the little towns they come across. So many ways to turn, so many things to do, so many incredible things to experience along the way. Similar to their Generator homies, passion is key! See the Ultimate Human Design Manifesting Generator Guide to Business here

Projectors in Business

Growing their business is like a cruisy sailing experience. They want to reach Booked Out Bay the only way they know how: cocktail in hand, soaking up the rays on the deck and directing the crew to do the heavy lifting as they enjoy the view. Sure they’ll grab the ropes once in a while, but resting it up and guiding is what they do best 😉 See the Ultimate Human Design Projector Guide to Business here. 

Manifestors in Business

Growing their business is like hoppin on a rocket, impactful hey?. They have got immense power to get going but they better make sure they have invited a kick-ass team on their journey to keep them moving to Booked Out Bay. The bigger the community, the bigger their impact! Unless they want to keep it small, deep and intimate and that’s okay too. See the Ultimate Human Design Manifestor Guide to Business here. 

Reflectors in Business

Growing a business is like hopping on the local bus. Sure they’re sensitive and feeling the vibes of the people around them BUT that makes for one hell of a journey. They’re the chatty type, soaking up the stories from others and somehow they reach Booked Out Bay with an additional bag of wisdom. Bonus! 🙂 See the Ultimate Human Design Reflector Guide to Business here. 

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Human Design Authority For Business

I like to think of your authority as your GPS in business. It’s that inner compass that lets you know…hey, you are going down the wrong path, say no to that brand who wants you to work for ‘free exposure’, say yes to that client who’s seriously a dream boat and lights you up like nothing else. It simply helps you become a better decision maker in business, and boy are you going to be making a lot of decisions.

Emotional Authority in Business

They are here to ride the emotional wave and make a business decision once they reach a place of stillness. If a chart has the Solar Plexus Center defined this automatically makes the person have Emotional authority.

Sacral Authority in Business

They are here to listen to their gut when making business decisions. Aka. a yay or nay response in their tummy. It applies when the Sacral Center is defined without the Solar Plexus, Generator energy types only.

Splenic Authority in Business

They are here to make business decisions in the moment using natural intuition and instinct. It applies when the Spleen Center is defined without the Solar Plexus or the Sacral Center.

Ego Authority in Business

They are here to make business decisions connected to their heart and ‘will’. It applies when the Heart Center is connected to the Throat (Manifestors) or Heart connects to the Identity Center (Projectors).

Mental/Environmental Authority in Business

They are here to listen to their own voice to make business decisions and use others as a sounding board. It applies to Projectors when the Identity Center is connected to the Throat or any combination of a defined Head, Ajna or Throat, but no definition below the Throat Center.

Lunar Authority in Business

They are here to make business decisions after waiting a lunar cycle (28 days). That means taking their time! It applies to Reflectors only where no centers are defined.

Human Design Centers For Business

Your centers are what I call “energy transmitters”. These can tell me who you are naturally designed to attract into your business, as well as give me clues as to what you are here to sell and ‘give’ to your community via your offers.

There are 9 energy transmitters in your chart that will impact you as a soulpreneur. When a center is colored in this means it is defined and has a fixed way of experiencing the energy of that center. Think of yourself like a broadcasting tower; this is where you ‘give’ energy as a soulpreneur and shoot it out into the world without much effort.

If a center is white this means that it is undefined or open and means you have an inconsistent way of experiencing the energy of that center. In your open centers you are ‘receiving’ energy from others, experiencing it, and amplifying or reflecting it back out. This is where most of your de-conditioning work will be required! In order for you to market your business *your* way, we need to release everyone else’s stories and advice from your operating system.

Head Center in Business

Your head center is where all the inspiration and ideas for your business will come from.  It is designed to ask questions and seek answers and can be helpful to tune into when creating content or coming up with innovative ideas. 

Ajna Center in Business

Your ajna is your center for thinking and analysing in business. It is designed for data processing, research and conceptualisation. This is the center you’ll want to use when doing things like reviewing your financials or data.

Throat Center in Business

Your throat is your center for communication and manifestation in business. This is the point towards which all energy in the body is moving to find expression. This is the center you’ll tap into when marketing, creating content and communicating with clients or customers in business.

Identity Center in Business

Your identity is your center for love, behaviour and direction in business. It is about the identity of the self. This is the center you’ll tap into when doing branding work or tuning into future planning.

Ego Center in Business

Your ego is the center for willpower in business. This is where the will to do something or not is expressed as an energy. This is the center that’s linked to self worth in business, owning the power of your gifts and connecting to the heart of your mission. 

Sacral Center in Business

Your sacral is your center for work-force and life-force energy in business. It is reproductive, life sustaining energy. This is the center for ‘doing the work’ so to speak and also a great one to tap into when choosing to birth new offers into the world. 

Spleen Center in Business

Your spleen is your center for survival and instinct in business, and is our oldest and most primal awareness. It only works in the now. You’ll likely tune into this center when you’re experiencing fear in business (which everyone will as business is the biggest container for expansion and growth!).

Solar Plexus Center in Business

Your solar plexus is the center for emotions in business. This emotional energy fluctuates in waves. This center allows you to connect to your clients, customers or team members on an emotional level. 

Root Center in Business

Your root is your center for adrenaline energy in business. Pressure moves energy up through the body to fuel action. This center will provide you with that ‘pulse’ of energy to make moves in business. Stress often arises from this center. 

Other Areas of The Human Design Chart For Business

Our Energy Type is how we are designed to operate in business. It’s what type of vehicle you want to embody as you scale your business. We are all journeying to somewhere, but the way we get to the destination makes all the difference. I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy the journey *whilst* hitting those soulpreneur sales goals!

Profile Lines in Business

Your profile highlights your personality. It can tell me how you are naturally designed to show up as a brand and what type of marketing and content approaches may suit you best.

Are you designed to show up as an authority? Are you designed to show up as an influencer? Are you designed to show up imperfectly? The answers are written in your profile.

You will have two numbers in your profile (ie. 3/5) which is outlined in the chart properties section. The first number you may easily recognize in yourself, and the second number you are here to work towards embodying in business.

Channels in Business

Channels are the lines in your chart that connect each center. Your defined channels can reveal more of your unique gifts you are here to embody in your marketing and biz. When working with clients, I tap into the channels throughout every single thing we do because this is the area that makes them very different to others who may have the same type or profile. It’s like a frequency we try to infuse throughout one’s offers, messaging, content and beyond.

Those coloured in are called defined centers (because the channel is connected at two gates). The lines coloured black are those Conscious Defined Channels; this is the conscious part of your gifts that you may notice in yourself more easily.

The lines coloured red are your Unconscious Defined Channels; this is the unconscious part of your gifts that others see in you but you may have a harder time seeing in yourself.

Gates in Business

Your gates are the numbers in your chart (there are 64 all up). These are your energy activation points that influence the way you will experience the energy of your centers. They also hold unique gifts too. I like using the Gene Keys as a sister system as they express the gate energies in a lot more depth than human design. 

I review the incarnation gates of my clients (linked to the sun and earth planets) and infuse these energies throughout their entire business.  These gates highlight the key purpose themes you are here to experience in your incarnation on planet Earth so it’s common for these energies to play a major part in the way you experience business.

Planets in Business

The planets are those symbols down each side of your chart. This is a super intricate part of human design that if you have the time to go through can be super enlightening. But for business, I mostly use the Mercury to discover one’s unique voice and tone in their marketing and the Venus and Mars to understand the deeper themes around how they’re here to attract wealth. 

Here’s a quick overview of the themes of each planet.

Sun: Personality, Expression
Earth: Grounding, Balance
North Node: Future Direction
South Node: Past Direction
Moon: Feelings, Emotions
Mercury: Communication
Venus: Love, Relationships
Mars: Assertion, Action
Jupiter: Expansion, Faith
Saturn: Discipline, Challenge
Uranus: Individuality, Change
Neptune: Intuition, Illusion
Pluto: Transformation, Death & Rebirth

Human Design is an incredible self awareness tool that also serves as a great way to ensure the way you grow your business is in alignment with you! I hope this guide was helping in covering the human design basics in business. 

If you’re ready to start your own Human Design in Business Experiment I invite you to sign up for The Decode Your Human Design Basics In Business 90min Free Class here. 

FREE: Decode Your Human Design Basics In BUSINESS CLASS
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