Marketing for Projectors in Human Design

My fellow projector entrepreneur, I have a soft space in my heart for you because I know all too well what you are going through. 

It was only a while ago I was crying Kim.K style ugly tears on my office *ahem bedroom* floor with my finger hovering over the delete Instagram account button, waist-high in a sea of oracle cards and crystals, cursing at the universe and my spirit guides proclaiming ‘I’m going to quit this business!!!!’

I was burnt out. Frustrated. And completely ****** OVER IT. Lying in my pool of tears and self-pity I realised I had been running my business in full blown Generator Human Design mode. 

I was spending long long hours producing content like a machine, feeling drained from showing up on Instagram 20x a day AND wondering why I just couldn’t keep up with all the other female entrepreneurs showing up in a bazillion ways- podcasts, tik toks, instagram, facebook groups, linked in, webinars, the list goes on. 

And in that moment, I made a promise to give it another shot, but run and market my business as a Projector. I ran a one month experiment where I stayed true to the human design I was born with (I invite you to read about it here) and then a one year experiment (read about it here). And the rest is history as they say!!


As you spontaneously landed here, I have a feeling your mind might be full of the same crazy questions and like me maybe you’re even wondering if this whole entrepreneur thang is even meant for the Projector you…

–        How am I meant to grow a business when I have to WAIT TO BE INVITED?

–        Does that mean I have to give away my power, be a complete hermit and not show up on social media unless someone gave me permission to?

–        WAIT TO BE RECOGNISED?? Does that mean I’m not even allowed to SELL my services? How am I going to make money?

– Is my zero sacral energy a recipe for business burnout disaster- how am i meant to run a business with no sustainable energy?

Oh boy. I see you!

But let me tell you my fellow projector, whilst the odds may seem they are stacked up against you, you can thrive as an entrepreneur and I’m here to show you how.


You are here to guide others as an entrepreneur (in your own unique way!)

As a projector, you make up 20% of the population, and as a minority we are to be the guides of the planet  (that’s right, we are here to LEAD the generators, manfiestors, reflectors of the world). We have a unique ability to see things the way others simply can’t – whether that’s reading into people, devising systems, or designing new ways of doing things.

As an entrepreneur, your business is a vehicle for you in this lifetime to play out this role you were destined for. You know that special gift of yours, the one that truly lights you up, the one that you could spend hours and hours talking about- this is what you are here to share with the world through your business. 

Within my own business as a Marketing Strategist, I take this up a notch and support other entrepreneurs to package up their unique system and include that as a major part of their branding.

Wait for an invitation whilst sharing your unique gifts 

As a projector human design, our strategy is to wait for an invitation. But unlike what you may be thinking, that’s not an invitation to hide away in our bedrooms watching 8 seasons of Gossip Girl under the covers, until a magical genie pops out and grants us permission to finally promote our offer on Instagram (although that does sound pretty good to my projector ears!).

The truth is if we don’t show up, we aren’t giving ourselves the chance to be seen or recognised. So share your unique message to your community and talk about what lights you up on the platforms you feel aligned to. I really recommend showcasing your expertise and stepping up as an authority in your niche as this gives your audience a chance to recognise your gifts. 

But here’s what waiting for an invitation does not mean! It doesn’t mean sending cold DM’s to people who have never heard of you before or giving unsolicited personal advice to someone who has not asked for your guidance. These traditional forms of marketing were created by Generators and, well, they don’t work that well for us and will leave us feeling very unseen and bitter in our business.

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You don’t need to prove your entrepreneur worth by over-doing (there's no golden medal for burnout).

One of the most common challenges of being a Projector human design is proving we can hustle and keep up with the rest of the world. I’ve certainly been there, done that and have a lifelong chronic illness as a result of my ways trying to fit into the Generator way of the world. 

As Projectors, we have inconsistent energy and the truth is our operating system is not here to just ‘make things happen’ like Generators or Manifestor entrepreneurs. We don’t need to have the full kit and kaboodle of marketing platforms, we need to be super intentional with the way we use our energy and make sure our business and marketing efforts are getting a good return on investment for the work we do put in.

With my clients, this could look like implementing batching days as part of their business so when there is a big bolt of energy they have a process they can go through to get their whole month’s worth of marketing done and dusted- leaving more time for resting and recharging for the remainder of the month. Repurposing your content is an even better idea for Projectors to maintain your energy.

You are the most magnetic to the right kinda people (you're not here to guide the whole wide world).

Maybe, like me, you’ve felt unseen and unrecognised for a very long time- so this statement right here was like music to my sweet projector ears. 

I know you have a big heart and here to offer your sacred service to the world, but you are not here to help everyone. You are not for everyone and not everyone is going to like you. Once we can learn to accept that as a Projector entrepreneur, there is a softness and sense of trust that grows upon the realisation that we are magnetic to the people who are meant to see us. 

The projector aura is even shaped differently, with a cone like field that projects and penetrates deeply into the magnetic field of another. I invite you to release the desire to attract everyone and focus on getting super clear on your business niche. The clients who are meant for you will be attracted to you with a powerful force that leaves them asking you for more information (your invitation to sell) or directly signing up to work with you!

I know it can be difficult to navigate the entrepreneur world as a Projector at times, so I hope this guide offered you the guidance you were looking for. As a fellow Projector- I see that you are destined for success and following your human design will play an important role in your journey. 

I’d love to hear your experiences navigating the world as a Projector- DM me on instagram@kiaramareeco. If you need any support on growing your business as a Projector, well I’m here waiting for your invitation 😉 

Want to hear more about my one year experiment integrating my human design in my marketing and business? Read the One Year Human Design in Business Experiment blog post here

If you’re ready to start your own Human Design in Business Experiment I invite you to sign up for The Decode Your Human Design Basics In Business 90min Free Class here. 

FREE PROJECTOR GUIDE: Waiting For The Invitation In Business
Discover the four types of invites you may receive in business + a self-inquiry list to help you ditch the confusion & apply your Projector strategy right away.
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