Maybe it was the cancer full moon, maybe it was the New Year New You resolution spiel but god damn did it feel like my soul was taken over by this big dark force that squeezed the joy and excitement from my heart…and left me feeling…hmmm how do I put
I’ve been sitting in bed for the last five days, feeling weak and half energy-less. Geeze these human design transits are no joke. We moved into Gate 37 last week and it was here to transmute the shadow of weakness, and here i’ve been what feels like forced by the
To think we walk alone in our business journey is all but normal in our humanly sense. For we cannot see the greater picture, when we are the thread. We cannot see the puzzle when we are a piece of it. Perhaps at this moment in time in your earth
I crashed on the couch after a long day’s work at the office. As head of the Marketing Department for a fast-growing nine figure company, my Projector energy tank was at a low. Scrolling through the land of Instagram, I re-charged my batteries by peering into the lives of successful
You can hit 10k months with a tiny audience and no ads. Really, you can. But first I just want to pierce your soul with my Projector aura and let you know that if you haven’t hit that shiny 10k sales month just yet, there is NOTHING wrong with you.
I’m not going to lie. When it hit me that I was a “Human Design Projector” AND an “entrepreneur” I had a major breakdown. Those two terms were mutually exclusive. I couldn’t be BOTH a Projector and a business owner at the same time! As if I could make six-figures
It’s been one year since I started my human design in business experiment on the 1st of May 2020. It’s been one wild, enlightening and all round life-changing-ride in business (and life!).  I feel called to reflect and share an honest look at what the past twelve months have looked
Start running your business as a human design Reflector and say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all advice! In this guide, you will learn how wisdom is your code to impact and how community is key to reach your next level of success in business. Dearest human design Reflector, I am here