The Magnetism of Marketing

I was casually browsing on Pinterest when a particular post caught my eye. I clicked on it and went on to read this long blog post written by this feminine and heart-centred coach. I felt her words pierce every part of my soul, as if they were written especially for me. I felt so seen and heard, and held like never before.

This woman I’d never seen or met before read me better than I could understand myself. She described all of my struggles, the messy in-between I found myself in and reflected back a glimpse of my future self all within a 1000 word blog post. 

And for the next few hours, I devoured every single blog post on her website, followed her on Instagram and then listened to every podcast she’d ever recorded so I could taste just a bit more the medicine she was destined to gift to the world. 

She had a magnetic quality that pulled me in with such force I’d never experienced before. It was her energy- her words had a vibe of their own and they left me…completely changed with my soul proclaiming I just had to work with her.

This right here is the unspoken force of magnetism at play within marketing.  

Magnetism is a phenomena that can be difficult to fully grasp but I like to think of it simply by remembering back to the times we used to play with the little magnets on a checkerboard as children. They were truly fascinating- the way two magnets could be drawn powerfully towards each other by an invisible force and how they would snap together like glue, and also how other magnets could repel and push others away with that same invisible force. That invisible force is the art of magnetism.

Magnets hold an invisible magnetic field around them. The Earth holds an invisible magnetic field around it. And we humans also have an invisible magnetic field around us too. In science, they call it the human biofield or ‘human energy field’- to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds up to 8 feet outside of and within the human body. In the realm of spirituality, they call it the aura. In chinese medicine, they call it Qui or life-force energy. 

Sciency stuff aside, you’ve probably experienced this invisible force in your everyday life. Maybe you’ve entered a room where a person had this powerful energy that lit up the whole space, or maybe you felt this unspoken force between you and the love of your life when you first met them. Or maybe like myself, you’ve had clients tell you they signed up because they ‘liked your vibe’ or they ‘felt aligned with your energy’.

As traditional structures are breaking down and our world moves into a new paradigm, our ways of marketing will also shift.

The days of receiving cold DM’s from people with an air of desperation pushing their products on you will be gone. The big questions of today like ‘when is the right time to post on Instagram’ or ‘how many times should i be posting per week’ will be left behind. Selling will no longer feel sleazy or manipulative, and the traditional forms of push marketing will be released into the past.

For entrepreneurs in the new paradigm,the unspoken nature of magnetism will be understood and used as an invisible force to attract the right clients. The focus will be on pure quality and channeling our authentic frequency through all forms of marketing content. Our community will join us because they feel an energetic pull towards us, they will be swept away reading your content and will become clients or customers because they vibe with who you are deep down.

Here’s a little exercise that will help you harness the power of magnetism in your business.

Think of yourself as a magnet. 

I invite you to think about who it is you want to attract and how you want your audience to feel? What vibe do you want to emit in your marketing content?

Secondarily, I invite you to consider who it is you want to repel? How can you alter your marketing content to repel those clients not meant for you?


If you need support in harnessing the power of your magnetism, I invite you to learn more about my services here.