My Year Three Human Design In Business Experiment

This time three years ago I was crying Kim.K style ugly tears on the floor in a sea full of oracle cards, finger hovering over the ‘delete instagram account’ button, moments away from calling it quits on the side-hustle I’d only just begun. I was looking outside of myself and applying every trick I used to grow other people’s multi-million dollar brands to my own business, and was left feeling bitter, burnt-out and so out of alignment.

My higher self chimed in letting me know *not so gently* that following all the standard strategies was NOT going to work for me. I needed to honour my Projector type and human design that I was born with. Business “success” wasn’t true success if it meant abandoning who I was on the pathway to it. Sure I had been studying and experimenting with the human design system in my personal life in the years prior, but not once did I think about building my entire business and marketing strategy to fit my unique one-of-a-kind design as a Marketing & Brand Consultant.

So in my breakdown came my breakthrough and my Human Design in Business experiment was officially born. Since Day 1 I’ve been experimenting with every single intricacy of my human design in business. Each month I picked an area of my chart to contemplate and experiment with. I wanted to get to know the individual energies of my design and how they united together over time as a soulpreneur. I also wanted to see how they integrated with my existing expertise. Human Design is a self-awareness system at the heart, but my experimental 3 line self questioned whether or not these intricacies of my design had any effect on me as a business owner, or more tangibly on my business entity too.

Year One of my Human Design in Business Experiment started with a sceptical “I wonder if this is even going to work?!” and ended with a fully booked side-hustle and comparisonitis became a thing of the past. Year Two of my Human Design in Business Experiment, was full of fun experiments and I finally made that transition to that newfound ‘I-can-do-whatever-I-want-when-I-want’ vision board life. In Year Three, I continued on with my experiment playing with more of the advanced areas of the chart in business.

I’m pulling back the curtains and offering you an invitation to peer behind-the-scenes into the month to month of my Year Three of my Human Design in Business experiment.

Month #25: Branding & Loving On Our Gene Key Shadows

This month I was knee deep in helping many 1:1 clients with their brand strategies. Part of this process involves looking at the way they’ve been expressing themselves online & laser focussing on how their work and approach differs from every other business selling a similar thing. Many of them are in the wellness, health, spirituality and lifestyle space and a common phrase that comes up for these types of business owners that help other humans become their healthiest, wealthiest, spiritually aligned selves is this: “I need to show up perfectly”. There is a tendency to cover the scars or hide the stories that catapulted them into their work because “we aren’t healed or perfect enough…yet”. The spiritual ego is just another mask that keeps us safe from showing up as our authentic selves in business.

It wasn’t until I started studying and experimenting with the gene keys in my personal experiment years back that I saw ‘shadow work’ in a new way. Richard Rudd states that it is in our human wounding that we find our gifts. Very much along the lines of Sufi poet Rumi ‘the wound is a place where the light enters you’. It took peering into hundreds of charts and hearing the personal stories of soulpreneurs during the branding and marketing process that this concept became real. I saw it time and time again and this month was no different. The darkness they’d been through was divinely designed and often coded in their gene keys. Their soulpreneur medicine was seeded in the sufferings they’d lived through. Wisdom extracted from the woundings they endured. For those attracted to the human design system and soulpreneurs who are in business for more than just making money, brand becomes a vessel for contributing a message, a movement and a medicine that plays a part in relieving suffering and activating wholeness in humanity. This month was a reminder on the power of embracing our shadows and the gifts we source from as portals for our brand expression and expansion.

Month #26: 3/5 Profile Polarity: Being Imperfect & The Saviour Projection

This month of my Human Design in Business Experiment I went back to basics and integrated deeper layers of my human design profile combination. After seven years of personal experimentation I’ve found the energetics of living one’s experiment to be spiral-like, covering the same things but at deeper and deeper levels, like peeling the layers off an onion. For many of us the energies of our profile combinations can be conflicting in nature. For me, my 3 line profile is one of trial and error. I learn through real life experimentation, trying things out myself, seeing what works and what doesn’t. This Human Design in Business experiment is just one real life example of that. Some call this failure. I call this golden wisdom. But my other profile line? Profile line 5 is an energy associated with leadership. People can often project the saviour “you can fix all my problems” archetype onto 5 lines.

Embracing the paradoxical energy of both lines at the same time in business has taken lots of deconditioning. The truth is there is a big difference between knowing your human design, and living and maintaining living your human design. Letting myself still remain connected to my experiential self in a business world that’s conditioned for perfection is one that’s taken integration for sure as I’ve grown my business and audience over the years. This month was a reminder that being human is being paradoxical and business is an arena where we get to play with the energies of both profile lines.

Month #27: Throat, Mercury & Content Marketing Experiment

I deep dived into my defined throat and my mercury gates, and experimented with their relationship to my content marketing in business. The throat center is the key center of our human design charts that is linked with communication and expression. Mercury also has a more direct impact on the expression of our messaging in our marketing. The way I see it, we may not be here to literally share the medicine of the gates but it’s an energetic communication filter that we can bring into the messaging and content marketing strategy process to express the way that is most in resonance with you. We aren’t here to share our message in the same way. My mercury gate holds the siddhi energy of the divine feminine, hence why you don’t see a lot of “this is how I made 95k in 2 weeks” or “my client had a 20k day after struggling to sell $100 sessions!” social proof in every post…they’re real stats, and I would probably get a lot more attention if I marketed that way, but that’s just not how I’m here to express my message.

So this month I tried experimenting strategically by switching up my content marketing. I wanted to experiment with physically using my voice more. Tried doing more live videos during the month instead of writing. Kinda went overboard and ended up draining my sacral energy. It was a good reminder that it’s best to stick to a medium that allows us to more easily access the communication gifts coded inside of us, over developing a content strategy based off what’s hot or trending in the algorithms. This month I also did a lot of deconditioning around the throat center with some other tools and systems including sound-healing, reiki and Psych-K subconscious reprogramming. Here’s a few mindset declarations if you want to try out something similar: I release all resistance to speaking my truth online. I do not spend any energy defending or proving the worth of my work to those who are not aligned to it. I take care in sharing my truth but am not responsible for people’s personal projections of me. I have the freedom to express my voice in a way that honours me.

Month #28: Contemplating My Human Design Motivation In Business.

I chose motivation as a piece of the chart to contemplate and focus my attention on and see its finer impact on the way I was going about my day to day business happenings this month. Motivation is a deeper intricacy of human design (linked to variables) and it’s only in the latter years of my personal experiment that I realised how integral this piece of the chart is. This month I saw how deeply my motivation impacted the way my sacral energy worked in business. I noticed that when I was in my true motivation, my sacral energy turned on. When I was in my transference (not-self) motivation, my sacral energy was sparse, I just didn’t have it in me to “get things done”.

Here’s an example of it in action: My transference motivation (not self) is Innocence. The Human Design system teachings infers someone with Innocence as their motivation isn’t here to concern him or herself with anything or anyone, they take no sides. But as my not-self, it means I may thrive having some sort of mission or ‘agenda’. My motivation (aligned self) is Desire. Someone with desire motivation feels drawn to concepts and seeks to find information that help themselves and others excel. They are here to share what they have learnt with others. My sacral turns on big time when I allow myself to share what I have learnt. This blog post is a real life example of this happening in action. This month was a great reminder on the power of connecting to your own motivation as a business owner, over the conditioning around motivation you see online. It makes for more efficiency, effectiveness and all-round deeper alignment.

Month #29: Contemplating My Human Design Variables In Business

This month I laser focussed my aura on the Variables (4 arrows) part of my human design chart. The variables relate to our cognitive design and look at how we are designed to perceive and take in the world around us. According to Ra, we‘re made up of these four combinations of Left-ness and Right-ness. Left-ness is about being “focused and strategic”. Rightness is about being “peripheral and receptive”; taking in everything without focus. So how do our variables impact us as business owners? By understanding how our cognition is designed to uniquely work in our environment and take in information, we are more self-aware in the way we can go about our day to day business journey; like contemplating how we can go about goal setting, to the way we set-up our workspace and how we go about the flow of our marketing and content systems.

This piece of the chart was kinda difficult to contemplate in business honestly. It took so much experimentation and contemplation over the years. It’s not really about ‘practical integration’ but about your state of awareness. I think it’s just something that naturally evolves as you go about your deconditioning process and living your personal experiment. But practical wise, as a PRR DRL (mostly right arrowed sans one) I experimented a lot with having no structure/systems and letting myself “be a well” per Ra’s teachings. I ultimately came to these conclusions this month: I May Not Need A Strategy For My Life, But My Business Entity Sure Wants One. An Aligned Strategy Actually Skyrocketed My Personal Feminine Flow, Vs. Restricted It. Life Happens. It’s Kinda A Privilege To Live By Your Arrows. Just because you have right arrows doesn’t mean you’re hopeless at strategy. I share more in the ‘Quad Right Business Talk: Do I Actually Need A Strategy?’ blog post.

Month #30: Personal Human Design vs. Business Human Design chart

I’d been experimenting with my business human design chart over the last 2 years but felt called to stop this month and really contemplate the usage of this chart. Was this just another added complexity? Did I really need to continue on with my mindfulness around the business chart? My conclusion was it was helpful to know at a high level, and more particularly when tuning into the foundational things like business mission, brand vision, etc. but I didn’t really need to focus on integration on a daily basis as a solopreneur. Usually, I’ve found the business energy play a more significant role in company facing brands and non-personal brands like communities, product based businesses and those who take a more background role. For now, it wasn’t really a priority.

Month #31-32: Quit Your Human Design Experiment!

“Stop your human design experiment” my inner voice whispered. “Pack away your oracle decks, stop your self-reiki, psych-k reprogramming”. My ego grew cautious, perplexed. Why would I stop using the tools that were the catalysts to coming back home to myself? I shrugged every message off. Then the emails came letting me know the two x self development trainings I had paid and looked forward to for months, suddenly cancelled. I could no longer ignore it, the invitation was clear. So I followed my inner voice and quit my personal and business human design experiment without knowing why.

My soul was calling for a self-development detox and a break from the human design rabbit hole I’d been in for the last six and a half years. What ensued for the next two months was a time of really contemplating the healing and self-awareness tools and modalities I’d been using in my life. I saw clearly how I engaged with the human design system in unhealthy ways in the beginning. I saw how common it was for those in my audience to outsource their authority to it. It was a much-needed reminder of the power of messaging and the need to remind my audience and clients that they are the ultimate authority for who they are and what is best for them. You can read the lessons in my 6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started My Human Design Experiment blog post.

Month #33: MC Midheaven Line Experimentation & My Business Mission.

After that break, I felt called to dive back into my Human Design in Business (and personal) Experiment and contemplate the Midheaven or MC line. The mid-heaven is a part of the astrological natal chart that astrologers usually focus on when it comes to your career. It is said to be on the cusp of the tenth house of career and public image, which speaks to your professional path, social standing, and public persona. When I reflect upon its integration in business, the midheaven is an element that may more directly impact the field of personal branding, and also the higher mission of the business. 

After contemplating the midheaven conscious gate and unconscious gate this month and it’s relationship to business it was a chance to uncover deeper layers of the higher mission of my work. As a Gate 25 The Spirit of The Self Midheaven, part of the invitation here is to fully surrender to one’s individuality. It’s about overcoming the shadow of constriction and experiencing the gift of acceptance. This month I discovered that my integration of human design as part of my own client work in the fields of brand, messaging and marketing was part of me living my midheaven. Authenticity and self-acceptance are core topics at the heart of my professional work, and the contemplation of the mid-heaven this month was a nice confirmation of that. This is an interesting planet to deep dive into in those moments when you’re wanting to reconnect with the higher-arching vision of your life path and the role of your business within it. You can find it when you pull the Astro HD Chart in the Genetic Matrix Chart Software.

Month #34: Human Design Colour & Environment In My Work Setup

This month I dived back into a whole lot of Ra’s lectures about an area of the human design system called Colour and a subset of the Variables called Environment (of which mine is Caves). More particularly, I wanted to see how deep of an impact my environment had on the way I went about running and managing my business. People who have this environment do best when they can control who is coming in and out, and when they have their back to the wall so that they feel a sense of security.

I’d already played with the environment in earlier years, but decided to be a rebel this month and change my desk location so that my back was not to the wall. I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference, likely because I work from home anyway and there’s no one coming in or out. But it was worth a try.  Theres a few people online who specialise in environment variable and feng shui if you’re looking for a specialist in this area (Vaness Henry is a good resource for this area of the chart). 

Month #35: Chiron Planet & Our Blindspots As A Business Owner

I proceeded on with an astrological focus and deep dived into contemplation with the minor planet Chiron. According to Glamour Magazine, “Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Chiron helps you better understand your deepest wounds and weaknesses, ones that if healed can turn out to be the key to self-actualization. If we can become familiar with our Chiron placements in our natal chart, it can help us integrate the lessons that we’ve learned from challenging aspects in our earlier lives in order to ultimately become a more whole version of ourselves.” 

Deep diving into my Chiron planet was helpful in understanding the possible blindspots or woundings that may negatively impact the way I go about how I run and relate to my business. My Chiron gate shows that if I get stuck in my head a lot and focus on purely intellect, I’m likely running my business in a shadow frequency. Whereas if I strike a balance with the heart and feminine energy, I will experience less challenge in business and more alignment. My approach is very much finding the balance between the mundane and the magical, the energetic and the strategic and deep-diving into Chiron planet was another form of confirmation. This part of the chart is a great one to deep dive into to shine the light on the potential energetic resistance that may prevent you from fully stepping into your greatness as a business owner and human.

Month #36: The Global Cycle Shift & Projector in Business

This final month of my Human Design in Business experiment I focused my attention on the Global Cycle Shift that’s happening in 2027. According to the human design system, we are transitioning out of the Cross of Planning, which is associated with tribal bargains, community infrastructure and institutions, and the provision of resources to protect the tribe. We are moving into a new era of the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix, where self-governance, individuality, intimacy and emotional awareness will reign.

This whole experiment started off as a 30 Day Projector in Business experiment, with one question; was it even possible to live my Projector design in business and still be successful? Was it possible to honour my undefined sacral and follow my strategy of waiting for the invitation in a business realm built by Generators and abundant with Manifestor-style approaches? I felt like I’d been handed the hard card. But three years later, it became clear. Projector business owners have a key specific role in supporting this collective transition into this next era. This month was that full circle moment of settling into deeper levels of gratitude for my Projector type as a business owner. It was the happy ending to my Three Year Human Design in Business Experiment!

So there we have it! This third year of experimentation was the completion of what felt like a looonng experiential PHD in human design and business lol. Over the years I’ve contemplated, experimented and integrated every single intricacy of my human design chart over and over and had one hell of a ride doing so. At this point I’ve well and truly found the answer to my initial question: YES it’s possible to create a life and business abundant with inner and outer success without sacrificing who you really are. 

I started this experiment three years ago, burnt-out, bitter and on the verge of giving up on my dreams. Today I finish it having had a consistently booked out business, doing work that feels like play most times, and living a life that enables me to connect to my authenticity each and every day. I know that THIS is the greatest privilege of a lifetime.

This experiment has taught me the power in having the courage to blaze your own trail. The power in tuning out the external noise and having the self-discipline to stay centered to your own version of truth during the wild ride of soulpreneurship, in the highs and also more importantly during the lows. Living your design isn’t exactly an ‘easy’ path to pave but it’s one that will sure make you feel deeply alive and personally fulfilled. 

So if you’re reading these words, I wanted to thank you for being a part of this crazy experiment! Will this experiment continue? I’m not sure, it doesn’t feel like an experiment anymore, more of a way of life! Let’s see where we go next shall we…