Do you use any spirituality tools to land clients? I’m getting a little woo woo today and sharing with you my three secret spirituality hacks I’ve used to land new clients: 💎 I journal as if it’s already happened This journal practice is called ‘scripting’. Write down the feelings you
Do you feel like it’s hard to step up the way you truly desire as an entrepreneur? Sometime’s our mindset can be just as much as a barrier than lacking the actual know-how to marketing your biz online. It’s super important to work on BOTH mindset and strategy to really
When you first launch your biz, you aren’t exactly swimming in money (just yet!) I get it. Things are often a lil thrifty for a while and you aren’t exactly ready to throw in tens of thousands into paid advertising every month. BUT you have still got to get yourself
You felt a DEEP calling to help real people. You had a KNOWING you were meant for more. So, you did a crazy thing like start your own biz. Yay! You felt INCREDIBLE as you shouted to the world (…*ahem* your mom and close friends) ‘ I’m open for biz